Secret Indoor Garden Found After Woman Tears Down Damp Wall

A salon worker has wowed the internet after sharing an unusual discovery in their rented building.

On Saturday Amy Jane–who uses the TikTok handle amyjane911–shared a video of the inside of Adele’s Hair Beauty and Wellbeing in Runcorn, England. With more than 820,000 views and thousands of likes, the unusual discovery has shocked TikTok.

After removing a damp wall to see where the excess moisture was coming from, she discovered an entire indoor garden in a secret room.

Pictures of the uncovered “secret garden” found inside a salon in England after a damp wall was torn down.

Amy told Newsweek: “We’re onto our sixth year at the salon and the landlord was having some work done to lower the level. After removing the wall panel under the stars they came across this room.

“Adele and the girls couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what was inside.”

Behind the wall panel lay an archway that was blocked by sandstone rubble, with a full-sized mirror on the wall and what appears to be an old plastic fountain.

“Directly above there are some square cube-like glass skylights that can be seen on the street floor outside the main salon window.”

In February, new homeowners in Illinois found old blueprints to secret doors when renovating their 100-year-old house. Similarly, another man found a secret room hidden behind a fake wall in his pantry prompting internet users to comment: “Heck ya! More square footage.”

TikTok users were in awe at the salon’s discovery, flooding to the comments to discuss the video.

“Y’all opened the Chamber of Secrets,” said one commenter, while another wrote: “A beauty therapy room fully equipped with a tranquility garden!”

Many viewers said that the secret discovery resembled an atrium. A common feature in medieval architecture, an atrium was an open courtyard that usually had a covered aisle at the sides. Frequently found in churches and palaces, in modern buildings they are used to create a connection between indoors and outdoors, adding light and style.

“That’s a hidden dream,” said another commenter. “That’s where Bruno has been,” joked one Encanto-referencing user.

One TikTok user suggested: “I would definitely keep it and try to restore it and do what you can to keep the rest of the building healthy with this.”

Amy works at the salon, owned by Adele, with a range of other technicians including beautician Erica and stylist Becka. “Ericka said it was creepy,” explained Amy. “But Becka was interested in the history. I love it and think it’s magical.”

Despite some of the staff being spooked by the find, the salon plans to keep the unusual feature. “We’re hoping to replace the entrance to the room with clear Perspex and have it as a permanent feature at Adele’s Hair Beauty and Wellbeing,” said Amy.