Marriage Ceremony | Utah County Clerk/Auditor

Fee for a Marriage Ceremony is $35.00

In addition to providing marriage licenses, the Clerk’s Office can also perform marriage ceremonies.
Marriages are performed by a Deputy Clerk with a standard script that fulfills the legal requirements of the State of Utah.

    Please review the following information:

  • Marriages are performed in the Clerk/Auditor offices during regular business hours only.
    (Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Closed all
    Federal Holidays & Pioneer Day
  • Appointments are given on a first come, first serve basis according the scheduled availablity. Click on the
    “SCHEDULE A CEREMONY” button below to see available dates and times. If a particular date/time slot is not available, then
    there is either another ceremony already scheduled or that slot has been blocked out for another purpose.
  • The county is not able to accommodate special requests or large groups of people. A wedding party should be
    limited to the couple getting married, two witnesses, and three to six additional people maximum. If your wedding
    party needs to be larger than this, you may need to consider a different venue.
  • You can also have a friend or family member become a designee officiant to perform your ceremony at
    the location of your choosing. Find out how on our Designee Officants page.
  • Ceremonies are performed in the conference room next to the waiting area.
  • Couples getting married will be given an opportunity to exchange vows and rings if they choose to.

  • Must schedule an appointment online.
  • Must provide your own witnesses (need two)
  • Marriage license must be valid and issued by Utah County or another county within the State of Utah

Would you like someone special to perform your ceremony? The County Clerk can designate and authorize an
individual of your choosing to be your officiator. This designation can be specific for your ceremony. To
learn more about this service visit our Designees Page.

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