Modern Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

vanity sizes and colors

Modern Bathroom Vanity Sizes + Colors – Just as bathrooms come in sizes small and large, bathroom vanities are similarly designed to accommodate them. Your bathroom’s size and available space should be your first consideration when browsing for bathroom vanities. You may be madly in love with the idea of a double sink, bathroom vanity with an expansive marble top, but if your bathroom is hardly bigger than a cupboard, you may have to settle for a smaller, wall or corner bathroom vanity. Along with standard height and width measurements, the depth of a bathroom vanity is extremely important to get right. In a narrow bathroom, even a moderately deep vanity can obstruct movement and make it hard to fully access cabinet and shelf space. A corner bathroom vanity that lies flush with the wall is often the best vanity type for a small bathroom with very little available space. Popular vanity colors and finishes either accentuate the dark or light character of a vanity cabinet’s hardwood material or take advantage of the greater color versatility of manufactured wood.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Components

While a bathroom vanity itself refers only to the wooden cabinet unit, and doesn’t necessarily include any other additional pieces, most bathroom vanities include additional, matching components.

bathroom vanity cabinets

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – The bathroom vanity cabinets serve as the centerpiece and defining characteristic of the bathroom vanity. Vanity cabinets provide storage space for your towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom accessories, and serve as the foundation for your vanity’s sink and mirror. Bathroom vanity cabinets are generally composed of hardwood or manufactured wood, although you can find a select number of cabinets in metal or glass. If you have a specific vanity color in mind, for example, a white bathroom vanity or black bathroom vanity, then you may be restricted to manufactured wood vanities. To filter vanity cabinets by base color and finish, you can check and uncheck the “base material” and “base finish” boxes on the left-hand side of the page.

vessel sinks

Bathroom Sink Vanity – Almost all bathroom vanities include one or two sinks, an additional feature you can easily filter your results by on the left side of the page. Modern sink vanities commonly feature ceramic, stone, or glass construction, giving sink vanities a sleek, distinctive look that stands out against the wooden, bathroom vanity cabinets they are set against. Modern bathroom sink vanities also feature a number of different sink types, with very distinctive appearances:

  • Undermount Sinks are designed to be installed beneath the sightline of a counter, making for a sink vanity that isn’t visible at a distance and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Self-Rimming Sinks, also known as top-mount or drop-in sinks, are sink vanities that mount directly on top of a counter or vanity opening, leaving the edges of the sink resting above the counter.
  • Vessel Sinks feature a bowl shaped vessel that sits on top of the counter surface. Because little to none of the vessel sink vanity is below counter-level, it is the most distinctive sink type you can find, and a perfect choice for a modern sink vanity.

bathroom vanity sets

Bathroom Vanity Sets – If you are shopping for a new home or apartment, or want to completely redecorate a bathroom, you’re probably looking for a complete, bathroom vanity set. In addition to the vanity cabinets and vanity sinks detailed above, a vanity set includes a mirror as well. The mirror is often framed in a way that matches the style and color of the rest of the bathroom vanity. By grouping cabinets, sink, and mirror, vanity sets not only offer a complete, unified look and feel, they make it dramatically easier to finish designing and decorating your bathroom. While some people absolutely love mixing and matching different types and style décor pieces, a bathroom vanity set appeals to those that prefer a quick and easy shopping experience that nevertheless results in a finished, balanced looking decor.

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