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Little sketches with using natural lightening 🌿

CC List:

Pic N1: @mxims (Modernica Case Study Daybed, butterfly chair, C&B Cavett Chair, cup of coffee, kinfolk magazine, nelly phone deco, jope coffee table B, ikea hemnes bedside table), @cherry-sims (pseudoDIGS variousART 2017), @dox-7 (Norm wire pot L, fritz hansen high vase), @daer0n (Carlos plant alove vera, Jun kaneko vase), @severinka (Wella living room – double coffee table, Cleo living room – stump table), @soloriya (daisy – coffee table), @anye (candle stand polished brass), @hvikis (industrial wallpaper collection 3), @pralinesims (modern tiles 19)

Pic N2: @lavi3enrose2019 (fancy schmancy kitchen – dining table, round lamp med), @mxims (husk dining chair), @wondymoondesign (wall art 3), @daer0n (darian mirror), @leosims4cc (Bresia plant), @anye (decoration on the table), @cherry-sims (brass pendant light), @hvikis (industrial wallpaper collection 3), @mangosims (carrelage eglantine/ tiles on the floor).

Pic N3: @mxims (rh fulham leather sofa, Brighton deep chair, lillberg coffe table, eppu arm chair, the new your times magazine), @sims4luxury (rug), @felixandresims x @harrie-cc (kitchen statement glass pendant medium), @sim_man123 (Easton potted tree), @lindseyxsims (vintage II Candles), @dox-7 (Peter van post indigenus planter L), @13pumpkin31 (Japanese inspired end table), @sanoysims (barca wall unit), @liness-simsinterior7 (wallpaper, posters).

All these glasses by @nelphaell (Hyde fake window, Hyde fake glass 6)

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