Lewis Daylily Garden

          Ron Reimer diploid seedling. One of the bluest eye zones I have seen.

            Here’s to you Bill Robinson (Elizabeth Salter) Photo by Patrick Guidry

I think ever since Steve Moldovan brought a bloom of his daylily, Piece of Sky out of his refrigerator in the guest house many years ago, I have been fascinated by the world of blue eyed daylilies. I really think it was Elizabeth Salter’s diploids that opened the door for many of the blue eyed daylilies you see in commerce now.  The advances are happening quickly and with the conversion of Richard Norris’s Pigment of Imagination, I think a fully blue self bloom isn’t that far off.  Here are some of the most cutting edge blue eyed daylilies out there: (starting with blue eyes on cream backgrounds)

                       Pandora’s Charm (Guy Pierce) Photo by Paul K. Lewis

                       Cosmic Awakening (Guy Pierce) Photo by Paul K. Lewis

                                    Blueberry Lime Cream (Jamie Gossard)

                                             Karen Pierce future intro

                                             Karen Pierce future intro

                      Blue Lightning (Eric Simpson) Photo by Jacob Henry

                      Land of the Sky (Robert Selman) Photo by Jacob Henry

                                           Tessa Ann (Dan Hansen)

                 Bicycle built for Blues (Michael Bouman) Photo by Di DeCaire

And now blue eyes on lavender backgrounds:

               Ocean Lotus (Guy Pierce) One of my favorite blue eyed daylilies

                                          Guy Pierce future intro

                                         Guy Pierce future intro

                                        Stacy Swain seedling S-170

                                       Sonja Jensen diploid seedling

                        Neon Dreams (Eric Simpson) Photo by Theresa Maris

                            Denim Sky (Eric Simpson) Photo by Jacob Henry

                                            Eric Simpson seedling

                                           Eric Simpson seedling

                                          Eric Simpson seedling

                                           Lindy Star (Theresa Maris)

                 Bridge of Destiny (Elizabeth Salter) Photo by Patrick Guidry

                                             Daniel Robarts seedling

                                               Mike Derrow seedling

And now bluish eyes on purple backgrounds:

                        Bluegrass Gospel (Theresa Maris ) a favorite of mine!

                               True Blue Scot (Linda Ferguson) Awesome!

                                                Daniel Robarts seedling

                                              Mike Derrow seedling

                                          Mary Baker seedling 1532

                                        Mary Baker seedling 1529-7

                      Gospel Truth (Karol Emmerich) Photo by Theresa Maris

                  Prophetic Voice (Karol Emmerich) Photo by Claudia Conway

Finally here is a Guy Pierce color changer seedling.  I think the color blue is getting closer every day.

I probably could have posted more.  So many great photos.  Each one is the property of those who submitted them and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Thanks for stopping in.  I think the interview season is over, but I have a few interesting segments lined up for your enjoyment. Stay tuned. 

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