Plant Atlanta

Things are changing rapidly, but at this very moment in time, we feel a strong moral obligation to heed the statewide shelter-in-place mandate and, in accordance, will temporarily shutter our retail nursery. We understand that being stuck at home with nothing to plant is maddening, but in the grand scheme of things we cannot justify risking the lives of our staff, our vendors, and our customers to sell – let’s be honest, here – products that are purely discretionary.  Yes, gardening is life-affirming, stress-relieving, and incredibly rewarding, but, when it comes right down to it, plant-shopping is not an essential activity during a global pandemic.

We have some solid options in place for online ordering and curbside pick up, which we will resume as soon as it’s safe for all of us to mix and mingle again. If you’d like to support us in the meantime, please check out the new Garden*Booster packages on our website.  Your purchase of these packages now will help us continue to make ends meet until we can resume operations as normal.

Gardeners are nothing if not relentlessly resilient.  We’ve weathered floods, drought, hail, snow, ice, tornadoes, and pest infestations (sometimes all in the span of a single week).  We will garden together again in the future. And in the meantime, continue to stay in touch via social media, email, and our website.  We’re already working on a list of chores for you. Let’s get started!

Be patient with yourselves and your garden, and love each other well, Atlanta!

~ Your Garden*Hood Team

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