‘My neighbours are threatening me over tree in my garden – but I refuse to cut it down’

A homeowner has shared the jaw-dropping tale of how they are being threatened by the new couple that have moved in next door, over a tree in their garden that has been there for years

The tree was from his grandfather’s family orchard (stock photo)

When it comes to losing family, most of us would want to have some kind of keepsake to cherish and remember our loved ones by.

For some, this might be old photographs, pieces of clothing or jewellery handed down – or in one social media user’s case, an apple tree.

Writing in an anonymous post on Reddit, the person explained how their grandfather’s family had owned an orchard and the older man had taken an apple tree sapling from it and planted it in his back garden, as a way to be closer to his relatives.

The grandparents had since passed and the grandchild had been living in their home for the last few years, modernising it to make it suit their style.

The only thing they hadn’t touched was the apple tree out back, which has great sentimental value.

However, a new couple recently moved in next door and they’re reportedly kicking up a fuss about the tree.

The neighbours have threatened the homeowner over the tree (stock photo)



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They said: “I live in my late grandparents’ home, I’ve spent the last few years modernising it and making it fit my style there is one thing I’ve not touched however and that is the apple tree in the back garden. My grandparents planted it on the day they moved into the house and it came from my Grandfathers family orchard as a sapling, a way of bringing a bit of his family with them.

“I love the tree and some of my favourite memories as a child are picking fruit from it or climbing it when I was little.

“New neighbours recently moved in next door and they keep complaining about the tree wanting it cut down as it is casting shade into their garden where they want to put a hot tub. None of the tree overhangs onto their property at all it just sadly cuts off light in that one specific area I’ve apologised but told them I won’t be cutting it down and suggested they put their hot tub somewhere else in the garden as it’s a big space. I’d even planned to try and smooth things over when it grows fruit this year by bringing them a bag of fresh apples.

“They are p***ed off at me and complaining about how it’s just a tree and it’s not a big deal to cut it down, the husband has also been threatening to get lawyers involved to force me to cut it down I’ll admit that p***ed me off and killed any goodwill I had towards them or desire to smooth things over, I’ve told them to do whatever the f**k they want but warned them I’ve got a camera in my back garden so if they mess with my tree I’ll know.”

The poster went on to share how they’d set the camera up a few years ago as kids had been coming into the garden to steal apples.

They added that they know it’s ‘just a tree’ and it might be silly to be so angry about their demands and threats, but that it has “sentimental value”.

“I’ve also explained the sentimental value this tree has but they don’t care/see what the big deal is about a tree.”

More than 2,000 people have since commented on the post, with many agreeing that they shouldn’t cut down the tree.

One person said: “That is a part of your property that you love and cherish. AND they knew the tree was there when they moved in so clearly it wasn’t a deal-breaker for them. You can’t always be a people pleaser. Protect your peace and protect your tree!”

Another replied: “They knew it was there when they bought the house.”

A third added: “I’d watch out for these people. It takes pushy people to move into a neighbourhood and go to the house of someone who has lived there for years and demand that person cut down an apple tree grown from a family orchard.”

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