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Welcome to House UK – Bespoke self build or installed log cabin homes for sale, granny annexes and Scandinavian flat packed houses along with wood houses and and residential log cabins ….

 We specialist in custom made bespoke self build or installed log cabin home kits, these consist of all the elements and materials you require to construct your dream home, heartwood log walls, exterior and interior, double or triple glazed heartwood windows and doors, including roofing materials and interior wall cladding, along with all the fittings required, nuts & bolts, brackets etc.

These kits are designed especially for self-builders, although we can arrange intallation if required, they come complete with full construction drawings, it’s just a matter of matching the numbers on the logs with the numbers attached to the ends of the logs. You will need some D.I.Y. and basic building skills with these you should be able to build your own self build log cabin home. We do recommend once you have started to build the main structure you take it to the waterproof stage as soon as possible.

Average build time, depending on the size and complexity of the structure, is approx. 3 weeks to the waterproof stage. How long it takes you to complete the interior depends on many factors and how much time you spend per week, although once you have the exterior finished you can take you time on the interior, the most important factor when building a log home is to take it to the waterproof stage as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy looking through our log cabin home portfolio, please remember although you can buy these same houses you can either alter the design, inside and out,  to suit your very own design or you can ask us to quote for another of your choice.

There are many log house companies offering all kind of houses in as many different qualities, you need to consider this is going to be your home, probably for the rest of your life, you owe it to your-self to buy the best as many cheap log houses turn out to be anything but cheap.

Buy The Best – Buy a Barretts Self Build Log Home with confidence.

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Log Cabin Homes

Heartwood flat packed log home kits form part of a healthy lifestyle

The development of heartwood glulam logs has enabled many improvements in the manufacturing and construction of log cabin houses throughout the world, such as the preventing cracking and distortion of the timber and almost eliminated the settling of self build log house kits , enabling precision manufacturing techniques to be used.

One of the best features of a log houses is the breath ability, this enables the timber to breath in and out keeping the air in your log home fresh, helping to maintain a more constant temperature, thus helping to save on heating costs.

The wood used in a Barretts log cabin lodge works as a heat insulator and therefore the air in a log house is cleaner and easier to breathe, while helping to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms.

The absence of static electricity within log cabin homes also prevents the formation of dust. Allergy sufferers benefit from the clean indoor air because log houses are an excellent alternative to the dusty bricks and mortar houses we are so addicted to.


Heating Costs


The heating costs in a log house is reduced, due to the thermal ability of the wood to conserve heat and then give it back into the house in a similar way that a storage heater works.




A log house is made up of 95% renewable materials, which is more than the conventional house building industry can claim.

All the wood that goes into a log house factory is used, all the off-cuts are utilized and recycled, either to keep the factory warm during the winter or manufactured into heating fuel for sale or ground down to provide ecologically friendly insulation material for the log houses.


It’s a no brainer!


Log homes are the way forward for the building industry, governments and building control keep tinkering with insulation levels, advising people in traditional houses to seal all the cracks and crannies, before long most of these houses are going to suffer from damp because of the lack of air movement, whereas a log home controls this automatically and naturally while conserving heating costs, it’s a no brainer, it’s a win-win situation all the way!  


Bespoke designs


Wood is so versatile and beautiful if can be used in many ways, to provide you with the dream home of your choice.

We can manufacture any design of house you require, large and small, if you are a king or a prince and want a palace building or perhaps a one bedroom granny annex so you can be near to your loved ones, then we can manufacture it for you.

We have developed a flexible way to design and produce log homes, log cabins, granny annexes, swimming pools, community buildings, palaces, shops, garages, factories, the list is endless.

The interior space can also be varied indefinitely, customized to suit every taste and requirement.


Whatever your requirements or aspirations, Log cabins UK are here to help you achieve your aims and objectives with an excellent service and competitive quotations.


Log Cabin Homes

Please enjoy our Log Cabin Homes website. If you have any queries or questions

Please contact Roy on

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 Experienced Log House Builders Needed

Please contact Roy on

Tel: 01945 410 361




Finland’s beautiful forests grow weather-resistant and high-quality timber. Spruce is light and fresh and the pine is red-bodied and warm making them timeless ingredients for your new log cabin home. Enjoy a leisurely party together with your friends and family in the atmosphere of a log home, this way you can live authentically. The log cabin houses we offer is unique and inspiring and at the same time giving off a warm atmosphere. 

Wooden houses constructed from glulam logs can be passed down from generation to generation and is a sustainable choice. 


Log Range


A small bungalow or a detached house, it matters not because you can choose the thickness of the glulam logs according to your wishes. Also the appearance of your new log home can be influenced the choice of the log you choose – the thicker log, the more impressive the log cabin home. At the same time, by using a thicker log, the log insulation properties of a log house is further improved.




Do you have a plan, be it in your mind or on paper for your dream log home or log cabin home?

Just convey it to us and our design service can transform your thoughts into reality, so you dreams come true.




Our log cabin homes make it easier to breathe!

The heat and humidity of a self-ventilating breathable structure ensures a unique and pleasant indoor climate.




The wooden log is best suited for the ecological and natural values ​​of housing – all our log homes come from renewable natural resources.




Get in touch with us, either by Phone or Email, with your ideas and our team will be able to advise on the best way forward.




House-UK can put you in touch with a team of professional log house builders who will be only too pleased to construct your Log Cabin home for you. The cost of assembling will depend upon the size of the log house.


Please contact Roy on

Tel: 01945 410 361





Log Cabin Homes Delivery

At house-UK we will deliver your Log Cabin home free of charge to UK mainland addresses:

If you are outside the the UK mainland please contact us on Tel:01945 405 845. If you happen not to live in the UK and require a log cabin delivered to your site outside of the UK, you can contact us and we will arrange a special delivery direct from the manufacturer to your building site.

Log Cabin Homes Delivery

If you have any questions about log cabin homes delivery

Please contact Roy on

Tel: 01945 410 361


View our extensive selection of bespoke log cabin homes

Log cabin homes

These wooden homes are manufactured from laminated glulam logs, producing our ‘Heartwood’ homes, this combined with the traditional building trade and latest techniques, produce the best wooden home kits money can buy.

 By using special tools our log home professionals can produce high-quality ‘Heartwood’ logs, which allows the creation of unique construction masterpieces.

 This limits any twisting and cracking of the wood that may occur and controls it by using these laminated glulam ‘Heartwood’ logs in all our wooden log houses, this makes it possible to produced with precise dimensions.

Our log manufacturing uses very little energy, because of the automated production lines.

Granny Annexe

Do have a relative that need to be near to you then you may consider erecting a Granny Annex in your garden.

By choosing one of our self contained granny annexes that built in the garden separate from your main dwelling, they can have there own independence and privacy, this will give both you and them the peace of mind of being close by and within easy reach.

Within our wide range of bespoke options we are sure you will find what you are looking for to blend in with any home and garden setting

Self Build Houses

House-uk are self build house manufacturers, manufacturing leisure lodge kits, flat pack homes and self build houses these are quality bespoke kit houses that will suit both the leisure lodge and park home market.

 These self build houses come complete with all building components ready to assemble, are affordable, have low maintenance and are very comfortable

 Modern heartwood gluelam log cabin homes offer an ideal environmentally friendly alternative to conventional construction systems, being manufactured from sustainable

forests in northern Scandinavian. 

 The design portfolio provides different sizes of log homes, both for sloping and level ground plots.

 Cabins for the holiday trade can be provided in any shape or design to suit your particular need.

 The floor area marked by each floor plan can be altered to suit..



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