List of county courthouses in Illinois

Courthouse Image Location Year Comments Adams Adams County Courthouse, Quincy.jpg Quincy
39°56′6″N 91°24′28″W / 39.93500°N 91.40778°W / 39.93500; -91.40778 (Adams County Courthouse) 1950[2]:15 Built to replace a former courthouse destroyed by a tornado[2]:15 Alexander Alexander County Courthouse, Cairo.jpg Cairo
37°0′20″N 89°10′34″W / 37.00556°N 89.17611°W / 37.00556; -89.17611 (Alexander County Courthouse) 1965[3] Modernist building from the 1960s;[2]:16 one of two extant courthouses in Cairo, along with the Old Customhouse.[4]Previous courthouse in Thebes is still standing[5] Bond BondCountyCourthouse GreenvilleIL.jpg Greenville
38°53′33″N 89°24′46″W / 38.89250°N 89.41278°W / 38.89250; -89.41278 (Bond County Courthouse) 1884[2]:19 Bond County’s fourth courthouse[6] Boone Boone County Courthouse, Illinois.jpg Belvidere
42°15′54″N 88°50′42″W / 42.26500°N 88.84500°W / 42.26500; -88.84500 (Boone County Courthouse) 1855[2]:20 Second-oldest Illinois courthouse in continuous use;[2]:20 a cluster of three buildings combined into one[7] Brown‡ Brown County Courthouse, Mount Sterling.jpg Mount Sterling
39°59′12″N 90°45′51″W / 39.98667°N 90.76417°W / 39.98667; -90.76417 (Brown County Courthouse) 1868[2]:21 Neoclassical structure, almost completely destroyed by fire in 1939;[2]:21 restored post-fire with modifications[8] Bureau‡ Bureau County Courthouse, Illinois.jpg Princeton
41°22′5″N 89°27′57″W / 41.36806°N 89.46583°W / 41.36806; -89.46583 (Bureau County Courthouse) 1936[2]:22 Art Deco structure built by the WPA;[2]:22 functionally unchanged from original state[9] Calhoun Calhoun County Courthouse, Hardin.jpg Hardin
39°9′25″N 90°37′6″W / 39.15694°N 90.61833°W / 39.15694; -90.61833 (Calhoun County Courthouse) 1848[2]:23 Expanded in 1978;[2]:23 built under direction of contractor William D. Hamilton[10] Carroll†‡ Mount Carroll courthouse.jpg Mount Carroll
42°6′3″N 89°58′42″W / 42.10083°N 89.97833°W / 42.10083; -89.97833 (Carroll County Courthouse) 1858[2]:24 Neoclassical structure;[2]:24 used continuously since 1856, at which time it was incomplete[11] Cass Cass County Courthouse, Virginia.jpg Virginia
39°57′2″N 90°12′38″W / 39.95056°N 90.21056°W / 39.95056; -90.21056 (Cass County Courthouse) 1875[2]:25 Second courthouse in Virginia;[2]:25 substantially modified,[12] including several expansions[2]:25 Champaign Champaign County Courthouse Urbana Illinois from northwest.jpg Urbana
40°6′43″N 88°12′23″W / 40.11194°N 88.20639°W / 40.11194; -88.20639 (Champaign County Courthouse) 1901[2]:27 Romanesque Revival structure of stone with clock tower[2]:27 Christian‡ Christian County Courthouse, Taylorville.jpg Taylorville
39°32′56″N 89°17′44″W / 39.54889°N 89.29556°W / 39.54889; -89.29556 (Christian County Courthouse) 1901[2]:29 County’s third courthouse;[2]:29 features a central clock tower[13] Clark‡ Clark County Courthouse in Marshall, southwestern angle.jpg Marshall
39°23′24″N 87°41′46″W / 39.39000°N 87.69611°W / 39.39000; -87.69611 (Clark County Courthouse) 1904[2]:30 Fifth courthouse for the county;[2]:30 features a central clock tower[14] Clay† Clay County Courthouse in Louisville from north-northwest.jpg Louisville
38°46′20″N 88°30′6″W / 38.77222°N 88.50167°W / 38.77222; -88.50167 (Clay County Courthouse) 1912[2]:31 Neoclassical structure, built under the guise of remodelling the previous courthouse;[2]:31 not substantially modified from original construction[15] Clinton Clinton County Courthouse, Carlyle.jpg Carlyle
38°36′39″N 89°22′6″W / 38.61083°N 89.36833°W / 38.61083; -89.36833 (Clinton County Courthouse) 1999[2]:32 Replaced the 150-year-old previous courthouse[2]:32 Coles† Coles County, IL, USA courthouse.JPG Charleston
39°29′42″N 88°10′30″W / 39.49500°N 88.17500°W / 39.49500; -88.17500 (Coles County Courthouse) 1898[2]:33 Richardsonian Romanesque structure, one of the best in east central Illinois[16] Cook Daley Center Chicago.jpg Chicago
41°53′2″N 87°37′49″W / 41.88389°N 87.63028°W / 41.88389; -87.63028 (Cook County Courthouse) 1965[2]:34 Modernist skyscraper, the Richard J. Daley Center[2]:34 Crawford Crawford County Courthouse in Robinson.jpg Robinson
39°0′19″N 87°44′22″W / 39.00528°N 87.73944°W / 39.00528; -87.73944 (Crawford County Courthouse) 1896[2]:36 Romanesque Revival structure built with a central tower;[2]:37 now towerless[17] Cumberland† Cumberland-courthouse.jpg Toledo
39°16′22″N 88°14′41″W / 39.27278°N 88.24472°W / 39.27278; -88.24472 (Cumberland County Courthouse) 1887[2]:38 Italianate-influenced structure built on the site of the previous courthouse[18] DeKalb‡ DeKalb County Courthouse5.jpg Sycamore
41°59′22″N 88°41′6″W / 41.98944°N 88.68500°W / 41.98944; -88.68500 (DeKalb County Courthouse) 1905[2]:39 Neoclassical structure with prominent pediment above entrance;[2]:39 functionally unchanged from original construction[19] DeWitt DeWitt County Courthouse, Clinton.jpg Clinton
40°9′14″N 88°57′44″W / 40.15389°N 88.96222°W / 40.15389; -88.96222 (DeWitt County Courthouse) 1986[2]:40 Modernist structure[2]:40 Douglas Douglas County Illinois Courthouse.jpg Tuscola
39°47′45″N 88°17′7″W / 39.79583°N 88.28528°W / 39.79583; -88.28528 (Douglas County Courthouse) 1913[2]:41 Neoclassical structure;[2]:41 virtually unchanged from original state[20] DuPage Dupagegoccom.jpg Wheaton
41°52′7″N 88°8′19″W / 41.86861°N 88.13861°W / 41.86861; -88.13861 (DuPage County Courthouse) 1990[2]:43 Part of a large Postmodernist office complex;[2]:42previous courthouse is still standing[1] Edgar† Edgar County Courthouse from southwest at dusk.jpg Paris
39°36′42″N 87°41′44″W / 39.61167°N 87.69556°W / 39.61167; -87.69556 (Edgar County Courthouse) 1893[2]:45 Romanesque Revival structure, octagonal in shape[21] Edwards Edwards County Courthouse in Albion.jpg Albion
38°22′39″N 88°3′26″W / 38.37750°N 88.05722°W / 38.37750; -88.05722 (Edwards County Courthouse) 1888[2]:47 Brick structure with central clock tower;[2]:46 substantially altered since original construction[22] Effingham Effingham County Building and Jail.jpg Effingham
39°7′18″N 88°32′35″W / 39.12167°N 88.54306°W / 39.12167; -88.54306 (Effingham County Courthouse) 2007[2]:48 Modernist structure; previous courthouse is still standing[2]:48 Fayette Fayette County Courthouse, Vandalia.jpg Vandalia
38°57′36″N 89°5′58″W / 38.96000°N 89.09944°W / 38.96000; -89.09944 (Fayette County Courthouse) Unknown The Frederick Remann House,[23] a converted and expanded farmhouse; previous courthouse was the old state capitol[2]:49 Ford Ford County Courthouse in Paxton.jpg Paxton
40°27′47″N 88°5′57″W / 40.46306°N 88.09917°W / 40.46306; -88.09917 (Ford County Courthouse) 1908[2]:50 Neoclassical structure with a copper dome;[2]:50 not substantially altered since construction[24] Franklin Franklin County Courthouse in Benton.jpg Benton
37°59′48″N 88°55′14″W / 37.99667°N 88.92056°W / 37.99667; -88.92056 (Franklin County Courthouse) 1874[2]:51 Brick structure with one-story wings,[2]:51 added after construction[25] Fulton Fulton County Courthouse, Illinois.jpg Lewistown
40°23′49″N 90°9′20″W / 40.39694°N 90.15556°W / 40.39694; -90.15556 (Fulton County Courthouse) 1897[2]:52 Second Empire structure;[2]:52 built after the previous structure was destroyed by fire[26] Gallatin Gallatin County Courthouse, New Shawneetown.jpg Shawneetown
37°43′2″N 88°11′11″W / 37.71722°N 88.18639°W / 37.71722; -88.18639 (Gallatin County Courthouse) 1939[2]:53 Art Deco structure built after the previous courthouse and all Old Shawneetown was ruined by the Great Flood of 1937[2]:53 Greene‡ Image Greene County Courthouse.jpg Carrollton
39°18′6″N 90°24′30″W / 39.30167°N 90.40833°W / 39.30167; -90.40833 (Greene County Courthouse) 1892[2]:55 Romanesque Revival structure;[2]:54 features clock tower at front[27] Grundy‡ Grundy County Courthouse (7395451684).jpg Morris
41°21′25″N 88°25′23″W / 41.35694°N 88.42306°W / 41.35694; -88.42306 (Grundy County Courthouse) 1913[2]:56 Stone structure with elaborate murals;[2]:56 built around the previous courthouse[28] Hamilton Hamilton County Courthouse IL 2019.jpg McLeansboro
38°5′36″N 88°32′9″W / 38.09333°N 88.53583°W / 38.09333; -88.53583 (Hamilton County Courthouse) 1938[2]:57 Art Deco structure built by the WPA;[2]:57 no substantial modifications since construction[29] Hancock‡ Hancock County Courthouse, Carthage.jpg Carthage
40°24′47″N 91°8′7″W / 40.41306°N 91.13528°W / 40.41306; -91.13528 (Hancock County Courthouse) 1908[2]:62 Neoclassical structure;[2]:62 built with domed tower[30] Hardin Hardin County Courthouse, Elizabethtown.jpg Elizabethtown
37°26′50″N 88°18′17″W / 37.44722°N 88.30472°W / 37.44722; -88.30472 (Hardin County Courthouse) 1927[2]:63 Brick structure built for less than $3,750;[2]:63 includes prominent 1923 war memorial[31] Henderson Henderson County Courthouse, Oquawka.jpg Oquawka
40°56′8″N 90°57′12″W / 40.93556°N 90.95333°W / 40.93556; -90.95333 (Henderson County Courthouse) 1842[2]:64 Greek Revival structure;[2]:64 features four large columns at entrance[32] Henry† Henry County Courthouse (Cambridge, Illinois).jpg Cambridge
41°18′8″N 90°11′48″W / 41.30222°N 90.19667°W / 41.30222; -90.19667 (Henry County Courthouse) 1880[2]:65 Second Empire structure;[2]:65 designed by prominent Indiana courthouse architect Thomas J. Tolan[33] Iroquois Watseka
40°46′18″N 87°43′8″W / 40.77167°N 87.71889°W / 40.77167; -87.71889 (Iroquois County Courthouse) 1966[2]:66 Modernist structure built by donation;[2]:66previous courthouse is still standing[34] Jackson† Jackson County Courthouse in Murphysboro from west.jpg Murphysboro
37°45′50″N 89°20′6″W / 37.76389°N 89.33500°W / 37.76389; -89.33500 (Jackson County Courthouse) 1927[2]:68 Neoclassical structure;[2]:68 built after its predecessor was destroyed in a tornado[35] Jasper Jasper County Courthouse in Newton.jpg Newton
38°59′25″N 88°9′43″W / 38.99028°N 88.16194°W / 38.99028; -88.16194 (Jasper County Courthouse) 1876[2]:69 Extensively altered from original construction;[36] built with a central clock tower[2]:69 Jefferson Jefferson County Courthouse in Mount Vernon.jpg Mount Vernon
38°19′2″N 88°54′11″W / 38.31722°N 88.90306°W / 38.31722; -88.90306 (Jefferson County Courthouse) 1939[2]:71 Art Deco structure;[37] built by the WPA;[2]:71 one of two extant courthouses in Mount Vernon, along with the Appellate Court, 5th District[38] Jersey†‡ Jerseycourt.png Jerseyville
39°7′9″N 90°19′45″W / 39.11917°N 90.32917°W / 39.11917; -90.32917 (Jersey County Courthouse) 1893[2]:72 Romanesque Revival structure of limestone;[39] features a central tower[2]:72 Jo Daviess‡ Jo Daviess County Courthouse.jpg Galena
42°25′6″N 90°25′32″W / 42.41833°N 90.42556°W / 42.41833; -90.42556 (Jo Daviess County Courthouse) 1845[2]:73 Originally a squarish brick building with a tower; remodelled by removing the tower and being greatly expanded to the rear[2]:73 Johnson† Johnson County Courthouse in Vienna.jpg Vienna
37°24′52″N 88°53′47″W / 37.41444°N 88.89639°W / 37.41444; -88.89639 (Johnson County Courthouse) 1871[2]:74 Italianate square building;[2]:74 features cupola with public clock[40] Kane KaneCounty-Gov-Center.jpg Geneva
41°52′47″N 88°18′30″W / 41.87972°N 88.30833°W / 41.87972; -88.30833 (Kane County Courthouse) 1993[2]:79 Modernist structure, a contemporary office complex[2]:78 Kankakee† Kankakee County Courthouse.jpg Kankakee
41°7′9″N 87°51′38″W / 41.11917°N 87.86056°W / 41.11917; -87.86056 (Kankakee County Courthouse) 1912[2]:80 Neoclassical structure;[2]:80 topped with a domed clock tower[41] Kendall Yorkville
41°39′34″N 88°27′43″W / 41.65944°N 88.46194°W / 41.65944; -88.46194 (Kendall County Courthouse) 2008[2]:81 Postmodernist structure, a contemporary office complex;[2]:81previous courthouse is still standing[1] Knox‡ Knox County Courthouse (Illinois) 1981.jpg Galesburg
40°56′40″N 90°22′14″W / 40.94444°N 90.37056°W / 40.94444; -90.37056 (Knox County Courthouse) 1887[2]:82 Romanesque Revival structure of stone;[2]:82previous courthouse in Knoxville is still standing[42] Lake Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan.jpg Waukegan
42°21′38″N 87°49′59″W / 42.36056°N 87.83306°W / 42.36056; -87.83306 (Lake County Courthouse) 1967[2]:83 Modernist small skyscraper;[43] a contemporary office complex[2]:83 LaSalle LaSalle County Courthouse (8745757340).jpg Ottawa
41°20′46″N 88°50′32″W / 41.34611°N 88.84222°W / 41.34611; -88.84222 (LaSalle County Courthouse) 1883[2]:85 Romanesque Revival structure of stone;[2]:84 modified from its original form[44] Lawrence† Lawrence County Courthouse in Lawrenceville from the east.jpg Lawrenceville
38°43′44″N 87°40′57″W / 38.72889°N 87.68250°W / 38.72889; -87.68250 (Lawrence County Courthouse) 1888[2]:86 Brick structure with octagonal clock tower;[2]:86 designed by the McDonald Brothers, architects for many Kentucky courthouses[45] Lee‡ Dixon Il Lee County Courthouse1.jpg Dixon
41°50′32″N 89°28′53″W / 41.84222°N 89.48139°W / 41.84222; -89.48139 (Lee County Courthouse) 1900[2]:88 Neoclassical structure with Ionic columns;[46] features a central dome[2]:88 Livingston Livingston County Law and Justice Center.jpg Pontiac
40°52′48″N 88°37′45″W / 40.88000°N 88.62917°W / 40.88000; -88.62917 (Livingston County Courthouse) 2011[47] Replaced a previous courthouse that was preserved,[47] a structure built around a central clock tower[48] Logan‡ Lincoln Illinois Courthouse.jpg Lincoln
40°8′46″N 89°21′45″W / 40.14611°N 89.36250°W / 40.14611; -89.36250 (Logan County Courthouse) 1905[2]:90 Neoclassical structure with dome;[2]:90 not substantially modified since original construction.[49]Previous courthouse in Mount Pulaski is still standing[50] Macon Macon County Illinois Courthouse.JPG Decatur
39°50′24″N 88°57′14″W / 39.84000°N 88.95389°W / 39.84000; -88.95389 (Macon County Courthouse) 1940[2]:91 Art Deco structure built by the WPA;[2]:91 not substantially modified since original construction[51] Macoupin‡ Macoupin County Courthouse, Carlinville.jpg Carlinville
39°16′45″N 89°52′45″W / 39.27917°N 89.87917°W / 39.27917; -89.87917 (Macoupin County Courthouse) 1870[2]:92 Neoclassical structure,[2]:93 the largest courthouse in the country upon its completion, and larger than the Old State Capitol in Springfield[52] Madison Madison County Courthouse, Edwardsville.jpg Edwardsville
38°48′45″N 89°57′28″W / 38.81250°N 89.95778°W / 38.81250; -89.95778 (Madison County Courthouse) 1913[2]:95 Neo-Renaissance structure built of marble;[2]:95 the fourth courthouse to serve the county[53] Marion Marion County Courthouse in Salem.jpg Salem
38°37′39″N 88°56′42″W / 38.62750°N 88.94500°W / 38.62750; -88.94500 (Marion County Courthouse) 1910[2]:97 Neoclassical structure;[2]:96 not substantially modified since construction[54] Marshall Marshall County Courthouse Illinois.jpg Lacon
41°1′30″N 89°24′28″W / 41.02500°N 89.40778°W / 41.02500; -89.40778 (Marshall County Courthouse) 1853[2]:98 Italianate structure;[2]:98 built as a Greek Revival structure but modified in the 1880s[55] Mason Mason County Courthouse, Havana.jpg Havana
40°18′2″N 90°3′42″W / 40.30056°N 90.06167°W / 40.30056; -90.06167 (Mason County Courthouse) 1882[2]:99 Greek Revival structure built to plans from 1851;[2]:99 expanded and greatly modified in the 1960s[56] Massac Massac County Courthouse front and southern end.jpg Metropolis
37°9′7″N 88°43′59″W / 37.15194°N 88.73306°W / 37.15194; -88.73306 (Massac County Courthouse) 1942[2]:101 Neoclassical structure of brick;[2]:100 occupies site of previous courthouse[57] McDonough†‡ McDonough County Courthouse.jpg Macomb
40°27′32″N 90°40′16″W / 40.45889°N 90.67111°W / 40.45889; -90.67111 (McDonough County Courthouse) 1872[2]:102 Second Empire structure;[58] original mansard roof replaced after severe storm in 1890[2]:102 McHenry McHenry County Government Center.jpg Woodstock
42°20′28″N 88°26′27″W / 42.34111°N 88.44083°W / 42.34111; -88.44083 (McHenry County Courthouse) 1972[2]:103 Modernist office complex;[2]:103previous courthouse is still standing[1] McLean Bloomington
40°28′40″N 88°59′39″W / 40.47778°N 88.99417°W / 40.47778; -88.99417 (McLean County Courthouse) 1976[2]:104 Modernist structure one block from the previous courthouse, which is still standing[2]:104 Menard‡ Menard County Courthouse, IL (4504031312).jpg Petersburg
40°0′39″N 89°50′56″W / 40.01083°N 89.84889°W / 40.01083; -89.84889 (Menard County Courthouse) 1898[2]:105 Stone structure with timber framing;[2]:105 features a central dome[59] Mercer†‡ Mercer County Courthouse Image.jpeg Aledo
41°11′58″N 90°44′55″W / 41.19944°N 90.74861°W / 41.19944; -90.74861 (Mercer County Courthouse) 1894[2]:110 Romanesque Revival structure with central clock tower[60] Monroe‡ Monroe County Courthouse, Waterloo.jpg Waterloo
38°20′9″N 90°8′58″W / 38.33583°N 90.14944°W / 38.33583; -90.14944 (Monroe County Courthouse) 1851[2]:111 Greek Revival structure; repeatedly expanded in the twentieth century[2]:111 Montgomery Hillsboro
39°9′40″N 89°29′36″W / 39.16111°N 89.49333°W / 39.16111; -89.49333 (Montgomery County Courthouse) 1993[2]:112 Postmodernist structure, a contemporary office complex;[2]:112previous courthouse is still standing[1] Morgan† Morgan County Courthouse, Jacksonville.jpg Jacksonville
39°44′5″N 90°13′54″W / 39.73472°N 90.23167°W / 39.73472; -90.23167 (Morgan County Courthouse) 1869[2]:114 Italianate structure with Second Empire influences[61] Moultrie† Moultrie County Courthouse, western side from south.jpg Sullivan
39°35′56″N 88°36′25″W / 39.59889°N 88.60694°W / 39.59889; -88.60694 (Moultrie County Courthouse) 1904[2]:115 Neoclassical structure with multiple Civil War monuments on the lawn[62] Ogle†‡ Oregon Il Ogle County Courthouse16.jpg Oregon
42°0′50″N 89°20′0″W / 42.01389°N 89.33333°W / 42.01389; -89.33333 (Ogle County Courthouse) 1891[2]:116 Romanesque Revival structure with tower;[2]:116 retains original oak interior[63] Peoria Peoria - Downtown from Caterpillar, Courthouse Square, First National Bank and Savings Tower.jpg Peoria
40°41′34″N 89°35′24″W / 40.69278°N 89.59000°W / 40.69278; -89.59000 (Peoria County Courthouse) 1962[2]:117 Modernist structure;[64] occupies the site of two previous courthouses[2]:117 Perry Perry County Courthouse in Pinckneyville.jpg Pinckneyville
38°4′50″N 89°22′55″W / 38.08056°N 89.38194°W / 38.08056; -89.38194 (Perry County Courthouse) 1850[2]:119 Built in several pieces;[65] final portion built in 1939[2]:118 Piatt‡ Piatt County Illinois Courthouse.jpg Monticello
40°1′30″N 88°34′21″W / 40.02500°N 88.57250°W / 40.02500; -88.57250 (Piatt County Courthouse) 1903[2]:120 Neoclassical structure;[66] features a dome with rotunda[2]:120 Pike‡ Courthouse, Pike County, Illinois.jpg Pittsfield
39°36′26″N 90°48′19″W / 39.60722°N 90.80528°W / 39.60722; -90.80528 (Pike County Courthouse) 1894[2]:121 Gothic Revival structure;[67] features a central clock tower[2]:121 Pope‡ Pope County Courthouse, Golconda.jpg Golconda
37°22′0″N 88°29′5″W / 37.36667°N 88.48472°W / 37.36667; -88.48472 (Pope County Courthouse) 1873[2]:122 Two-story gabled structure;[68] replaced a structurally deficient previous courthouse[2]:122 Pulaski Pulaski County Courthouse, Mound City.jpg Mound City
37°5′23″N 89°9′44″W / 37.08972°N 89.16222°W / 37.08972; -89.16222 (Pulaski County Courthouse) 1912[2]:123 Three-story brick structure;[69] badly damaged by the Great Flood of 1937[2]:123 Putnam† Putnam County Courthouse, Hennepin.jpg Hennepin
41°15′12″N 89°20′33″W / 41.25333°N 89.34250°W / 41.25333; -89.34250 (Putnam County Courthouse) 1839[2]:124 Greek Revival structure with Doric columns;[2] oldest of all current Illinois courthouses[70] Randolph Randolph County Courthouse, Chester.jpg Chester
37°54′13″N 89°49′42″W / 37.90361°N 89.82833°W / 37.90361; -89.82833 (Randolph County Courthouse) 1972[2]:127 Built around a spiral staircase with fountain in an atrium[2]:127 Richland Richland County Courthouse in Olney.jpg Olney
38°43′51″N 88°5′8″W / 38.73083°N 88.08556°W / 38.73083; -88.08556 (Richland County Courthouse) 1914[2]:129 Neoclassical structure;[2]:128 not substantially modified since original construction[71] Rock Island Rock Island County Justice Center.jpg Rock Island
41°30′34″N 90°34′49″W / 41.50944°N 90.58028°W / 41.50944; -90.58028 (Rock Island County Courthouse) 2001, 2018 Five-story Modernist structure; replaced the 1896 courthouse in 2018[72] St. Clair Downtown Belleville Illinois Courthouse.jpg Belleville
38°30′47″N 89°59′7″W / 38.51306°N 89.98528°W / 38.51306; -89.98528 (St. Clair County Courthouse) 1976[2]:139 Modernist structure with attached parking garage and plaza[2]:139 Saline Saline County Courthouse, Harrisburg, from south.jpg Harrisburg
37°44′19″N 88°32′23″W / 37.73861°N 88.53972°W / 37.73861; -88.53972 (Saline County Courthouse) 1967[2]:130 Modernist structure, built of brick with few windows[2]:131 Sangamon Sangamon County Courthouse 2017.jpg Springfield
39°48′0″N 89°38′36″W / 39.80000°N 89.64333°W / 39.80000; -89.64333 (Sangamon County Courthouse) 1991[2]:133 Modernist structure; built after the county stopped using the old state capitol as its courthouse[2]:132–133 Schuyler Schuyler County Courthouse, Rushville.jpg Rushville
40°7′14″N 90°33′50″W / 40.12056°N 90.56389°W / 40.12056; -90.56389 (Schuyler County Courthouse) 1882[2]:134 Brick structure with corner clock tower and arcade[2]:134 Scott‡ Scott County Courthouse, Winchester.jpg Winchester
39°37′44″N 90°27′19″W / 39.62889°N 90.45528°W / 39.62889; -90.45528 (Scott County Courthouse) 1885[2]:136 Brick structure with onion dome atop tower;[2]:136 clock added to tower in 1917[73] Shelby‡ Shelby County Courthouse in Illinois.jpg Shelbyville
39°24′25″N 88°47′27″W / 39.40694°N 88.79083°W / 39.40694; -88.79083 (Shelby County Courthouse) 1881[2]:137 Second Empire structure with clock tower;[74] has an adjacent war memorial[2]:137 Stark Stark County Courthouse and memorial, Illinois.jpg Toulon
41°5′36″N 89°51′57″W / 41.09333°N 89.86583°W / 41.09333; -89.86583 (Stark County Courthouse) 1856[2]:140 Greek Revival structure built from the plans for the Marshall County Courthouse[2]:140 Stephenson Freeport Il Soldiers' Monument10.JPG Freeport
42°17′53″N 89°37′19″W / 42.29806°N 89.62194°W / 42.29806; -89.62194 (Stephenson County Courthouse) 1974[2]:141 Modernist structure with an adjacent Civil War memorial[2]:141 Tazewell† Tazewell County, Illinois courthouse from SW 2.jpg Pekin
40°34′10″N 89°38′52″W / 40.56944°N 89.64778°W / 40.56944; -89.64778 (Tazewell County Courthouse) 1916[2]:142 Neoclassical structure with a skylight central atrium[75] Union Union County Courthouse in Jonesboro.jpg Jonesboro
37°27′9″N 89°16′18″W / 37.45250°N 89.27167°W / 37.45250; -89.27167 (Union County Courthouse) 2013[76] Built beginning in 2012; previous courthouse, destroyed at the end of the project,[77] was an extensively modified 1850s structure[2]:144 Vermilion Vermilion County Courthouse.jpg Danville
40°7′29″N 87°37′46″W / 40.12472°N 87.62944°W / 40.12472; -87.62944 (Vermilion County Courthouse) 1910[2]:145 Five-story stone building;[2]:145 shaped like the letter “L”[78] Wabash Wabash County Courthouse in Mount Carmel.jpg Mount Carmel
38°24′36″N 87°45′39″W / 38.41000°N 87.76083°W / 38.41000; -87.76083 (Wabash County Courthouse) 1881[2]:147 Modernist structure;[79]technically the same building as the 1881 courthouse, but nothing remains of the original structure[2]:147 Warren‡ Warren County Courthouse in Monmouth.jpg Monmouth
40°54′45″N 90°38′57″W / 40.91250°N 90.64917°W / 40.91250; -90.64917 (Warren County Courthouse) 1895[2]:148 Features central clock tower,[80] reduced in height in 1970 for structural reasons[2]:148 Washington Washington County Courthouse in Nashville.jpg Nashville
38°20′39″N 89°22′59″W / 38.34417°N 89.38306°W / 38.34417; -89.38306 (Washington County Courthouse) 1884[2]:149 Third courthouse to serve the county;[81] expanded in the 1960s[2]:149 Wayne Wayne County Courthouse in Fairfield.jpg Fairfield
38°22′48″N 88°21′26″W / 38.38000°N 88.35722°W / 38.38000; -88.35722 (Wayne County Courthouse) 1891[2]:150 Built with prominent tower on the facade;[82] expanded in the 1950s[2]:150 White White County Courthouse in Carmi.jpg Carmi
38°5′28″N 88°9′32″W / 38.09111°N 88.15889°W / 38.09111; -88.15889 (White County Courthouse) 1883[2]:151 Third courthouse, built on the site of the second;[2]:151 first courthouse was the still-standing Robinson-Stewart House[83] Whiteside Whiteside County Courthouse, Morrison.jpg Morrison
41°48′37″N 89°57′50″W / 41.81028°N 89.96389°W / 41.81028; -89.96389 (Whiteside County Courthouse) 1987[2]:152 Modernist structure, built of brick and glass[2]:152 Will Joliet
41°31′28″N 88°4′56″W / 41.52444°N 88.08222°W / 41.52444; -88.08222 (Will County Courthouse) 1969[2]:153 Modernist structure, built of concrete and glass[2]:153 Williamson Williamson County Courthouse in Marion.jpg Marion
37°43′57″N 88°55′45″W / 37.73250°N 88.92917°W / 37.73250; -88.92917 (Williamson County Courthouse) 1971[2]:154 Modernist brick structure;[84] replaced a demolished 1889 courthouse on the public square[2]:154 Winnebago Rockford, IL Winnebago County Justice Center 01.JPG Rockford
42°16′18″N 89°5′47″W / 42.27167°N 89.09639°W / 42.27167; -89.09639 (Winnebago County Courthouse) 1968[2]:155 Modernist structure, augmented by a separate criminal justice center[2]:155 Woodford Woodford County Courthouse, Illinois.jpg Eureka
40°43′19″N 89°16′20″W / 40.72194°N 89.27222°W / 40.72194; -89.27222 (Woodford County Courthouse) 1898[2]:157 Neoclassical structure;[85] a slightly modified version of the Berrien County Courthouse in southwestern Michigan.[2]:157Previous courthouse in Metamora is still standing[86]

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