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Photograph of Mr. Hugh Edgar, the butler

The family in front of Manderston House

Manor House…

Welcome to the website accompanying the history reality program, Manor House, set in Edwardian Britain. If you missed the program on PBS, why not explore the website, find out more about the series and the historical era… More about the program >

The Quiz House Quiz

How much were you paying attention to the series…
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After the Show
After the Show

What happened after the cameras stopped rolling?

Read the exit interviews >

Image of Lloyd George Edwardian Era

Find out more about this period of British history. … More >

Find out just how snobbish you are – should you have been upstairs or downstairs? More >

Video Diaries Video Diaries

Missing the series already? Remind yourself with some diaries >

The producer answers questions about how the series was produced…
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You in 1905
Find out who you might have been if you’d been born in Britain 100 years ago… More >

Slide Show Slideshow

Take a look at some photographs captured of the participants…
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Edwardian Treats
Treat yourself to a taste of Edwardiana with these recipes… More >

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