Miami Beach – Beach House Vacation Rentals Florida

Vacationers face a number of choices when it comes time to plan a family vacation, yet one of the best destinations for sun-loving families seeking summer fun is undeniably Florida. The Sunshine State boasts a wealth of amusement parks, a celebrated culinary scene and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Travelers hoping to catch some rays and enjoy the Floridian lifestyle may want to book a beach house vacation rental in the Southern City of Aventura.

Located within Miami-Dade county and just a short drive from Miami itself, Aventura (which means adventure in Spanish) takes its name from a comment made during the city’s construction. One of the developers remarked to his friends, “What an adventure this is going to be,” and the town got its name.

Courtesy of ShutterstockThe nearby beaches are precisely what one expects from the Florida Coastline. Golden sand shores lined with palm trees give way to seaside boutiques and cafes that are sure to keep visitors near their beach house vacation rentals. Yet, what the city is best known for is its wealth of shopping and dining establishments. The Aventura Mall offers shoppers a truly upscale experience and winning eateries like Houston’s Steak House and Paradigm, The Test Kitchen are sure to please any foodie’s palate.

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