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Season One
Season One, Episodes 1 – 22
Season Premiere November 16, 2004
Season Finale May 24, 2005
Viewers (in millions) 13.30
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Season Two

The first season of House premiered on November 16, 2004 and ended on May 24, 2005.

The season followed Dr. House and his team as they solve a medical case each episode. The season’s sub-plot revolved around billionaire Edward Vogler making a $100 million donation to the hospital. Through this donation, Vogler became the new chairman of the board of PPTH, however, seeing House and his team as a waste of time and resources, he decreases their payment, eventually forcing House to fire one of his team members.

Chi McBride joined the cast as Vogler in five episodes of the show. His character was brought in after Universal Studios president Jeff Zucker threatened that the season would be cut short by six episodes if a boss-character would not be added. While there were possibilities of the character returning, he was generally disliked by viewers and critics and therefore not brought back into the show. Sela Ward, who would return as the main recurring character of season two, appeared in the final two episodes as Stacy Warner, House’s former girlfriend.

Season one gained high Nielsen ratings, averaging 13.3 million viewers an episode. It was 24th most-watched television show of the 2004–2005 television season.

Hugh Laurie submitted the episode “Detox” for consideration of his work for the 57th Primetime Emmy Awards in 2005. This resulted in his first Emmy Award nomination for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” for his role as Dr. Gregory House.


The series House (also known as House M.D.) began its first season on November 16, 2004 in the United States and was picked up for a full run of 22 episodes.

House, M.D. – Season One was initially released to DVD in Region 1 on August 30, 2005. Region 2 DVDs were released on February 27, 2006, and Region 4 DVDs were released on November 28, 2006. Season One was re-released in the anamorphic widescreen format on February 10, 2009.

We are introduced to the brilliant, famous but extremely exasperating Gregory House. We learn that despite his considerable intellect and talents as a physician, he does next to no work at the hospital, merely coming in from 9 to 5 to oversee his three teaching fellows. This infuriates his boss, Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy. However she keeps him on because when the rest of the doctors are stumped, House swings into action.

House’s best (and only) friend is the hospital’s Head of Oncology, James Wilson, who, unlike House, is conscientious and considerate, but also extremely loyal to House.

He has recently hired Eric Foreman, who, despite his considerable academic background, appears to have been hired because he was a juvenile delinquent. House plans on using him to break into patients’ homes to look for diagnostic clues. Foreman joins the two fellows on staff, Robert Chase, the longest serving (and suffering) fellow, a rich kid whose dad appears to have gotten him this job, and Allison Cameron, who apparently got her job because of her looks.

Things go well until a new chairman arrives at the hospital, billionaire businessman Edward Vogler. Vogler immediately takes a dislike to House and, after forcing out Cameron, tries to fire House because Vogler claims that House is a danger to the hospital. Instead, after forcing out Wilson too, Vogler finds himself and his $100 million donation out on the street instead.

With things back to normal, Cameron starts to let her feelings for House become known, but it is for no avail. She thinks he is totally unfeeling until House’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner shows up, begging House to treat her husband. House successfully does so and finds himself in a position of letting his ex-girlfriend work at the hospital.

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Major EventsEdit

  • House hires Eric Foreman as his newest fellow. However, Foreman learns that he wasn’t hired because of his impeccable credentials, but because of his history as a juvenile delinquent.
  • We learn that House hasn’t performed any clinic duty since he was hired. Cuddy cuts off his hospital privileges until he agrees to make up the time.
  • House reveals that his disability was due to an undiagnosed infarction in his leg.
  • Cameron shocks Chase with a detailed description of the effects of sexual activity on human physiology.
  • Cameron refuses to be up front with a couple whose newborn baby is sick. When the baby soon dies, she can’t bring herself to tell them about it and Wilson has to step in to do it.
  • Chase reveals he originally entered the seminary intending to become a priest, but lost a test of faith and decided to become a doctor instead.
  • We find out House likes cold Reuben sandwiches.
  • We find out Cameron got married at 21 to a man she knew was about to die of cancer.
  • We find out Foreman did his residency in Los Angeles with Marty Hamilton.
  • Wilson reveals that one of his brothers (later revealed to be Danny Wilson) has been homeless since Wilson was in medical school.
  • Foreman reveals his parents are still alive and have been married for almost forty years.
  • After going a week without Vicodin to win a bet, House admits he’s addicted, but goes into denial that the addiction affects his life.
  • Foreman has a short relationship with Sharon, a pharmaceutical representative.
  • House gets all-access tickets to a monster truck show. He asks Wilson, who says he’s busy with a conference and can’t get out of it. House gets Cameron to go with him, but she lets it slip that Wilson isn’t attending the conference. House confronts Wilson about it, and he admits he is going to dinner with House’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner.
  • To get out of clinic early, House diagnoses the remaining four patients in 1 minute and 15 seconds.
  • Chase’s father Rowan Chase comes to the hospital to visit. House figures that Rowan is there to consult with Wilson over lung cancer. Rowan admits it, but asks House not to tell Chase.
  • Princeton-Plainsboro gets a new Chairman of the Board, Edward Vogler, a billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company. He takes an immediate dislike to House.
  • Fearing for his job after x-raying the wrong leg, Chase discovers House has lied about his patient’s condition to allow her to get a heart transplant. He starts spying for Vogler to get leverage.
  • On Vogler’s direction, House is told he has to fire one of his fellows.
  • Cameron admits to Chase that she finds House attractive.
  • Vogler tries to turn Foreman and Cameron against House so he can pump them for information, however, Chase remains his only source of information.
  • Cameron comes up with a solution to save money – cut everyone’s salary. House takes the suggestion to Vogler who rejects it out of hand. Cuddy realizes Vogler’s issue is not about money, but power.
  • House finally decides to fire Chase. Vogler realizes that if this happens, he will lose most of his leverage and tells House to pick someone else. House refuses.
  • Vogler tells House he can keep his staff if he shills for the new drug Vogler’s company is trying to sell. House agrees to give a talk on the drug’s effectiveness.
  • House figures out Chase is the one ratting him out to Vogler. Chase admits it, but tells House that there’s nothing he can do about it.
  • House finds out the new drug is nothing but a new formulation of an inexpensive old drug. When he goes to give his talk, he essentially tells the audience that the expensive new drug is no better.
  • Cameron agrees to quit so that House doesn’t have to choose who to fire.
  • Vogler works to get unanimous board approval to revoke House’s tenure so he can fire him.
  • At the first vote, Wilson is the only dissenter. As a result, the rest of the board agrees to remove Wilson. Wilson resigns from his position as head of oncology to save his reputation. Another vote on House’s tenure is scheduled for the next day.
  • Before the second vote, House saves the life of a newborn baby and figures out another infant was not malnourished but had an underlying condition. As a result, at the second vote to revoke House’s tenure, Cuddy dissents. When Vogler tries to remove Cuddy from the board, he fails and instead the board turfs out Vogler and gives up his donation.
  • House tries to hire back Cameron. She finally agrees on the condition that House go out on a date with her.
  • For betraying him, House assigns Chase a lot of trivial work, such as doing internet research.
  • House and Cameron go out on a date. House tells Cameron she’s only interested in him because he’s so damaged.
  • House’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner comes to House to ask for help in figuring out why Stacy’s husband is ill. House tells her he’s not interested.
  • House gives a lecture to students on diagnostics. During the lecture, he reveals the circumstances that led to his disability. It is revealed that while House was in an induced coma, Stacy went against his wishes and had all the dead muscle surgically removed.
  • House changes his mind and tells Stacy to bring in her husband Mark Warner so he can try to diagnose him.
  • Stacy talks to Cameron about her relationship with House. We are told that his personality was the same before he was disabled. House and Stacy lived together for five years.
  • House manages to diagnose Mark Warner, but he will need rehabilitation. House agrees to let Cuddy hire Stacy as the hospital’s General Counsel.


Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
1. “Pilot November 16, 2004 7.05

Plot: A young kindergarten teacher is brought to the hospital and diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer by Wilson. However, when she doesn’t improve with treatment, Wilson seeks out House for another opinion. When House fumbles the initial diagnosis, the patient tires of being a guinea pig just as House feels he has found the right answer. Meanwhile, new hire Eric Foreman tries to get used to working with the world’s most difficult diagnostician. Cuddy, frustrated with House’s lack of a work ethic, decides to go to extreme measures to get House back into the habit of working in the clinic.

2. “Paternity November 23, 2004 6.09

Plot:  A 16-year-old boy comes to the hospital complaining of double vision and night terrors after being hit in the head by a lacrosse stick. House is dismissive until he notices amyoclonic jerk in the boy’s foot. After a near-fatal hallucination and several faultydiagnoses, House is mystified until he learns the boy’s true paternity.

Maxresdefault 2
3. “Occam’s Razor November 30, 2004 6.33

Plot: After a spirited sexual intercourse with his fiancee, Brandon collapses, suffering from abdominal pain, nausea, fever and low blood pressure. House and his team cannot pinpoint Brandon’s problem since there is no illness with this many symptoms. But then, Brandon complains of pain in his fingers and House suddenly zeroes in on the cause.

Autopsy on the dead baby S01E04 2 2
4. “Maternity December 7, 2004 6.74

Plot: When a newborn has a seizure and another newborn becomes ill, House believes an epidemic is spreading through the hospital. Cuddy dismisses the suggestion until other babies show up with the same symptoms. House and his team race against time to diagnose the illness, but the choices they have to make may be lethal to some of the newborns if their diagnosis is incorrect.

House with nuns S01E05 22
5. “Damned If You Do December 14, 2004 6.91

Plot: When a nun comes in to the clinic with bleeding hands, House gives her an antihistamine which appears to set off an allergic attack. However, when the nun gets tachycardia from the epinephrine House gives her to treat it, Cuddy concludes he gave her ten times the appropriate dose. When House insists he gave her the proper dose, Cuddy gives him 24 hours to prove the nun has another condition before she calls the malpractice lawyers. Although House finally vindicates himself, the answer doesn’t help the patient, who continues to get worse no matter what steps they take.

6. “The Socratic Method December 21, 2004 6.73

Plot: While dodging Cuddy in the emergency room, House runs into the son of a schizophrenic woman who has been diagnosed with alcoholism. Intrigued by her schizophrenia and the fact she has a condition she’s too young to get, he takes her case and finds multiple problems. However, when the patient does something unexpected, House starts to wonder if she’s really mentally ill at all.

House.M.D.S01E15.Mob.Rules.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.h.264-TjHD s
7. “Fidelity December 28, 2004 6.91

Plot: The cause of a woman’s hypersomnia turns out to be obvious, but with no way to explain how she could get ill, the only way the patient’s husband can save her is by admitting he can’t trust her.

Poison-house-md-1207234 1280 720
8. “Poison January 25, 2005 12.37

Plot: House tries to blow off a case of a sick teenager, but when the obvious explanations are ruled out he gets interested. He soon figures out the correct diagnosis, but when the patient takes a turn for the worse, pinning down the exact cause of the patient’s illness soon becomes vital. Just when House figures he’s got it right, another patient shows up who seems to have no connection to the original patient. When House thinks he’s found the right answer, he finds that the patient’s mother has lost all faith in him and won’t allow treatment.

9. “DNR February 1, 2005 12.75

Plot: A famous musician with ALS loses all hope when he realizes he can no longer play his trumpet. However, House doubts the ALS diagnosis is correct and encourages Foreman to pursue an aggressive course of treatment. When House defies the patient’s “Do Not Resuscitate” order and is kept away from the patient, he still won’t let the matter drop.

House 1x10 HASM
10. “Histories February 8, 2005 14.97

Plot: Wilson is convinced a homeless Jane Doe in the emergency room has a real illness, but Foreman is convinced she’s faking symptoms to stay in the hospital. House takes the case just to spite Foreman, but even when they find who she is and what’s wrong with her, the treatment makes her worse.

11. “Detox February 15, 2005 14.22

Plot: A teenage boy is admitted when he starts coughing up blood. He gets worse in the hospital, which seems to rule out an environmental cause, or does it? Meanwhile, House tries to prove he isn’t addicted to Vicodin by betting a week without Vicodin against a month without clinic duty, but when he suffers withdrawal symptoms, his team starts to lose confidence in his judgment.

12. “Sports Medicine February 22, 2005 15.53

Plot: A famous baseball player coming off a drug suspension breaks his arm merely by pitching. Tests show that his bones are deteriorating and when a solution is proposed that will mean the death of the patient’s unborn child, House must scramble to find another treatment.

13. “Cursed March 1, 2005 15.53

Plot: A Ouija board tells a young boy he will die, and he soon comes down with a serious illness. As his father is a major donor to the hospital, he insists on the best they have and Cuddy presses House to take the case. As they work through the possible solutions, House wonders why the father is so familiar with certain rare diseases. Meanwhile, a visitor to the hospital allows House to put Chase under the microscope.

14. “Control March 15, 2005 17.33

Plot: A young, high powered CEO of a cosmetic company starts to suffer intense pain. House quickly diagnoses the problem, but realizes revealing the truth about it will mean the patient’s certain death. Instead, he risks his own career to hide the truth and get her the treatment she needs. During all this, Princeton-Plainsboro takes on a rich new chairman of the board who has just offered a $100,000,000 donation. He immediately sees House as dead weight and decides to infiltrate House’s team to get ammunition against him.

15. “Mob Rules March 22, 2005 17.34

Plot: A judge orders House to treat a mob informant. House does so under protest, but even when the patient recovers, he figures something is wrong with him and wants to keep treating him. When he butts heads with Vogler over the treatment of the patient, Vogler spends two days fighting with Cuddy over House’s continued employment, resulting in Cuddy having to make a terrible compromise in order to keep House at the hospital. Meanwhile, House figures out someone on his team is keeping Vogler informed and takes steps to try to confirm who it is.

16. “Heavy March 29, 2005 18.28

Plot: A morbidly obese 10 year old girl has a heart attack. House is intrigued, but the obvious cause of her problems seems to be her weight, and Chase won‘t stop mentioning it. Can the team look through her appearance to see the real cause?

17. “Role Model April 12, 2005 15.04

Plot: When a politician friend of Vogler’s collapses at a rally, he demands House at least examine the man. House soon takes an interest in the case, but his conclusions seem to end any chance the patient has of pursuing his political career. In addition, Vogler’s demands on House increase to the point where he wants House to shill for his new pharmaceutical.

18. “Babies & Bathwater April 19, 2005 17.48

Plot: House quickly diagnoses a pregnant woman, but she resists treatment because of the risk to her unborn baby. When House tries to bend the rules to get her the best treatment available, he finds Vogler standing in his way. Finally, the dispute between them comes down to a showdown before the Board and Wilson gets caught in the crossfire. However, when House once again pulls off the impossible, Cuddy has to decide whether to risk her own career.

19. “Kids May 3, 2005 17.14

Plot: House is drawn away from trying to get Cameron to return to PPTH when a meningitis epidemic overwhelms the Princeton area hospitals. When he comes across a 12 year old diver with symptoms that don’t quite fit meningitis, Cuddy figures he’s just trying to get out of the boredom of screening dozens of people. However, when the diver gets worse, House finds the hospital’s resources stretched to the breaking point.

20. “Love Hurts May 10, 2005 18.80

Plot: When House snaps at a patient in the clinic, the patient appears to suffer a stroke as a result of the confrontation. To avoid legal trouble, he agrees to take the patient’s case. However, when none of the easy answers are right and the patient soon gets worse, House has to push past the patient’s lies to find the right diagnosis.

21. “Three Stories May 17, 2005 17.68

Plot: Cuddy wants House to deliver a lecture to the medical students on diagnostics, and House finally agrees when she lets him off of clinic duty for a couple of hours. On the way to the lecture, he finds his ex-girlfriend coming to see him to ask him to treat her husband. After refusing, he heads to the lecture where one of the cases he presents starts to look very familiar.

22. “Honeymoon May 24, 2005 19.52

Plot: House’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner’s husband Mark is reluctant to be treated by House, but they eventually corral him and get him into the hospital. Although Mark insists he is fine and the initial tests bear him out, it is soon clear that there is something seriously wrong with him. House is torn emotionally between wanting to please Stacy by curing Mark and letting Mark die: either so she might come back to him or to hurt her for the way she hurt him. The matter only gets worse when the only way to confirm House‘s diagnosis is to risk Mark‘s life.

Season 1 Bloopers - House M.D

Season 1 Bloopers – House M.D.

Season Two
Season Two, Episodes 23 – 46
House Season 2 Poster
Season Premiere September 13, 2005
Season Finale May 23, 2006
Viewers (in millions) 17.30
Season Guide
Season One
Season Three

The second season of House premiered on September 13, 2005 and ended on May 23, 2006.

During the season, House tries to cope with his feelings for his ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner, who, after House diagnosed her husband with Acute intermittent porphyria, has taken a job in the legal department of the PPTH.

Other major storylines for this season include Cameron’s risky behaviour after being possibly exposed to HIV and her relationship with Chase, Foreman about to die and his rivalry with Cameron, Chase’s father dying and its consequences to both Chase and House since it led to the death of a patient and Cuddy’s desire to be a mother.

Sela Ward’s chemistry with Laurie in the final two episodes of season one was strong enough to have her character return in seven episodes of the second season.

The season gained high Nielsen ratings; “No Reason” was watched by 25.47 million viewers, the show’s biggest audience ever at that point. Season two averaged 17.3 million viewers an episode, outperforming season one by 30%. The number of viewers made it the tenth most-watched show of the 2005–2006 television season.

Writer Lawrence Kaplow won a Writers Guild of America Award in 2006 for the episode “Autopsy”.


Season 2 of House M.D. returned to television in September 2005, and contained 24 episodes. House, M.D. – Season Two was initially released to DVD on August 22, 2006.

Season 2 largely followed the pattern of Season 1 with one big twist. To humanize its protagonist, the series delves deeper into the past of Gregory House by making him continue to face his past with the one true love of his life to that point, Stacy Warner. We find out the ultimate loner longs for the connection he had with this woman. He makes the transition from a juvenile personality who is obsessed with getting Stacy just to admit she’s still in love with him to a hurt adult who realizes that she’s much better off without him. Unlike Lisa Cuddy in Season 7, Stacy realizes House is right just at the moment when it appears that their relationship appears to once again become permanent. However, no matter how noble House’s motives when he lets Stacy return to her husband Mark, it’s clear both that the second separation is having a tremendous effect on him and that he’s never going to admit it to himself.

The other characters start to develop as well. When Allison Cameron treats a party boy she experiments with Ecstacy and with Robert Chase, but immediately regrets both. Meanwhile, we learn more about the atrophied personal life of Eric Foreman where he faces the choice of either death or permanent brain damage when he catches a disease from a patient and decides to reconnect with his father. We also get a much deeper insight into House himself when his parents John House and Blythe House drop by the hospital for a visit. We also see House finding it difficult to be his usual self when Eric Foreman is ill. Cuddy’s sick handyman exposes her inability to be objective with people she cares about – a pattern that continues in several cases throughout the series.

Overview Edit

Stacy Warner returns to PPTH, having been officially hired as the hospital’s General Counsel. House eventually realizes that he still has feelings for her. In an attempt to prove that she feels the same way about him, he breaks into her therapist’s office and reads her file. House learns that she is not sleeping with her husband Mark Warner. He tries to get back with her by killing a rat that has invaded her home, but soon changes his mind after learning that the rat has an illness that brings out the diagnostician in him.

House cures the rat after capturing him and keeps him as a pet. Stacy soon realizes that he’s read her file and gets mad at him. House soon gets in legal trouble over his medical billings and they fly to Baltimore together. But due to a huge snowstorm, their plane is delayed and while in the airport, they share a kiss.

Soon afterward, House sleeps with Stacy. Meanwhile Mark confronts House because he thinks that he is losing Stacy. Stacy tells House that she is going to break up with Mark and be with House once again. But House, knowing that history is likely to repeat itself again tells her to stay with him. Stacy quits her job and leaves the hospital for good along with Mark..

With his ex gone, House’s leg pain greatly increases and Wilson hopes that it means nerve regeneration, but really it is because he misses Stacy. A doctor that caught House cheating on a test nearly twenty years ago comes to the hospital to give a speech regarding a new drug. House soon exacts revenge on him by bringing the effectiveness of his “breakthrough“ into question.

James Wilson gets a divorce from his third wife and he moves in with House. He has trouble with it at first but eventually gets used to it. He gets mad at House because he didn’t invite him to his weekly poker game but soon all is forgiven after House realizes that Wilson is living with one of his patients.

Cuddy’s handyman falls off her roof. Cuddy attempts to work with House and his team to help him but she finds House is ahead of her at every turn even though he could care less about the patient. She realizes that she hasn’t been a real doctor in years. She decides that she wants a baby and considers Wilson as sperm donor. She invites him over until dinner when he begins to think that she has cancer and she never gets the courage to ask him.

In the two-part episode Euphoria, the team face a huge crisis on their hands when Foreman is accidentally infected with a disease that has already killed one patient. He nearly dies from it but House, Cameron, and Chase manage to save his life. It soon becomes clear that it takes some time for Foreman to recover from his near-death experience.

When Chase kisses a 9-year old cancer patient who asks him because she wants to be kissed before the disease takes her life, House taunts him about it while simultaneously admiring the patient‘s ability to manipulate Chase. In the meantime, Chase learns of his father’s death from lung cancer, which came as a complete surprise to him. Distracted, Chase ends up accidentally killing a patient. He tells Kayla’s brother Sam McGinley that he had a hangover leading him to sue Chase and the entire hospital for damages amounting to ten million dollars. Stacy helps him prepare for the disciplinary hearing and soon, no permanent charges are pressed against him although Chase gets a week’s suspension and Foreman becomes Head of Diagnostics. House later figures out that Chase has been working extra time in the ER because his father disinherited him.

When Foreman is put in charge of diagnostics. House makes him miserable, but as the administrative work is getting done, Cuddy hints the position as head of diagnostics could be made permanent. However, House manages to save a patient having HIV that Foreman wanted to discharge, so Cuddy withdraws the offer, with both of them realizing that House will soon be back in charge. Foreman remains head of the department for a few more weeks until at the middle of the episode Deception when Foreman‘s time literally runs out.

Another patient with HIV accidentally coughs blood into Cameron’s face and mouth. Unable to cope with the fact that she might have HIV, she borrows some Ecstacy and sleeps with Chase. Thankfully, she soon learns that her HIV tests were negative and that sleeping with Chase and taking Ecstacy were big mistakes.

At the end of the season, House is shot and gravely injured by a disgruntled former patient’s husband. It’s soon shown that the events involving his fighting with Wilson and talking to his team never actually happened as they were in fact hallucinations. The season ends on a cliffhanger as House is seen being wheeled into the ER by his team and he makes a request for ketamine before losing consciousnesses altogether.

Main CastEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

Notable Guest StarsEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Stacy Warner starts working at the hospital. House plans to make her admit that she still cares for him.
  • House’s parents come for a visit during a layover on a flight that passes through Newark. House unsuccessfully tries to dodge the meeting.
  • Cameron is exposed to HIV. She later tests negative.
  • Cameron tries Ecstacy and, under its influence, sleeps with Chase.
  • Distracted by his father’s death, Chase makes a mistake that costs a patient her liver and then her life. He’s suspended for a week as a result, but House is put under the supervision of Foreman, as punishment for House’s failure to properly supervise Chase.
  • House goes to Baltimore with Stacy to work out some issues with his billings. When they’re stranded by a snowstorm, they share a brief kiss, but it goes no further because they’re interrupted by a case.
  • House and Stacy sleep together, and she considers leaving Mark. House initially tells her she has to leave Mark to be with him, but later realizes that Mark makes Stacy happier than he ever could. Stacy leaves the hospital.
  • House’s leg pain grows worse. Wilson blames his break-up with Stacy.
  • House gets revenge on the doctor who ratted him out for cheating in medical school.
  • House finally solves a 12 year old case when a young boy comes to the hospital with identical symptoms.
  • House and God battle to a tie over a case involving a teenage preacher.
  • Foreman nearly dies when he’s exposed to an illness that kills the original patient. He suffers temporary brain damage as a result. He also reconnects with his father, whom he hasn’t seen in person in eight years.
  • We learn Foreman’s mother is suffering from dementia, most likely due to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • House is shot and has hallucinations that make him believe his assailant is in the ICU bed right next to him. The assailant is never identified or apprehended.
Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
1. “Acceptance September 13, 2005 15.91

Plot: When a death row inmate takes ill, House tricks Stacy into getting him released to the hospital so he can figure out what is wrong with him. When the prisoner improves, Cuddy tries to get rid of him, only to have more serious symptoms appear. Meanwhile, Cameron deals with a clinic patient’s terminal diagnosis by trying to prove everyone wrong, and when the diagnosis seems to be confirmed at each step, she gets more and more desperate to save her patient while wondering why House only cares about a murderer.

2. “Autopsy September 20, 2005 13.64

Plot: A nine year old with terminal cancer who is hallucinating comes to the hospital. House thinks her bravery in the face of imminent death is actually a symptom of her condition. Meanwhile, House tries to get over a cold and test drives a motorcycle.

3. “Humpty Dumpty September 27, 2005 13.37

Plot: Cuddy’s handyman Alfredo falls off the roof while repairing it. However, apart from the normal trauma, he appears to develop other very serious symptoms. Cuddy puts herself on the case, but her lack of objectivity and her concern about the patient being able to maintain his livelihood makes House confront her about the proper course of treatment. Meanwhile, Cameron quizzes Cuddy about why House is still working for her, and Chase asks House about his history with Cuddy. Finally, Foreman has a rather difficult problem with a patient who believes the doctors are trying to stick him with inferior medication.

4. “TB or Not TB November 1, 2005 12.18

Plot: House treats a famous tuberculosis doctor who has diagnosed himself with TB. However, the constellation of symptoms convinces House there’s a more serious underlying condition. When it turns out the patient does have tuberculosis, his conscience forces him to refuse treatment for it and House has to convince him that tuberculosis isn’t the problem, but they will never known unless he agrees to be treated for it. Meanwhile, a comedy of errors occurs in the clinic when a patient who believes she has cancer is seen by Dr. Foreman wearing Dr. House’s name-tag in order to cover for House. When she demands an apology for the way “House” has treated her, it becomes clear to House and Foreman that the only reason Cuddy’s even considering demanding an apology is not because of Foreman’s behavior, but her perception that House always crosses the line. In the end, House finds a way to make it look like he has apologized to satisfy Cuddy.

144502 1227438712824 full
5. “Daddy’s Boy November 8, 2005 14.15

Plot: A twenty two year old who is having the sensation of being severely shocked has a strained relationship with his father which makes it hard for the team to diagnose him. Meanwhile, House tries to avoid a dinner with his father and mother.

6. “Spin November 15, 2005 12.95

Plot: A famous cyclist who admits to blood doping becomes House patient and Cameron wants to report him for cheating. Meanwhile, House attempts to force Stacy to admit how she feels for him by going to disrupt Mark Warner’s therapy group and by stealing Stacy’s files from her therapist to get more insight.

144514 1227441843252 full
7. “Hunting November 22, 2005 14.72

Plot: A man with full blown AIDS follows House home and demands to be treated by him. When House agrees, his condition continues to deteriorate, but the answer may be in his father. Meanwhile, Stacy needs House’s help to capture a rat which becomes House’s pet Steve McQueen.

37651 1197454702990 full
8. “The Mistake November 29, 2005 14.91

Plot: Stacy prepares Chase and House for a disciplinary case where a simple mistake by Chase eventually results in the death of the patient. When the hospital is sued over the incident, Stacy has to dig for the truth both to save the hospital and Chase’s career. However, she’s distracted by her ongoing feud with House over his review of her confidential therapy records.

005HOSDEC Cynthia Nixon 028
9. “Deception December 13, 2005 14.52

Plot: When an off-track gambler comes to the hospital, the team quickly diagnoses her with Munchausen’s syndrome, but House thinks that there may be more fact than fiction to the woman’s story. Meanwhile, House takes advantage of being supervised by Foreman.

10. “Failure to Communicate January 10, 2006 14.83

Plot: A famous writer finds himself literally at a loss for words when he starts suffering from aphasia. Meanwhile, House and Stacy are stranded in Baltimore and they share a kiss.

11. “Need to Know February 7, 2006 22.24

Plot: A women with muscle spasms comes to the hospital. As the team looks into the patient‘s life, the only diagnosis that makes sense is one the patient insists on denying. Meanwhile, Wilson wants House and Stacy to confront their feelings for each other, Cameron refuses to get the results of her HIV test and House is no longer under the supervision of Foreman.

12. “Distractions February 14, 2006 19.20

Plot: A severe burn victim becomes House’s patient when he develops tachycardia, but because of his conditions, they can‘t use most of their usual testing procedures. Meanwhile, House plots revenge on a doctor that he went to medical school with by trying to prove that a new migraine prevention medication doesn’t work.

13. “Skin Deep February 20, 2006 14.18

Plot: A model with a heroin addiction collapses on the catwalk. Meanwhile, House’s leg pain worsens because he misses Stacy.

14. “Sex Kills March 7, 2006 20.56

Plot: House quickly diagnoses a life threatening illness, but it won’t do the patient much good unless he can figure out what was causing an illness in an accident victim whose heart the living patient needs for a transplant. Meanwhile, House suspects Wilson of cheating on his wife.

15. “Clueless March 28, 2006 21.44

Plot:  A man who started having trouble breathing while role playing with his wife is quickly diagnosed with Lupus by the team, but House thinks that the wife may be poisoning him. Meanwhile, House and Wilson discuss the terms of their new living arrangements.

16. “Safe April 4, 2006 22.71

Plot: Melinda, a young immunocompromised heart transplant recipient, goes into anaphylactic shock in her home clean room. The team has to deal with her increasingly severe symptoms and her wish to rebel against her mother’s over protectiveness. Meanwhile,the relationship between House and Wilson becomes increasingly strained as Wilson continues to live with House after separating from his wife.

17. “All In April 11, 2006 21.20

Plot: A young boy seems to have the same symptoms as one of House’s old patients who ended up dying, and the team attempts to find out what killed her in time to save him. Meanwhile, House tries to keep Cuddy away from him by helping Wilson during poker night.

18. “Sleeping Dogs Lie April 18, 2006 22.64

Plot: A woman with a life threatening case of insomnia comes to the hospital after swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills. The team soon learn that she is planning on leaving her girlfriend, Max. When her liver fails Max offers to donate hers and the team are faced with an ethical dilemma. Meanwhile, Cameron accuses Foreman of plagiarism because they both wrote an article about the same patient.

219 187
19. “House vs. God April 25, 2006 24.52

Plot: House wants to call a 15-year-old faith healer’s bluff, but when the boy is admitted into the hospital he seemingly causes a cancer patient’s condition to go into remission. After being diagnosed, the boy refuses brain surgery, but when his condition worsens, House and his staff have to make a decision.

220 house foreman
20. “Euphoria (Part 1) May 2, 2006 22.71

Plot: A police officer is admitted with symptoms of unbelievable happiness. However, his behavior starts changing as he gets sicker and sicker, when suddenly one of the team starts exhibiting inappropriate happiness as well.

220 house foreman - copia
21. “Euphoria (Part 2) May 3, 2006 17.16

Plot: After their previous patient dies, the rest of the team rushes to diagnose what is wrong with Foreman and realize that the disease is progressing faster in him than in the deceased patient. Meanwhile, Cuddy refuses to authorize an autopsy on the previous patient on the grounds that whatever he had may spread through the hospital.

006HOSFVR Jennifer Morrison 010
22. “Forever May 9, 2006 24.29

Plot: The team is faced with a woman whose behavior appears to be a threat to her newborn son. Meanwhile, Foreman starts to recover from his near fatal illness.

23. “Who’s Your Daddy? May 16, 2006 22.38

Plot: An old friend of House shows up with his newly found daughter, who has survived Hurricane Katrina. House agrees to take the case only to try to convince his friend that the young woman is lying to him.

24. “No Reason May 23, 2006 25.47

Plot: After a former patient shoots House, House awakens to find the shooter in the next bed. He also finds that he’s been given an experimental treatment that has eliminated his leg pain, but may have also affected his mind. Meanwhile, the team tries to treat a patient whose test results keep coming up negative even as his bizarre array of symptoms continue to get worse. As the shooter continues to confront him about his seemingly diminishing mental skills and lack of humility, House figures that something is seriously wrong and that must solve the puzzle posed by the other patient in order to get things back to normal.

Season Three
Season Three, Episodes 47 – 70
House season 3
Season Premiere September 5, 2006
Season Finale May 27, 2007
Season Guide
Season Two
Season Four

The third season of House premiered on September 5, 2006 and ended on May 29, 2007.

At the beginning of the season, the main storyline centers around House’s temporary lack of pain in his leg due to ketamine treatment after being shot in the previous season finale. Later in the season, he leaves a stubborn patient in an exam room with a thermometer in his rectum. Because House is unwilling to apologize, the patient, police detective Michael Tritter, starts an investigation around House’s Vicodin addiction. The third season concluded with a cliffhanger finale, in which House fires Chase, Foreman leaves as he already resigned and doesn’t change his mind and Cameron resigns, leaving House without a team for the fourth season.

David Morse joined the cast for seven episodes as Tritter. He was cast for the role after having previously worked with House ’​s creator David Shore on CBS‘ Hack.


Season 3 of House M.D. returned to television in September 2006, and contained 24 episodes. House, M.D. – Season Three was released to DVD on August 21, 2007.

Although the series seemed to settle back into a regular pattern, by the season’s end it was clear that the series was going to undergo a fundamental change for Season 4. First came the resignation of Foreman, followed by the departure of the rest of House’s team, leaving House to himself and opening the door to bring in new characters.

House recovers from his gunshot wounds, but despite his pain temporarily disappearing and the fact that his leg is working again, he is soon back on Vicodin. He runs into a particularly difficult patient at the clinic, who turns out to be a police officer, who then makes it his business to get House sent to jail for possessing Vicodin illegally. Unfortunately, House has used Wilson’s prescription pad to forge his own prescriptions, even though Wilson has been supplying him with Vicodin freely. House nearly goes to jail, but Cuddy then perjures herself in court to have the charges dismissed.

Allison Cameron looks at her poor social life and decides to fill the hole in her sex life with Robert Chase. She demands a “no strings attached” relationship, and everyone predicts that Chase will dump her at some point, leaving the vulnerable Cameron heartbroken. Instead, it’s Chase who becomes emotionally attached. When he professes he wants a deeper relationship, Cameron cuts off the sex. Chase won’t let the matter drop and institutes the tradition of I love you Tuesdays, reminding Cameron how much he likes her every Tuesday, and insisting that given her empathetic nature she can’t possibly not have feelings for a man she’s worked with for three years.

Work continues normally until Foreman, fearing that he’s becoming too much like House, decides he wants to leave the hospital for good. Despite Cuddy and Wilson imploring House to get Foreman to stay, House instead fires Chase for no reason and then Cameron decides to quit as well, leaving House without a team to help him. However, when Cameron realizes Chase will soon be out of her life, she quickly changes her tune and shows up on his doorstep.

This season also features the last appearance of Nurse Previn in the episode Que Sera Sera. It also marks the only appearance of Foreman’s mother Alicia Foreman.

Episode Name (Original Air Date)

  1. Meaning (September 5, 2006)
  2. Cane & Able (September 12, 2006)
  3. Informed Consent (September 19, 2006)
  4. Lines in the Sand (September 26, 2006)
  5. Fools for Love (October 31, 2006)
  6. Que Será Será (November 7, 2006)
  7. Son of Coma Guy (November 14, 2006)
  8. Whac-A-Mole (November 21, 2006)
  9. Finding Judas (November 28, 2006)
  10. Merry Little Christmas (December 12, 2006)
  11. Words and Deeds (January 9, 2007)
  12. One Day, One Room (January 30, 2007)
  13. Needle in a Haystack (February 6, 2007)
  14. Insensitive (February 13, 2007)
  15. Half-Wit (March 6, 2007)
  16. Top Secret (March 27, 2007)
  17. Fetal Position (April 3, 2007)
  18. Airborne (April 10, 2007)
  19. Act Your Age (April 17, 2007)
  20. House Training (April 24, 2007)
  21. Family (May 1, 2007)
  22. Resignation (May 8, 2007)
  23. The Jerk (May 15, 2007)
  24. Human Error (May 29, 2007)
Season 3 Bloopers - House M.D

Season 3 Bloopers – House M.D.

  • Foreman’s mother is introduced in this season. However, she did not return for the following seasons.
Season Four
Season Four, Episodes 71 – 86
House MD Season 4
Season Premiere September 25, 2007
Season Finale May 19, 2008
Season Guide
Season Three
Season Five

The fourth season of House premiered on September 25, 2007 and ended on May 19, 2008. This season is the shortest one in the whole series due to the Writer Guild of America’s strike which stopped production of the series and instead of 24 episodes, 16 were finally produced.

Among other important storylines, Wilson starts dating Amber, an applicant for House’s team who didn’t make it to the final three positions, Thirteen’s apparent disease, Foreman’s struggles not to be seen as ‘another House’ due to similarities in their behaviour/methods and Taub’s backstory related to cheating on his wife.

Having previously fired Chase, and with Foreman and Cameron quitting, House starts a competition between forty applicants for the vacant positions. He eventually narrows them down to seven, firing one each episode. In the episode “Games”, he fires Amber “Cutthroat Bitch” Volakis (Anne Dudek), hiring Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson), Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn) and Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley (Olivia Wilde) as his new team. Dr. Foreman rejoins the team after his dismissal from another hospital.[8]Meanwhile, Amber begins a relationship with Wilson.

Interrupted by the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, the number of episodes was reduced to 16 instead of the planned 24. Executive producer Katie Jacobs explained that it was hard for the writers to finish the story arcs started during the season with eight episodes fewer. Season four also introduced seven actors to the cast; in addition to Jacobson, Penn and Wilde, who became regulars, Andy Comeau portrayed Travis Brennan, an epidemiologist; Edi Gathegi played Jeffrey Cole, a geneticistCarmen Argenziano appeared as Henry Dobson, a former medical school admissions officer; and Anne Dudek portrayed Amber “Cut-throat Bitch” Volakis, an interventional radiologist. Each of the four departed the show after elimination, except for Volakis, who remained recurring until the finale, having started a relationship with Wilson.

For this season, Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer had a reduced number of appearances, though they continued to be main characters.


House, M.D. – Season Four was released on DVD in region 2 on the 27th October 2008.

According to Variety magazine, FOX Broadcasting made an early decision in February 2007 to renew House for a fourth season.[1]

Season 4 was a sharp departure from Season 3. In the finale of the previous series, House’s entire team of fellows was fired or quit, leaving him without a staff. Apparently, the producers felt the show needed a cast shake up and, to be fair, the character House noted in Alone that it was strange for him to have had exactly the same staff for three straight years. In the Season 1 episode DNR, Foreman admits that he is on a three year contract, which would have ended at about the end of Season 3.

However, none of the cast members left at this point, they just filled different roles. Foreman, who initially tried to move on, instead wound up as a supervising fellow over the new hires. Cameron moved to the emergency room and started a relationship with Chase, who moved to the surgical department in an attempt to become board certified.

The plan was to hire three new cast members to fill the team. In fact, the process to do this was almost as chaotic as the process House set up himself. However, of the forty “applicants” for the open fellowship positions, fewer than half had speaking roles in The Right Stuff and in reality only six actors had a real shot at staying on. However, even the cast members were kept in the dark until the last moment about which ones would be kept on.

However, the biggest impact on Season 4 was the Writer’s Strike, which shut down production on the series for about three months. As a result, Season 4 is the shortest season, with only 16 episodes being produced in all.

Overview Edit

After losing his original diagnostic team that he loved so much, House decides that he doesn’t need fellows as he feels that he can handle a case all on his own but after taking a long time to solve a case, Cuddy insists that he start looking for possible doctors to join his new team. House grudgingly accepts and gets forty applicants together and has a reality show style contest to see which lucky three applicants will stay on to get the vacant fellowship openings. Meanwhile, Cameron and Chase come back to work at the hospital, while Foreman starts work in a job similar to House’s at another hospital. However, Foreman is soon fired for doing exactly what House would do and winds up back at Princeton-Plainsboro. House wants nothing to do with him, but Cuddy insists he can only hire two new fellows and must have Foreman on his team to keep an eye on him.

After some false starts, House decides on a fortyish plastic surgeon, Chris Taub, and a young rehabilitation specialist, Lawrence Kutner. He also manipulates Cuddy into hiring Number 13, a beautiful but mysterious internist. Meanwhile, Foreman stays on, and becomes more and more like House with each passing day.

Meanwhile, House starts fearing the loss of his best friend when it is revealed that Wilson has been dating Amber for several months without letting House know. Meanwhile, everyone starts speculating about why Number 13 is being so guarded, and Foreman lets it slip that he thinks she is bisexual, leading to rampant speculation by the rest of the medical staff.

Tragedy strikes when House is injured in a bus crash, suffering a concussion. He is sure that one of the other passengers on the bus was suffering from a medical condition, but his injury prevents him from remembering who it was or what the condition was. Finally he remembers – for some unexplained reason, Amber was on the bus with him and she was badly injured in the crash and is being treated as a Jane Doe patient at another hospital. Wilson eventually learns that the reason Amber was on the bus was to attempt to get House home safely after a night of drinking, leaving House and his friendship in risk.

Season Five
Season Five, Episodes 87 – 110
Season Premiere September 16, 2008
Season Finale May 11, 2009
Season Guide
Season Four
Season Six

The fifth season of House premiered on September 16, 2008 and ended on May 11, 2009. The main storylines for this season include the aftermath of Amber’s death and how it affects Wilson’s relationship with House, Cuddy’s search to be a mother, Thirteen discovering that her symptons related to Huntington are getting worse and her new relationship with Foreman, Kutner’s shocking and sudden suicide, Cameron’s and Chase’s relationship going to the next step, Taub’s relationship with his wife and House hallucinating with Amber (and later Kutner) due to Vicodin abuse which leads him to make a very important decision.

It began to air in a new time slot from September to December: Tuesday 8/7c. Starting January 19, 2009, House moved to Mondays at 8/7c. Sky1 has taken over the rights to screen the show in the UK airing Sundays at 9pm.


The Hollywood Reporter was the first to go on record that House M.D. would be renewed for a fifth season. Later, FOX Broadcasting Company stated in this Network Prime Time Schedule [2], that House would premiere its fifth Season at 8:00 P.M. EST on September 2, 2008. However, the first episode didn’t premiere until two weeks later, September 16.

Although House was originally scheduled to be shown on Tuesdays during Season 5, at mid-Season, the time slots for House and American Idol were switched on the prime time schedule, putting House’s new episodes in the 8:00 P.M. EST slot on Mondays.

However, the biggest change in Season 5 was the departure of Kal Penn from the series so he could take a position at the White House. As a result of his sudden departure, his character, Lawrence Kutner was killed off. Although many critics denounced the move as unnecessary and totally unshadowed by the previous episodes, the event led to a series climax when, due to Kutner’s death, House descends into psychosis and finally admits himself into a psychiatric hospital to deal with his twin demons of Vicodin and grief.

Overview Edit

Wilson slowly starts to recover from Amber’s untimely death, but begins to reevaluate his life and to contemplate resigning from his post at the hospital. House’s original regret over his role in Amber’s death seems to have worn off as instead of being supportive, he merely tries to convince Wilson that he is overreacting to the situation. However, Wilson winds up leaving his post.

House’s father dies, and House tries to dodge the funeral, only to have Wilson return as a favor to Cuddy and Blythe House to ensure that House makes it. During the trip, the details of the beginnings of their friendship are revealed. House also reveals that he suspected John House wasn’t his biological father and House points out a family friend at the service who House believes really is his father. After they return to Princeton, Wilson realizes he hadn’t had this kind of fun since the day Amber died and decides to return to Princeton-Plainsboro.

However, Wilson has to come to terms with another loss – his homeless brother Danny reappears in his life when he is found in New York City. Wilson finds that Danny is now a stranger to him and that the initial incident that led to his disappearance has shaped his behavior in ways only House seems to fully comprehend.

Thirteen has to confront the reality, forced upon her by Amber’s death at an early age, that she too is facing a lifetime with a devastating illness. Her behavior quickly starts to deteriorate and she is fired and then re-hired. However, she soon returns to her undisciplined ways. As a result, Foreman begins first to get concerned about her behavior, then starts to feel protective. It soon blooms into a romance, but House feels it is affecting their medical judgement and tries to make them break up.

Cuddy tries to adopt, but after House tries to convince her not to, the adoption falls through anyway. When House tries to show his condolences and Cuddy snaps at him for changing his tune, they embrace and kiss. Wilson realizes that the two are very attracted to each other and attempts to make them confront their feelings. We soon begin to realize that although they are both reluctant to begin a romantic relationship, both want the other to be more involved in their lives.

Cuddy finds another girl to adopt, Rachel. Feeling overwhelmed by both her hospital responsibilities and the demands of a new child, she accepts Wilson’s suggestion that she hand over some of her hospital duties to a deputy. To handle the almost full-time job of supervising House, she turns to Cameron, who is incredibly adept at handling her old boss, but soon realizes she isn’t up to the challenge on a constant basis and that anyone else would just say “no” to House all the time. Cuddy returns to cover all her duties and starts to make House’s life as miserable as possible for keeping her away from her child, including posting signs on the elevator that it is scheduled for maintenance (which it’s not) and setting up a trip wire in the doorway or part of his office. She later stops tormenting House when she decides that making his life miserable won’t do any good.

House comes to work in a good mood, setting everybody off. Wilson and Foreman conclude that House is taking heroin. Wilson takes House out to dinner and buys him a drink, and after House drinks it, he walks off indignant that Wilson would suspect that he is taking heroin. However, Wilson follows him and finds him puking it up out back by a dumpster, House finally admits he is taking Methadone because it has put an end to the pain in his leg. After threatening to leave if Cuddy won’t agree to methadone treatment, he instead goes back to Vicodin because his changed behavior with methadone almost cost a patient his life.

The entire team is shocked and confused when Kutner commits suicide and the whole team is saddened by his loss. House, not wanting to think he couldn’t see it coming, reaches the conclusion that it was murder, until he looks through a bunch of photos and finds one showing a lone Kutner with a blank expression – in contrast to the smile he wore in the other photos when he was with other people.

Not long after Kutner’s suicide, House develops severe insomnia and begins to hallucinate, seeing visions of Amber. These visions are extremely vivid and allow House a direct line to his own sub-conscious. However, House is soon carrying out actual conversations with Amber to the point where he uses a Bluetooth Headset while at the Hospital so it does not appear he’s talking to himself. After subjecting himself to a number of dangerous treatments, the hallucinations are eventually shown to be an obvious and common result of Vicodin abuse.

Chase and Cameron start getting more serious about their relationship. Eventually, Chase plans to propose to Cameron, but when she learns about his plans, she starts making excuses not to go away with him. She finally confesses that she doesn’t know what do. Chase proposes anyway, and Cameron finally accepts. Shortly thereafter, House takes over the planning of Chase’s bachelor party, hiring a stripper and hosting it at Wilson’s apartment. While at the bachelor party, Chase does a body shot off of Karamel, a stripper suggested by the Amber hallucination who was also at Wilson’s bachelor party for his third wife. The stripper had used strawberry body butter, and as a result of his strawberry allergy, Chase goes into an anaphylactic shock, and is saved by a medical student with an Epipen. House realizes that he knew about Karamel’s body butter and that the his sub-conscious was out to get Chase – the Amber hallucination has become dangerous.

After Chase recovers, he and Cameron continue with their wedding plans. Cameron reveals that she was keeping a frozen sample of her deceased first husband’s sperm in case she never found a new person but still wanted to have children. They finally compromise with Chase agreeing she can keep the sample.

House eventually believes he has confessed the hallucinations to Cuddy and that she helped him through the painful withdrawal process. After House dries out, he starts to kiss in her and it was implied that they made love afterwards. The encounter, however, was eventually revealed to be an elaborate hallucination and delusion. As House realizes this, he hallucinates about both Amber and Kutner.

The season ends with alternating shots of Cuddy, Foreman, Taub and Thirteen enjoying Cameron and Chase’s wedding and Wilson driving House to a sanatorium, which House willingly enters.

Episodes Edit

Number Title Original Air Date Plot
1 Dying Changes Everything September 16, 2008 In the aftermath of personal tragedy, Wilson resigns from the hospital… and from his friendship with House. Meanwhile, Thirteen struggles with her personal medical problems while helping treat an executive assistant with a similar situation to her own.
2 Not Cancer September 23, 2008 The team deals with an organ donor whose organs prove fatal, and the two surviving patients. Meanwhile, House hires a private detective to spy on Wilson, but hears a few things about himself that he’d rather not.
3 Adverse Events September 30, 2008 A painter’s undiagnosed illness affects his work, and House and his team must look at the man’s paintings to determine what’s wrong with him.
4 Birthmarks October 14, 2008 While en route to his father’s funeral, House must help the team with a differential diagnosis on a young Chinese girl who has collapsed under mysterious circumstances.
5 Lucky Thirteen October 21, 2008 Thirteen brings her one-night stand to the hospital after the woman has a seizure. However, the woman admits she slept with Thirteen just so she could get to House and have him diagnose her condition. Meanwhile, House continues to pay Lucas to spy on Wilson.
6 Joy October 28, 2008 An ailing man suffers from blackouts and sleepwalks, leading the team to wonder if his sleepwalking is a symptom, or how the man is becoming exposed to something else. When the man’s daughter grows ill as well, the team must provide a diagnosis before both die. Meanwhile, Cuddy adopts a newborn but when the birth mother displays a rash, she has to make a decision between putting the mother or daughter at risk.
7 The Itch November 11, 2008 The team must treat an agoraphobic who refuses to leave his house, and have to work around Cuddy, who is less than thrilled at having hospital equipment relocated. Meanwhile, House is plagued by an itch, and Cameron and Chase have relationship issues.
8 Emancipation November 18, 2008 While Foreman takes on a pediatric case on his own, the rest of the team deals with a 16-year-old factory manager and emancipated minor who collapses at work. When Foreman’s patient takes a turn for the worse, he’s forced to question whether he can deal with the situation on his own, or if he needs House’s help.
9 Last Resort November 25, 2008 A man seeking the right diagnosis for his illness is willing to take on the hospital and the SWAT team to get it. He takes thirteen and several patients from the waiting room and puts them in Cuddy’s office. To put an end to the crisis they must come up with the right diagnosis, treat the wounded, and hold off a SWAT team.
10 Let Them Eat Cake December 2, 2008 The team takes on the case of a fitness guru on an all-natural diet who collapsed while filming a video. Meanwhile, Foreman conducts Huntington’s Disease drug trials and Thirteen signs on as a subject, Cuddy is forced to move into House’s office, and Kutner uses House’s name to run an online medical-advice website.
11 Joy to the World December 9, 2008 House and his team deal with a bullied girl who collapses during her school’s Christmas program. Meanwhile, Foreman and Thirteen grow closer during the Huntington’s disease drug trials, House gives a patient a gift, the staff wonder who gave House a special gift, and Cuddy gets an unexpected gift.
12 Painless January 19, 2009 House and the team try to diagnose a man living with severe, chronic pain; Thirteen and Foreman explore their complicated relationship; Cuddy discovers that caring for her baby leaves her with little time to run the hospital.
13 Big Baby January 26, 2009 Cuddy decides to spend more time at home to take care of her newly adopted baby and passes some of her day-to-day responsibilities off to Cameron, including supervising House. Cameron is forced to play House’s games and becomes involved in a power struggle as he and the team take on the case of a Special Education teacher who collapsed after spitting up blood in the middle of class. As House tests Cameron’s tolerance for his extreme measures, the patient continues to fall ill and House insists the teacher’s seemingly inherent goodness is actually a pathology.
14 The Greater Good February 2, 2009 House and the team take on the case of a woman who collapsed in the middle of a cooking class, and they soon learn she is a highly-renowned cancer researcher who recently gave up her entire career in order to pursue her own personal happiness. Though the team struggles to understand how the woman could give up saving lives for the sake of her own contentment, each grapple with the pursuit of happiness (or lack thereof) in their own lives. As the patient’s condition continues to worsen, so does Thirteen’s as she begins to suffer serious and life-threatening reactions to the experimental Huntington’s Disease clinical trial. Meanwhile, Cuddy attempts to make House’s life miserable for him in retaliation for his part in her own unhappiness.
15 Unfaithful February 16, 2009 When a priest who runs a homeless shelter sees a bleeding Jesus hovering at his doorstep, he is admitted to the ER. House takes on the case as a distraction for the team while he confronts Foreman and Thirteen about their relationship. The team soon learns the priest had been involved in a molestation scandal that caused him to lose his faith. However, just as they are about to dismiss his case, the patient’s condition takes a drastic turn for the worse, and

House grapples with his past and his belief

16 The Softer Side February 23, 2009 A patient with both male and female DNA has the team stumped. Meanwhile, House starts acting nicely, raising Cuddy’s and Wilson’s suspicions that something is terribly wrong.
17 The Social Contract March 9, 2009 House and the team take on the case of Nick, a book editor who loses his inhibitions. The team realizes Nick has frontal lobe disinhibition, which causes him to speak his mind having no control over what he says and making him just like House. Meanwhile, House suspects Wilson and Taub are keeping something from him.
18 Here Kitty March 16, 2009 Morgan works in a nursing home with a pet cat who only sleeps next to people if they are about to die – and does so with alarmingly accuracy. When it seems the cat has predicted her own death, Morgan, convinced she is about to die, fakes a seizure in order to get to House to have him diagnose her before it’s too late.
19 Locked In March 30, 2009 A man awakens in New York after a bicycle accident unable to move or communicate in any way. House, himself injured in a motorcycle mishap, occupies the hospital bed next to Lee and quickly annoys the doctors treating them both by insisting that Lee has “locked-in” syndrome.
20 Simple Explanation April 6, 2009 Charlotte, an older woman who has spent the last six months taking care of her dying husband Eddie, is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro after collapsing from respiratory failure. The couple becomes a double mystery for the team when Eddie begins to improve as Charlotte’s condition worsens. The previously unthinkable becomes real when it seems that Charlotte will die before Eddie, and the team will be forced to make a difficult decision.
21 Saviors April 13, 2009 Cameron postpones her vacation with Chase in order to ask House to accept the case of an environmental radical who collapsed at a protest with unexplainable symptoms. Although suspicious of her motives, House agrees. Since she pushed him to take the case so emphatically, House forces Cameron to take the lead and run many of the tests on the patient. Meanwhile, House is unsure of Wilson’s new healthy diet.
22 House Divided April 27, 2009 The team takes on the case of a deaf 14-year-old named Seth who collapsed after he started “hearing” explosions while competing in a wrestling match. When the team tries to test him for seizures, Seth loses vision in one eye, complicating House’s bunk theory of “Exploding Head Syndrome.” As his condition worsens, the team has an ethical disagreement about the patient and his mother’s adamant decision to forego cochlear implants to supplement his hearing. When the prospect of giving Seth the ability to hear for the first time in his life arises, House and the team are faced with a resounding decision. Meanwhile, House’s lack of sleep starts to play tricks on his mind, but he finds his insomnia may be a gift instead of a burden
23 Under My Skin May 4, 2009 House and the team take on the case of a ballerina whose lungs collapse in the middle of a performance. When the treatment causes her skin to fall off, the dancer faces not only the prospect of never dancing again but also of dying an agonizing death. The team must use their imaginations to carefully choreograph ways to test and treat her delicate body without killing her. Meanwhile, House continues to suffer from what he thinks is insomnia, and he is willing to go to desperate measures to cure it.
24 Both Sides Now May 11, 2009 House and the team are intrigued by Scott, a man whose left brain and right brain operate independently, leaving him with two distinct personalities and no control over some of his actions. As the two sides of Scott’s brain struggle for dominance, his warring personalities make it increasingly difficult for the team to figure out what is causing the unique problem. The team is forced to use some unusual methods to get him to cooperate with their necessary testing. Meanwhile, when House refuses to make an appearance in the clinic, Cuddy takes an unconventional approach to force House to make up the time with a particular patient.
Season Six
Season Six, Episodes 111 – 132
Season Premiere September 21, 2009
Season Finale May 17, 2010
Season Guide
Season Five
Season Seven

The sixth season of House premiered on September 21, 2009 with a special two-hour episode and ended on May 17, 2010. The main storylines for this season include House’s treatment at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital after being admitted following House’s hallucinations due to Vicodin abuse, Wilson’s new relationship with Sam, one of his ex-wives, Lucas’ and Cuddy’s relationship and how it affects House, who seems to develop feelings for her, Foreman’s and Thirteen’s break-up, the return of the original group (Cameron, Chase and Foreman) and Cameron’s departure from the series after Chase killed a genocide president.

This is the last season to feature Jennifer Morrison’s name in the opening credits and Cameron’s regular appearance in the series. She would later appear on a guest-star role in the episode “Lockdown”, and re-appear much later in the last episode of the series. After this major change, the opening sequence was changed when Season 7 started.

This is the first season to have less than the habitual 24 episodes (Season Four doesn’t count because it was shortened following the Writers’ Strike). In the United Kingdom, the series began airing on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD on October 4, 2009, two weeks behind the North American broadcast.

Season 6 was fairly well critically received scoring 77 on Metacritic.[7]

Main storylinesEdit

After finally realizing that his Vicodin habit is distorting his view of reality, House voluntarily enters Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital to detox. However, detoxing turns out to be the easy part – House can’t get his medical license back until he’s willing to admit his problems run deeper. Although he resists at first, he finally gives in. At the same time, he falls in love, but then finds his paramour has no further interest in him. When he turns to his doctor instead of Vicodin for help, Dr. Nolan realizes he’s ready to return to the practice of medicine.

Newly detoxed, House announces he’s giving up diagnostic medicine. On hearing the news, Foreman asks to take over the diagnostic medicine department with the rest of House’s team from Season 5. However, when Thirteen and Taub jump to other opportunities, he turns back to Chase and Cameron for help. Meanwhile, House realizes that he can’t give up diagnostic medicine that easily and plans to get all his former fellows back together. However, in the process, Cameron questions her commitment to both Chase and House and leaves them both.

As a condition of his release, House moves in with Wilson. Wilson encourages him to explore a relationship with Cuddy, and House decides to try. However, when he makes a gesture to help Cuddy, he finds his old private investigator, Lucas Douglas, has become Cuddy’s boyfriend and that Cuddy was hiding that from him.

Although House tries mightily to follow Dr. Nolan’s direction, it soon seems that his misery is permanent. Wilson hooks back up with his first wife Sam, and Cuddy and Lucas plan to move into a new home together. House tries to admit that he’s fine with Cuddy moving on, but when Dr. Nolan presses, he finds out that Cuddy means more to House than he’s ever been willing to admit. With his soul stripped open, House calls Dr. Nolan a fraud and despite Nolan’s pleading, he stops going to therapy.

Matters come to a head at the worst possible time – House gives Cuddy a very thoughtful gift as a home warming present, but Cuddy thinks House has found out she’s just become engaged to Lucas. When they’re called away to a disaster, House has to treat a woman who is trapped and may require amputation. His own feelings about his disability rise straight to the surface and he makes a serious effort to get through to Cuddy, but she rebufs him outright. However, when push comes to shove, House makes the right call again and convinces the trapped woman to agree to an amputation by admitting his choice to keep his leg caused him nothing but pain and loneliness. When the woman dies nevertheless, House tries to turn back to Vicodin and instead finds Cuddy, who has broken it off with Lucas and admits she loves him. They embrace as the season ends.

Overview Edit

Having willingly entered Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, House comes under the care of Dr. Nolan, who is tasked with treating the world’s best diagnostician. As a voluntary patient, House can leave any time he wants, but with his medical license in jeopardy because of his psychosis, he has to rely on Dr. Nolan’s approval before being allowed to return to the practice of medicine. After accepting his treatment, eventually Dr. Nolan gives him his approval. However, House is soon tempted to start taking Vicodin again, Dr. Nolan suggests that he quit diagnostic medicine and go into research. He does so and also takes up cooking with Wilson. However, House’s break doesn’t last long and he is soon back to solving medical mysteries. When Dr. Nolan sees that this is the only thing that takes House’s mind off his pain, he agrees.

Meanwhile, Eric Foreman takes over what’s left of the diagnostic department in House’s absence. However, his authority and the stress of the new position start to affect his relationship with Thirteen. In addition, Chris Taub considers his loss of income, the drop down in reputation from working for Foreman instead of House, and his persistent fear of extreme medicine and once again tenders his resignation. Foreman realizes he can’t work with Thirteen as her boss because she’s afraid to challenge him on diagnoses – he fires her and asks Allison Cameron and Robert Chase to return to the team.

However, after Chase treads a thin moral line on a case involving an African dictator, he starts to fall apart. Cameron notices Chase is acting weird and believes he is having an affair. Chase finally comes clean and finds Cameron to be surprisingly supportive. They decide they should get out of Princeton while the getting’s good. They plan to quit the hospital together and go somewhere else where they can focus on their relationship and on each other.

House’s medical license is finally reinstated and he starts a plan to get all his old team members back, playing on Chase’s fear of losing Cameron, Cameron’s underlying love of diagnostic medicine, Taub’s boredom with plastic surgery, and Thirteen’s newfound adventurism in the face of her terminal illness. He succeeds brilliantly with everyone except Cameron, who realizes House put the patient’s life at risk merely to manipulate everyone into working for him again. She realizes that she was a fool to have loved House and that his ego was what drove Chase to think he could play God with a patient’s life. She leaves House, Chase and Princeton-Plainsboro for good.

House also has to come to terms with his attraction to Lisa Cuddy. He follows her to a medical convention, only to find out that Lucas Douglas has “got there first”. His immediate reaction is to try to break them up, but when Cuddy announces a break-up with Lucas, it soon become apparent they faked it just to get House off their back, and that he didn’t fall for it for long.

When Wilson starts to get re-involved with his first wife, House starts to fear that Wilson won’t have time for him either, and his fears are confirmed when Wilson asks him to move out. Though later on, Wilson apologizes to House for kicking him out, and asks him to come back for a bit longer until he finds a new apartment, but House refuses. Once again, his leg pain starts to get worse and when Dr. Nolan confronts him about his relationships, House cuts off his relationship and tries to go it alone.

However, House soon learns that Cuddy and Lucas have gotten engaged. After losing a patient, House turns back to an old supply of Vicodin when all of a sudden Cuddy comes to him to tell him she’s broken off the engagement. She tells House she loves him, even though she wishes she didn’t but she says she can’t help it. She helps him up off the floor and they kiss while holding hands

Season Seven
Season Seven, Episodes 133 – 155
House-key-art 510
Season Premiere September 20, 2010
Season Finale May 23, 2011
Viewers (in millions) 10.54
Season Guide
Season Six
Season Eight

The seventh season of House premiered on September 20, 2010 and ended on May 23, 2011. This season marks the final appearance of Lisa Cuddy in the series, as Lisa Edelstein announced that she wouldn’t come back for the next season. The main storylines for this season include House’s relationship with Cuddy – which has a terrible end for both of them, Wilson’s break up with Sam, the sudden departure of Thirteen and her replacement with Masters and Taub cheating on his ex-wife and subsequent news of a double pregnancy (from both Rachel Taub and a nurse).

This season featured the first change in the opening credits. Both Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson were promoted to the main cast (after being recurring cast for three years) and Jennifer Morrison’s name was eliminated (due to her character leaving during the first half of the previous season).

Prior to the start of the remainder of the season in 2011, it was announced that a multi-episode arc that would feature House on the road was scrapped, forcing David Shore to return to the show to rework the rest of the season. Furthermore, Fox ordered one more episode for the season, bringing the total number of episodes to 23.


I’m seeing Cuddy… generally without any clothes on.
―House breaks the news to Wilson and the team.

House, M.D.’s seventh season premiered September 20, 2010. It had a total of 10.54 million U.S. viewers.[1]

House and Cuddy attempt to make a real relationship work and face the question as to whether their new relationship will affect House’s ability to diagnose patients. [2] Meanwhile, Remy Hadley takes personal leave and her position is eventually taken over by a bright young medical student, Martha M. Masters [3](Amber Tamblyn)[4], whose only fault is that she’s not quite qualified as a physician. Also, Cuddy’s mother (Candice Bergen) and sister (Paula Marshall) show up for the first time in the series [5][6] A story-arc featuring House on the road over a series of episodes was scrapped by David Shore, bringing him back from working on a reboot of The Rockford Files to rework the rest of the season. Furthermore, FOX requested that one more episode be created for the season, bringing the total number of episodes to 23.[7] Near the end of the season, Remy Hadley returns as Masters departs from the hospital. What’s more, most if not all of the intimate relationships of the characters blow up by the end of the season. [8][9]. In the episode Bombshells Cuddy finally breaks up with House, and the fallout of their relationship takes us to the end of the season. Although the producers hinted about “wedding bells”, the only wedding was an immigration driven marriage between House and Dominika Petrova, a young Ukrainian immigrant who needed a green card.

The season ended with the final episode Moving On on May 23, 2011. It was confirmed by Fox as of May 10, 2011, that there was a Season 8, which premiered on October 3, 2011.

House and Cuddy make their relationship public, but despite the fact that they are both happier than they have been for years, they both see problems. House is sure that Cuddy is merely hopped up on the sex and good feelings that are typical early in the relationship and that she will dump him once she realizes what she’s gotten herself into. Cuddy is sure that her supervisory role over House is either going to poison their relationship or ruin House’s medical skills, and she’s uncomfortable with many aspects of House’s past, such as the prostitute he’s still seeing for non-sexual purposes. House is also not certain he wants to have a role in Rachel Cuddy’s life and starts to balk at the responsibility, although towards the end of the season, House and Rachel seem to share a strange bond over a cartoon about pirates.

Throughout the season we see that House chooses his own interests over Cuddy until Cuddy comes down with what seems to be cancer that has metastasized, which will most likely result in her death. It is learned, though, that the tumor is benign and the metastasis was just harmless inflammation, and what was thought to be the cancer spreading was an allergy to antibiotics. Even so, Cuddy is disappointed in House for never truly being there for her, and furthermore that he decided to take Vicodin before showing up for her surgery, and thus ends her relationship with him. House returns not only to his Vicodin habit, but also appears to lose his interest in even the medical puzzles he once found fulfillment in solving.

Thirteen arranges personal leave and the team decides she’s off to Rome for experimental treatment for her Huntington’s. However, when she doesn’t appear on the clinic’s patient list, they realize she’s disappeared without a trace. A year later, however, House has figured out that Thirteen has been in jail for the past six months, and therefore goes to meet her the day she was due to be released. On their road trip, Thirteen and House catch up, with House continually trying to deduce why she was in jail despite claiming down to excessive prescribing. After a hard reveal by House that Cuddy and him were an item and currently aren’t, Thirteen reveals that she killed a man. However, the next day, at the spud gun competition, Thirteen slips in her story by saying “us”, which then leads House to solve the puzzle and deduce that Thirteen euthanized her sibling with Huntington’s Disease, meaning the original leave was to take care of her dying brother. Even so, House allows her in on the case he was on during the road trip, and to the team’s surprise, Thirteen solves the case for them. Afterward, House promises to be there to euthanize Thirteen when the time comes in her own battle with Huntington’s.

While Thirteen is absent, Cuddy insists that House hire a new female to replace her for the time being, but when House fires the initial new fellows, Cuddy sticks him with a bright young medical student, Martha M. Masters. This leads to various collisions of personalities when Masters reveals herself to be rather intelligent academically, rather awkward socially, and very persistent about telling the truth. However, her nature tends to lead to contradictions in thought and action, as evidenced when she allows herself to break the rules by falling for a patient while chiding House for using narcotics while on duty and on the hospital’s premises. Despite this push and pull, House finally offers Masters a job when she graduates medical school, only to yank it away when she refuses to hand in a log book with a lumbar puncture she didn’t actually perform as a final test from House. However, after doing one more case with House and bending ethics to save her patient, Masters decides to re-evaluate her decision to become a surgeon and to see if she can’t truly excel.

Chase deals with his estrangement from Cameron by engaging in promiscuous sex. After he‘s pranked by a woman who he passed over, and Masters confronts him over his behavior, Chase decides to try celibacy with mixed results.

On the other hand, Wilson seems to be rebuilding his relationship with Sam Carr, only for it to fall apart after a misunderstanding between them over an issue regarding some of her patient files which Wilson feels were falsified but Sam insists were honest mistakes. Wilson decides to fix it by taking in a diabetic cat, and although he was taken out to a bar by House, he finds that he is not ready to date yet.

Feeling that he is a continuing disappointment, Taub divorces his wife. Thrown out of his home, he builds a relationship with Eric Foreman and moves into Foreman‘s spare room. However, when Taub starts dating both a beautiful young CNA, Ruby, and his ex-wife, his life is complicated beyond belief when both women get pregnant.

Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
1. “Now What? September 20, 2010 10.54

Plot: After admitting their deep attraction for each other, both House and Cuddy try to get away from the pressures of the hospital by spending the day together without being distracted by what is going on at the hospital. Meanwhile, due to a colleague’s illness, Princeton Plainsboro is left without a neurosurgeon on site, threatening the hospital’s accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center. House works to keep this information from reaching Cuddy as the team attempts treatment to get their sick colleague back to work. When they discover there is more to the illness than they originally suspected House remains elusive, leaving the team on its own.

NUP 141009 00141(2)
2. “Selfish September 27, 2010 10.18

Plot: When Della (Alyson Stoner), a seemingly healthy and active 14-year-old, suddenly collapses during a skateboarding exhibition, House and his team struggle to diagnose her condition and reassure her parents who already have to cope with their son’s terminal illness. After her body rejects a donor lung, and with time running out to save her life, Della’s family is left with little hope of securing a new donor and faced with a seemingly impossible decision regarding the fate of both children. Meanwhile, House tries to appease an elderly father and his son at the clinic, and House and Cuddy begin to face the challenges of taking their romantic relationship into the workplace.

3. “Unwritten October 4, 2010 10.78

Plot: When Alice Tanner (Amy Irving), the author of a popular children’s book series, inexplicably suffers from a seizure moments before an attempt to take her own life, the Princeton-Plainsboro team faces the challenges of evaluating both her underlying medical conditions, as well as her unstable psychological state. Unable to diagnose Alice, House becomes particularly motivated, as he’s a fan of her books, and is convinced that the key to unlocking the mysteries of Alice’s condition lies in the pages of her most recent novel. Meanwhile, House takes Cuddy on a double date with Wilson and his girlfriend, Sam (guest star Cynthia Watros), and makes a discovery that proves that life imitates art as the couple continues to make compromises in order to make their relationship work.

4. “Massage Therapy October 11, 2010 9.69

Plot: When a patient named Margaret McPherson is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after suffering severe and uncontrollable vomiting, House and the team make unexpected discoveries about her identity as they assess her symptoms. When the symptoms don’t improve, the team looks to the patient’s medical history to unearth more about her past. Meanwhile, House gives Chase’s new hire a cold welcome, and a visit from House’s massage therapist forces House and Cuddy to confront the reservations in their relationship.

5. “Unplanned Parenthood October 18, 2010 9.65

Plot: A newborn baby is in deep distress and nothing the neo-natal intensive care unit does seems to help. However, when the baby’s health cycles from better to worse, the team starts to realize that the real problem may be elsewhere. Meanwhile, House’s first attempt to babysit Rachel Cuddy turns into a disaster when it appears that his negligence places Rachel’s health at risk, and he must monitor her constantly to insure Cuddy doesn’t find out about it. The hunt for Thirteen’s replacement continues with House rejecting Foreman’s choice out of hand just to make sure Foreman’s authority is only illusory. When the task of hiring a replacement falls to Taub, he tries to manipulate the master manipulator to try to convince House it was his idea to hire a new pediatrician.

6. “Office Politics November 8, 2010 9.63

Plot: When a campaign manager falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis in the midst of an election race, the team must look to the managers candidate and his surprising announcement to solve the case. Meanwhile, Cuddy forces House to hire a new female fellow, one who has past connection with Taub. Chase enjoys watching Masters get insulted by House. Taub also tires of Foreman’s insults about his age and challenges him to a game of basketball. Taub loses to Foreman 7-11 but Foreman realizes that Taub‘s sudden concern about his age is misdirected anger against Masters. Chase, Foreman and Taub get caught breaking into a patient’s home and get arrested, leaving House alone with Masters to try to work out a treatment plan.

7. “A Pox on Our House November 15, 2010 10.77

Plot: A girl is admitted with symptoms that appear to indicate smallpox, and the CDC institutes a lockdown. However, House is skeptical. When the doctor in charge forbids House’s team from diagnosing, Masters believes he has an ulterior motive. House, convinced he is right, he breaks quarantine, seemingly at the risk of his own life. Meanwhile, Wilson and Sam re-examine their relationship while treating a young chemotherapy patient. House worries that Cuddy has uncovered his deception with a previous patient and the effect it will have on his relationship.

8. “Small Sacrifices November 22, 2010 9.24

Plot: A patient is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after re-enacting the Crucifixion. The team finds the diagnosis, but the treatment will test the patient‘s faith. House, Cuddy, Sam, Wilson, and the team attend the Chairman of the Board‘s wedding, and Wilson’s relationship with Sam unexpectedly changes, while Taub questions his wife’s friendship with a member of her infidelity support group. After getting caught up in another lie, House can’t convince Cuddy that “work lies” should be treated differently from “relationship lies” and instead has to try to convince Cuddy that she will lie to serve her own purposes when it suits her.

9. “Larger than Life January 17, 2011 10.52

Plot: The team treat a man who collapsed after selflessly saving a fellow commuter who had fallen on railway tracks. House is sure that the man’s selflessness is a symptom of a much deeper condition, while Masters insists that anyone is capable of a random act of heroism and focuses instead on the more prosaic symptoms, fighting with House all the while about the proper way of going about the diagnosis. Meanwhile, House’s hypochondriac clinic patient turns out to be Cuddy’s Mom and he finds himself at a loss for words when he’s required to sit in on Cuddy’s birthday dinner with her mother and Wilson.

49774 1309716449989 full
10. “Carrot or Stick January 24, 2011 10.45

Plot: An instructor at a military style detention camp collapses. The team is stumped until one of the teenagers at the camp is admitted with similar symptoms and the team finds something else they have in common. Meanwhile, Chase’s womanizing seems to catch up with him when embarrassing photos show up on a social networking site and he desperately tracks down his recent encounters to find out who is responsible. House starts to seem genuinely concerned about Rachel Cuddy when Lisa Cuddy starts worrying about whether Rachel will get into a prestigious pre-school, so House starts coaching Rachel to improve her chances.

11. “Family Practice February 7, 2011 12.33

Plot: Cuddy’s mother Arlene is back, and Cuddy insists that House deal with her mother’s recent symptoms by coming up with a diagnosis that will satisfy her. Cuddy forbids House from relying on a diagnosis of psychosomatic illness. However, House wonders if Arlene’s condition is related to the fact that when they last met, she accepted that she had drunk enough alcohol to pass out. Meanwhile, Arlene reveals that she has had a lengthy affair with a married man that she has frequently discussed with Julia but kept from Lisa, leaving Lisa to wonder how close her relationship to her mother really is. However, when Mother Cuddy throws House off of her case, House must play on the fears of his entire team in order to make one desperate stab at treating her. Meanwhile, it appears Taub has found a way to earn a little extra money.

63065 1278166072174 full
12. “You Must Remember This February 14, 2011 9.86

Plot: When a waitress (guest star Tina Holmes) with a perfect memory suffers temporary paralysis, her older sister (Claire Rankin) visits her in the hospital, which triggers high stress levels and even more health complications. The patient’s sharp memory proves detrimental when a grudge she’s been holding against her sibling gets in the way of receiving proper medical treatment, and Masters discovers that patching a broken sisterhood may prove to be more complex than diagnosing the patient. Meanwhile, Foreman volunteers to help Taub prepare for a make-up exam for his pathology boards, but wonders how Taub failed an examination on work he performs every day. House, determined to help Wilson get back in the dating scene, discovers Wilson’s secret new companion.

13. “Two Stories February 21, 2011 10.41

Plot: Cuddy’s attraction to House has worn a bit thin and when he behaves as usual Cuddy tells him she’s fed up with his selfishness. In an attempt to do a good deed, House agrees to attend a career day at an exclusive private school and proceeds to tell various medical stories of questionable accuracy to the children. In the process, House also pokes fun at various cultural references, such as the movie “A Few Good Men” and “Pulp Fiction.” However, the experience for everyone involved soon starts to resemble a disaster movie of epic proportions. House winds up in the principal’s office with a young couple who want to know about why House’s relationship with Cuddy is suffering. However, despite the disaster at career day, House comes out of it with a new appreciation for how important Cuddy is to him. In the middle of all this, the team tries to treat a patient with increasingly severe breathing problems and are hampered by House’s distraction with his relationship problems.

14. “Recession Proof February 28, 2011 11.01

Plot: Cuddy wins an award and wants House to attend the presentation and seemingly will go to any length to make sure he shows up. However, it appears House has plans to make the award ceremony a night to remember. The team treat a patient who even ultra-trusting Martha Masters thinks is being dishonest, and it turns out he has lied to his wife that he has given up a lucrative job in real estate for blue collar work. Although his initial symptoms appear to be explained by occupational exposure, when he takes a turn for the worse House has to decide whether his relationship or his patients are more important. New roommates Foreman and Taub try to settle into a routine, but wind up getting on each other‘s nerves. Chase starts to push Masters about her naiveté and inexperience, but Masters stars pushing back at Chase’s womanizing and lack of respect for women and in the end, they wind up teaching each other an important lesson.

15. “Bombshells March 7, 2011 11.08

Plot: House treats a teenager who coughs up blood during a basketball game, but he’s distracted when Cuddy has symptoms of her own and has to go through her own diagnosis. The character’s hopes, fears and aspirations start playing out as fantasies and dreams. When Cuddy’s prognosis gets worse, House can‘t bring himself to face her until he turns to an “old friend.”

16. “Out of the Chute March 14, 2011 10.41

Plot: House has to deal with both his breakup with Cuddy and his return to his Vicodin habit, both of which quickly become known to his team. He deals with his problem by checking into a hotel and ordering a steady stream of booze, Vicodin and prostitutes. Wilson tries to pick up the pieces and once again suggests they start living together. The team is left alone to treat the victim of a rodeo accident who also has an underlying neurological problem. Foreman once again tries to assert his authority over the other fellows, only to see Chase once again push back. Masters has to come to terms with both her astonishment that House is openly allowed to use narcotics while working at the hospital and her sexual attraction to the patient.

17. “Fall from Grace March 21, 2011 9.49

Plot: A homeless man with history of drug abuse is admitted to hospital with burns and scars on his chest. Meanwhile, House presents to the team to a woman called Dominika played by Karolina Wydra, who appears to be his fiance. As the patient gets worse, the team must find his history in order to understand his situation. On the other hand, Cuddy reveals her guilt to Wilson about breaking up with House.

18. “The Dig April 11, 2011 8.93

Plot: House finds out that as part of her “leave of absence” Thirteen spent the last half of it in jail. House finds out she pled guilty to a charge of excessive prescribing, but realizes that she was charged with another crime and wants to know what she really did. Thirteen puts up her usual wall of privacy and shuts him out. In an attempt to bring her out, he keeps her away from the hospital by enlisting her skills in controlled combustion to help build a championship calibre “spud gun” to beat one of House’s younger rivals who has won the contest for several years running. While House is away, the team treats a science teacher with a respiratory problem who is a hoarder, and finds something even more interesting hidden in the hoard. Foreman is astounded when Taub starts dating a beautiful woman half his age, is even more astounded when Taub stands her up, and is entirely shocked when he finds out why.

19. “Last Temptation April 18, 2011 8.80

Plot: Martha M. Masters has finally reached her goal of completing medical school, but now she is faced with an unexpected choice. House has posted an opening on his team for an intern, but all the candidates realize that House doesn’t want an intern, he wants Masters. Instead of continuing on her original path to be a surgeon, Masters decides to accept the unique opportunity to be on House’s team. Her first case is a 16 year old girl who gets sick just before she plans to leave on a solo circumnavigation of the world. In the patient, Masters sees another person who excelled at a very young age, and Masters starts to look to the patient for career advice. The patient’s parents see the illness as only a small blip on their daughter’s plans and keep acting as if her increasingly severe illness is only a minor hurdle to their daughter’s ambitious goals. This leads to a bold move on Masters’ part when she makes a decision that not even House sees coming regarding their patient’s treatment. Meanwhile, Thirteen gets her license back, but to cover for her, House says she‘s been in rehab. House and Wilson have a bet to see who will be the first to “chicken out”.

20. “Changes May 2, 2011 8.57

Plot: Arlene Cuddy returns and House andCuddy’s jobs are in danger when Arlene threatens to sue the hospital. Cuddy, House and Wilson decide that appeasement is the best course of action, but when they take a conciliatory approach, Arlene’s demands for compensation keep escalating. Meanwhile, House and the team treat a recent lottery winner who has reunited with an old girlfriend who Thirteen thinks is just interested in the patient’s new found wealth.

21. “The Fix May 9, 2011 7.94

Plot: House and Wilson bet on a boxing match, but after the fight, Wilson insists he’s won because he’s backed the fighter who was given the decision. However, House refuses to pay up because he claims the fight was fixed. Wilson gives him one day to prove he’s right or pay up. House goes to the losing fighter to look for clues and winds up trying to restore the fighter’s career instead. This leaves the team to deal with the case of a missile scientist who is suffering from mysterious symptoms, leaving the team to believe that House is hooked on a new drug.

22. “After Hours May 16, 2011 8.92

Plot: A woman Thirteen knew in prison shows up at her apartment in need of urgent medical attention. However, the friend is running from the police and if she goes to the hospital, she will be going back to jail. She turns to Chase for help. Meanwhile, House finds out the compound that has restored the muscle in his leg has been causing tumors in the rats its been tested on. Meanwhile, Taub deals with a natural but unexpected side effect of his relationship with Ruby, the young CNA.

23. “Moving On May 23, 2011 9.11

Plot: Well-known performance artist Afsoun Hamidi (guest star Shohreh Aghdashloo) is admitted to the hospital. House is intrigued enough to take her case even though he’s confined to a hospital bed. When the team learns that her symptoms may have been self-inflicted as part of a documentary for her latest performance piece, and later find evidence that the patient has been doing research on House, they begin to question whether treatments are necessary and if they are unwittingly participating in the creation of a piece of her art. Meanwhile, Cuddy’s insistence that House deal with the fallout of their break-up prompts House to do something very unexpected, a move that could change his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson permanently.



Season Eight
Season Eight, Episodes 156 – 177 (+1 special)
House KeyArt 600110901085111
Season Premiere October 3, 2011
Season Finale May 21, 2012
Season Guide
Season Seven
Season8 poster 3

The eighth and final season of House premiered on October 3, 2011 and ended on May 21, 2012. This season starts with House in jail after the events of “Moving On”. It is also the only season not to feature Lisa Cuddy at all. Other important events that happened in this season were Thirteen’s departure from the team, the addition of two new fellows, Wilson’s disease among others.

Returning characters for this season include House’s wife, Dominika Petrova, his favourite prostitute, Emily, and almost all the main/guest characters that left the show.


Fox Television announced on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, that House, M.D. would be renewed for its eighth season for 2011-2012. Fox and the show’s producers NBC Universal were at an impasse over responsibility for continuing production costs of the series, but those issues were finally settled. NBC Universal had already agreed to extend Fox’s option to pick up the series to April 15, 2011, but that date passed without an agreement having been reached. However, Fox was getting ready to announce its fall schedule and any further delay would have meant scheduling difficulties once the fall season started if it did not find a replacement series.


Production of Season 8 was somewhat delayed and the season did not begin airing until October 3, 2011. Part of the issue was that without a firm deal to continue the series, NBC Universal only had Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde under contract to appear in any following season. However, shortly after Fox’s announcement, Robert Sean Leonard, Peter Jacobson, and Omar Epps agreed to new contracts. Jesse Spencer was in negotiations longer, but finally agreed to a new contract. However, Lisa Edelstein announced she would not be returning and instead joined the cast of The Good Wife.

In early 2012, it was confirmed that this season was House’s last, and it would have a “swan song” episode (a two hour finale consisting of a retrospective and the series finale). The finale was co-written and directed by series creator David Shore. The last few episodes focused heavily on a Hilson story line. Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn, Anne Dudek, Sela Ward, Amber Tamblyn, and Jennifer Morrison also returned for the finale.

Among the story threads that were picked up from Season 7 were:

New plot points developed from the beginning of the season were:

  • House serving time in prison for his various misdeeds. His absence lasts about one year: long enough for things to really be shaken up at Princeton-Plainsboro.
  • House is eventually released on strict conditions, meaning if he screws up, Foreman can have him sent back to jail to serve out the rest of his sentence.
  • House meets his new fellow to be, Jessica Adams, while in prison and brings her onto his team after his release.
  • The shape of the team forms into something completely different, marking the biggest shift since Season 4. Both Dr. Adams and Charlyne Yi’s new character Dr. Chi Park become fellows.
  • It appears Thirteen moves off the team at least temporarily, and Olivia Wilde leaves the series to pursue other career options.

House starts the year in prison, serving out a long term for his various misdeeds in Moving On. However, it turns out that he didn’t even try to get a lesser sentence and took a one-year term without complaint. He blows a chance for early parole in order to prove a fellow patient’s diagnosis. Although he plans to withdraw from the practice of medicine, it appears the real co-dependent relationship is between House and the hospital. With House looking at serving at least another six months, the new Dean of Medicine, Eric Foreman approaches House with an offer to return to work.

House accepts the offer and gets out of prison, eventually reconnecting with a doctor who worked in the infirmary who he’s made unemployable, Jessica Adams. With one new team member established, he soon meets a bright but timid resident, Chi Park, and adds her to his growing entourage of no-cost doctors as well. He receives a cold welcome from James Wilson, but after a cathartic punch to the nose, the two men reconnect.

However, all is not well at the hospital. House is put on a short leash, and the hospital lacks the funding to provide him with a proper team. Park is his only employee, and House must convince Adams and other doctors to donate their services to help him. House seeks out wealthy patients who can provide him with funding, but the rest of the hospital staff is also working to push House to return to his bad behavior so that Foreman will have to fire him, resulting in House’s return to jail.

House gets the money to re-fund his department by pawning a piece of hospital equipment to bet on the market. He also helps Park avoid getting fired for hitting her previous boss. Chase eagerly returns, and even Taub prefers the excitement of saving lives to the routine of fixing noses. However, House initially tries to reconnect with Thirteen, he finally sends her off with her girlfriend to live in Greece.

Taub has other problems. Both his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend are furious with him, and he’s on the hook for two child support payments and one alimony payment. Not only that, the mothers choose the names Sophie and Sophia. In addition, Rachel announces that she wants to move to Seattle with her new boyfriend Phil and take Sophia with them. After a lot of soul searching, Taub refuses.

The routine of weird cases continue until February. However, when treating a chemistry teacher, Chase and Adams are in the room when the patient suffers a psychotic break. In the melee, Chase is badly stabbed and the life-saving surgery nearly costs him the use of his legs as well. He takes a lengthy leave of absence and, when he returns, has an inappropriate relationship with a patient. When she leaves him to return to be a nun, Chase decides to return to the team.

However, it’s House soon having woman problems as his immigration wife Dominika returns from Atlantic City to tell House that the immigration authorities are coming to test whether their marriage is real. House tries to blow her off, but an offer of $30,000 if he succeeds is too much for him. Unfortunately, they blow the test, but Dominika pleads that she loves House and asks that he not be punished. Immigration gives them one more chance, but it means they have to live together for real. To House’s surprise, he enjoys spending time with Dominika and when her citizenship is granted, he keeps this knowledge from her so she will stay. Unfortunately, she discovers the deception and leaves him.

As for the other woman in his life, House works through some issues with his mother. She shows up in Princeton with her new fiance, Thomas Bell, a man who House has believed for forty years was his biological father. At a cathartic dinner, House reveals his immigration wife (which Bell supports given the U.S. immigration system) and his stint in prison (which his mother knew about from reading the Princeton newspapers). She also admits she and Bell got married shortly after John House died. House finally confronts her about Bell, and she admits she deceived both of them. After the initial shock, Bell reaches out to House. However, Wilson is too tempted and tests Bell’s DNA – he’s not House’s biological father either.

At the end of the series, it’s House’s most important relationship at stake when James Wilson reveals he has inoperable cancer. Despite being an oncologist, he rejects the conventional therapy for his thymoma and instead gets House to agree to try a short course of radical chemotherapy in order to shrink the tumor and make it operable. Wilson survives the treatment, but it doesn’t work – the tumor remains inoperable, meaning that without treatment, Wilson will survive no longer than five months and, even with treatment, three years would be an exceptional lifespan.

Given the options of spending two years in and out of hospitals or six months in fairly good health doing what he wants, Wilson opts not to accept treatment. House is furious and the men go back and forth on the matter, with Wilson changing his mind throughout. Eventually, House comes to terms with Wilson’s choice and the two start to plan for their last few months together. At that point, Foreman drops a bombshell – because of a disastrous prank, House has to go back to jail for the next six months.

Meanwhile, with House spending more time with Wilson, the team find themselves increasingly on their own. Chase starts to take the lead on the team, but when they treat one of his rivals, a doctor who was also up for the fellowship Chase received, Chase begins to re-examine his life and decides to leave the team at the end of the case. Finally realizing that he doesn’t have to be exactly like House to be a great doctor, he starts using his own strengths and solves yet another case. Foreman offers him a promotion to stay, but Chase feels that he has to get out of House’s shadow once and for all and leaves the hospital.

With prison looming, House hatches a number of crazy schemes in an attempt to stay out of jail long enough to be with Wilson during the last months of his life. However, when they all fail, he comes up with the craziest scheme yet – faking his own death. This one works and he has the pleasure of texting Wilson during his own funeral to tell him to shut up. The two men head off on motorcycles to enjoy the rest of Wilson’s life and House’s death.

  • Eric Foreman remains as Dean of Medicine of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He finds House’s name badge steadying his wobbly table and starts to realize the truth.
  • Robert Chase is made head of Princeton-Plainsboro’s diagnostic department. Jessica Adams and Chi Park stay on as his fellows.
  • Allison Cameron goes back to her husband and child and running an emergency department in Chicago.
  • Chris Taub reconciles with the mothers of his children so he can spend more time with his daughters.
  • Remy Hadley remains with her girlfriend Amy.
  • James Wilson and Gregory House ride off on motorcycles together, both facing inevitable death, but in different ways.

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Notable Guest StarsEdit

Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
1. “Twenty Vicodin October 3, 2011 9.78

Plot: Gregory House is serving out a lengthy prison sentence for his various misdeeds in Moving On, including his trip outside the country in an attempt to escape responsibility. Entirely cut off from his old life, House determines his current problems are the result of his inability to deal with people. Feeling he will never be able to practice medicine again, he plans instead to go back to university to earn a doctorate in physics – a field that will all but assure his isolation from other human beings. As expected, House has great difficulty getting along with his fellow inmates, but does find his “one friend”, an elderly prisoner who shares a fondness for chess. After one year, he’s unable to bring himself to apologize for his conduct, show respect to the parole board, or cooperate with the prison system. However, due to prison overcrowding conditions, the parole board sees him as a candidate for early release as long as he can stay out of trouble for five days. This faint hope may turn out to be pointless. First, he meets a fellow prisoner with a mysterious medical condition, and convinces a doctor he has met working in the infirmary that with her help he can figure out what is wrong with the man. Second, one of the prison gangs makes it clear to him that he will not get out in one piece unless he delivers something within his control to them as an “exit fee” before he’s released. In the end, House must walk a fragile path to save the patient, avoid trouble, and still walk away with his relationship with the pretty doctor intact.

2. “Transplant October 10, 2011 6.85

Plot: Thanks to his bad behavior, House is serving the remainder of his original remaining four months with another eight tacked on. However, a surprising visitor makes House an offer he can’t refuse by giving him the opportunity for conditional release and return to the Princeton Plainsboro team to treat a unique patient in order to save the life of an organ recipient being treated by Wilson. Out of prison and back at PPTH, House is working in medicine again, but is put on a very short leash with a tiny office, a limited supply of Vicodin, and the constant threat of return to prison. Although House finds himself back on familiar ground, he quickly realizes that much has changed since he left – Chase, Taub and Thirteen have all left for greener pastures. For his “team”, House is forced to work on the case with smart yet timid resident Dr. Chi Park (Charlyne Yi). After several inconclusive treatments and with time running out, House and Dr. Park are left with one last option to examine the patient’s medical history that could compromise House’s conditional agreement with the hospital. Will a man who, without a second thought, took an extra eight months in prison in order to prove himself right really abide by the restrictions, or has he learned his lesson at last? Meanwhile, House makes an effort to reconnect with Wilson despite a cold reception.

3. “Charity Case October 17, 2011 8.34

Plot: When a philanthropist collapses after making a rare and generous donation, House isn’t the only one who believes the man’s extreme generosity is a symptom of a deep underlying condition. House reconnects with Jessica Adams by convincing her to donate her time and expertise to the case. In addition, House manages to dragThirteen back, but when House tries to enlist her help as well, he finds out he’s not the only one who has considered a career change in the last year. However, as the patient gets worse, he becomes determined to sacrifice his own life to save someone else, and the team must race to find out what is wrong with him before he ends his own life. Meanwhile, Adams and Park test each other’s outlook about generosity. Thirteen tries to determine whether her own happiness should mean that she should throw away her medical career.

4. “Risky Business October 31, 2011 6.65

Plot: A CEO falls mysteriously ill just days before he signs a contract that would relocate his company’s entire labor force to China. In a bid to restore funding to his department, House attempts to make an underhanded business transaction with his wealthy patient. However, when the patient’s condition worsens, the team must work around the clock to save his life. Meanwhile, Park (Charlyne Yi) prepares for her hearing with the Princeton Plainsboro Disciplinary Committee chaired by Foreman (Omar Epps), but it soon becomes clear to her that House’s concerns for her future are based solely on the bet he has placed against her. Adams’ (Odette Annable) outlook on her patient’s business venture reveals her deeper feelings about loyalty. Meanwhile, House must once again contemplate an important choice – risk going back to prison or letting orthopaedics get away with pranking him.

5. “The Confession November 7, 2011 7.55

Plot: Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica) guest stars as a man who “suddenly collapses, and in the process of diagnosing his symptoms, the team discovers that he has been hiding dark secrets and lying about his personal and professional life… But when he openly confesses his wrongdoings to his family and community, he compromises his chances of receiving the proper medical treatment that could save his life.”

6. “Parents November 14, 2011 6.63

Plot: A patient who wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps as an entertainer is admitted with partial paralysis. As they look for a bone marrow match, the team discovers a disturbing family secret. Meanwhile, House looks for creative ways to remove his ankle monitor so that he can attend a boxing match in Atlantic City. John Scurti plays a patient convinced he is suffering from diabetes. Taub faces a major decision when his ex-wife Rachel announces she plans on moving across country with their daughter.

7. “Dead & Buried November 21, 2011 7.46

Plot: A 14-year-old patient is admitted with what appears to just be severe teenage angst, but the team grows concerned over her increasingly worsening symptoms. However, despite Foreman’s objections, House is instead obsessed with solving the case of a deceased four-year-old, landing in serious trouble. Meanwhile, Park tries to get Chase to admit the reason behind his recent obsession with grooming.

8. “Perils of Paranoia November 28, 2011 7.41

Plot: A district attorney appears to suffer from a heart attack while cross-examining a witness. The initial diagnosis is hyper-anxiety, but the team finds an arsenal at the patient’s home and start to believe that his extreme paranoia is a physical symptom. Wilson becomes convinced that House is hiding something at 221B Baker Street, which leads to an epic battle of wits between the two men. Park tries to be more social with her workmates, while Taub and Chase wonder why Foreman hasn’t had a romantic relationship in a while.

Better Half
9. “Better Half January 23, 2012 8.76

Plot: While in the hospital for an Alzheimer’s disease drug trial, the patient starts suffering from severe vomiting and increasingly explosive temper. As the case proceeds, it becomes clear to the team that there is more conflict in the patient’s marriage than either spouse is willing to let on. Meanwhile, Wilson treats a woman who claims to be in a chaste marriage and House becomes obsessed with proving her lack of interest in sex has an organic cause. House and Foreman literally play mind games over House‘s case and the subject of House‘s ankle monitor.

10. “Runaways January 30, 2012 8.73

Plot: A teen Jane Doe (Bridgit Mendler) needs treatment requiring adult consent, but claims she is fleeing an abusive household. House and Adams debate whether to call Social Services, and Wilson soon realizes that House’s interest in the patient isn’t just professional, but personal. When the patient’s mother shows up, it turns out the relationship is far more complicated than the team could have anticipated. Meanwhile, Taub can’t connect with his infant daughters and House threatens to exploit Foreman’s relationship with Anita.

11. “Nobody’s Fault February 6, 2012 7.09

Plot: After a patient suffers a psychotic break and nearly kills a hospital staff member while being treated for by House, House’s career and freedom are in jeopardy and his fate is in the hands of New York Mercy Hospital’s head of neurology Dr. Walter Cofield – a famous neurosurgeon who was once Foreman’s mentor. However, the question becomes whether the fault was in House’s unorthodox methods or the behavior of the other treating physicians. In the end, Dr. Cofield must balance House’s results against the dangers of his methods and determine whether House must be stopped. The outcome is far from clear when House’s most loyal fellow comes to believe that the boss is the one to blame.

12. “Chase February 13, 2012 7.16

Plot: Chase refuses to return to work after his injury and takes advantage of House’s guilt over the matter to defy his attempts to get him to return to the hospital. However, when he returns for clinic duty, he meets a young woman about to take her vows. He finds his religious faith rushing into the void left by his loss of faith in House. As he gets closer to the patient, Chase continuously criticises House’s methods, reputation and claims of objectivity as they disagree about the treatment of the patient. No longer is the fight about who has the right diagnosis, but instead the battlefield shifts to whether Cofield was right about House’s abusive manner and recklessness and whether House’s results are justified by the way he pursues his diagnoses and treats his subordinates. Chase and House finally come to a fundamental disagreement about the patient that may finally end Chase’s reputation as House’s “yes man” but also brings House’s reputation under broader scrutiny.

13. “Man of the House February 20, 2012 7.08

Plot:House treats a marriage expert who collapses during a seminar. However, as the patient gets worse, so do his feelings about the institution he’s an expert on. House’s attention is focused on his own “marriage” when his green-card wife Dominika returns in order to prove to the immigration authorities that she and House are in a “bona fide” marriage. Faced with jail for House and deportation for Dominika, this turns into a crash course in which both will learn a little something about love and marriage while they learn about each other. House also decides to formally appoint one of his fellows as the team leader and delights when their competitive behavior disrupts their growing camaraderie.

House.S08E14.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-POD.mkv snapshot 20.07 2012.02.28 09.08.14
14. “Love is Blind February 27, 2012 5.94

Plot: A blind man (Michael B. Jordan) starts suffering from a mysterious illness just before he’s about to propose to his girlfriend. As his condition worsens, the team finds a way to save him, but the patient feels that the side effects of the cure would be worse than death. Meanwhile, House’s mother will visit the hospital to tell her son some important news. However, House appears to be insistent on avoiding her and a discussion of the past year of his life at all costs. When Wilson thinks she’s there to break some very bad news, he makes it clear that he won’t put up with House’s behavior any longer. House finally goes to see his mother, but finds something that both strikes him silent but ties his life together.

Hlf whistle-006
15. “Blowing the Whistle April 2, 2012 6.67

Plot: House treats a sick soldier who is under heavy guard because he has leaked a video of a military massacre. Meanwhile, Wilson and the team start to believe House’s Vicodin use has caused permanent damage and wonder whether Foreman should be told.

Gut Check
16. “Gut Check April 9, 2012 6.01

Plot: Wilson finds out he has something in common with Thomas Bell. Park moves in with Chase.

We Need the Eggs
17. “We Need the Eggs April 16, 2012 5.61

Plot: House and the team take on the case of a man, Henry, who starts tearing up blood. Meanwhile, House is interviewing for a new favorite hooker, since his current favorite, Emily, has decided to get married and leave the business. However, Wilson wants House to concentrate on Dominika instead. Instead, desperate for Emily’s “companionship,” House teams up with Dominika to sabotage Emily’s budding relationship. Meanwhile, Park is considering a new relationship as well (with guest star Patrick Stump).

18. “Body and Soul April 23, 2012 6.49

Plot: The team treats a young Asian boy whose grandfather is convinced he has been possessed by an evil spirit. House, after hiding from Dominika the fact that she’s received her citizenship and is free to leave him, has to confront his feelings for her and the sudden increased intimacy of their relationship. However, it appears that Dominika may have been keeping things from House as well. Speaking of intimacy, Park and Chase start having dreams about each other and those spill out into the dynamic between the team members.

19. “The C Word April 30, 2012 6.45

Plot: When the team takes on the case of Emily, a six-year-old girl who has numerous preexisting health problems, they must work with her mother Elizabeth, who is a doctor who specializes in her daughter’s condition. The team must also deal with the battles raging between Emily’s mother and father who have conflicting views on how to handle her health issues. When searching the family’s home for clues to Emily’s illness, the team realizes that Elizabeth’s determination to cure her daughter could be the very thing that is killing her. Meanwhile, House and Wilson deal with Wilson’s stage two cancer at House’s apartment. Wilson feels that going forward with the more radical treatments first would be the best way to deal with it instead of dying a slow death, and this puts his life in jeopardy.

House - 8x20 - Post Mortem27 Promotional Photo (3)
20. “Post Mortem May 7, 2012 6.09

Plot: The team takes on the case of Dr. Peter Treiber (guest star Jamie Elman), a pathologist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital who knows too much about the hospital staff to trust any of the physicians. The only person he does respect is House. Wilson has decided not to wait around Princeton-Plainsboro for his test results. He buys a new car and convinces House, by threatening to drug him and take him along anyway, to go on an unannounced road trip with him. Leaving their phones behind, this results in House’s “mysterious” disappearance. House decides to take advantage of Wilson’s condition to get some sympathy from the people they meet. With House in absentia, the team has to figure out how to treat Treiber while making him believe that House is calling all the shots. It becomes even more difficult when it turns out that the patient has a grudge against Chase, and this just forces Chase to confront his own choices in life.

21. “Holding On May 14, 2012 6.45

Plot: The team takes on the case of Derrick (guest star Skylar Astin), a 19-year-old college student who had a mysterious nose bleed during cheerleading practice, and discovers that his health issues are likely both physiological and psychological. Possibly suffering from schizophrenia, Derrick claims to hear his deceased brother’s voice in his head. Wilson becomes resigned to his fate, but House does not. Meanwhile, Foreman tries a different approach with House. All this results in House showing atypical behavior, even for him.

22A. “Swan Song May 21, 2012 8.72

Plot: In a retrospective episode, we take a look at how the show was produced, with Hugh Laurie as the guide through the complexity and the series’ success over the eight years it lasted.

22B. “Everybody Dies May 21, 2012 8.72

Plot: House is remarkably upbeat, even though it’s probably the last day of his freedom. His treatment of a drug addict patient (guest star James LeGros) results in House examining his life, his future and his own personal demons.

Major EventsEdit

  • Twenty Vicodin: House has been in prison for a year and the parole committee says they will give him early release in 5 days if he can stay out of trouble. While in prison, House meets Jessica Adams. After risking his parole to save a patient, House’s parole is revoked and he is sentenced to another 8 months in prison.
  • Transplant: After 2 more months, House is visited by the new Dean of Medicine, Eric Foreman, who gets him out of prison on parole in order to save a patient. When House returns to the hospital, he realizes that his world has completely changed: Chase, Taub, and Thirteen have all moved on with their lives, and he must work with Chi Park to treat the patient. The hospital does not have the budget to provide him with a full team. During their first conversation, Wilson tells House they are no longer friends. However, by the end of the episode, Wilson punches House and tells him he’ll bring dinner to his place at 8.
  • Risky Business: Park is given a minor punishment for punching her boss. House manages to re-fund his department, getting his old offices back, as well as rehiring Taub and Chase. Dr. Jessica Adams and Dr. Chi Park, who are introduced earlier, are added onto the team.
  • Dead & Buried: House gets thirty extra hours of clinic duty after solving an unauthorised case after Foreman decides not to revoke his parole.
  • Better Half: Foreman agrees to get House’s ankle tracker removed.
  • Nobody’s Fault: Chase is stabbed after a patient suffers a psychotic break while undergoing one of House’s diagnostic trials. House takes part in a disciplinary hearing to decide what his punishment would be after Chase is stabbed. Dr. Walter Cofield declares the stabbing was nobody’s fault. Chase temporarily leaves the team after a clot causes temporary paralysis in his legs. He requires rehabilitation.
  • Chase: Chase sleeps with one of his patients, a nun, but she leaves him after she regains her faith. Chase returns to the team.
  • Man of the House: Dominika returns as she has to prepare House for her citizenship interview, but she is nearly deported. House and Dominika have to live together to give the appearance that they are really married.
  • Love is Blind: House’s mother, Blythe, appears to tell House about her new boyfriend, Thomas Bell. House goes to visit Blythe when she and Thomas are having sex. During a cathartic dinner, House accuses Bell of being his biological father. However, a curious Wilson surreptitiously tests Bell’s DNA and rules him out as House’s father as well.
  • We Need the Eggs: Dominika’s citizenship is approved, but House hides this information from her so she will keep living with him.
  • Gut Check: Park moves in with Chase after she has a fight with her parents. Chase bonds with Park’s grandmother, Popo.
  • Body and Soul: Dominika leaves House when she finds out House hid her citizenship approval from her. Wilson reveals to House that he has cancer (Stage II Thymoma).
  • Post Mortem: House and Wilson attempt to drive to Cleveland to see the actress Julie Christie.
  • Holding On: Foreman attempts to become House’s best friend by giving him season tickets for seats together. House flushes the season tickets down the toilet in Foreman’s office, causing a massive sewage backup which shorts out the main power supply for the hospital. House’s parole is revoked due to the prank and he is told he must go back to jail for six months, most likely not being released until after Wilson dies.
  • Everybody Dies: House attempts suicide in a patient’s squat, but decides not to after seeing hallucinations of Kutner, Amber, Stacy and Cameron. The house explodes and House is declared dead. A funeral is held for him. Wilson finds out House is alive, as does Foreman soon after. House and Wilson ride off on motorcycles together.


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  • With this season, the only characters to have been main ones during the entire run of the show are: House, Foreman, Wilson and Chase. Coincidentally, they are all men.
  • First and only season without Lisa Cuddy.
  • This was the first and only season in which Blythe House appeared more than one episode.
  • It was never solved who was House’s real father.
  • It isn’t known whether Park and Chase would go on to have a relationship.


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