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Designer Plus
* Free off-the-shelf CAD based professional grade Kitchen Design CAD/CAM Software,












Designer Plus

The Electronic Draftsman

If you have a need for kitchen design software, or cabinet drawing software
but cannot justify the high cost of dedicated kitchen design software, Designer
Plus is your answer. Designer Plus uses off the shelf CAD software, to automate
the drawing of custom cabinets. While Designer Plus is drawing the cabinet it
can also create a parts list, a cabinet list, and a door list. By using these lists
in a spreadsheet you can create cutting lists, material-ordering lists, and
price a job. Designer Plus is designed for drawing custom cabinets, it is not
symbols based, but draws each custom cabinet as needed allowing total customization
of each cabinet.  

A general contractor (Kitchen Consultants) specializing in kitchen remodeling
with more than 30 years experience developed Designer Plus as a communications
tool for use with clients seeking a custom kitchen remodel. Because it is a
custom cabinet drawing program it can also be used to draw cabinets used in
other rooms. It produces drawings equal or superior to anything on the market
at any price. Because it uses generic CAD products for it’s functionality, Designer
Plus is considerably less expensive and more flexible than specialized kitchen
or cabinet design software.

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