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Believe it or not, sometimes when people inherit a house and become the new owner, they may not want to live in that house. Many factors can play a part in this. Seattle, Washington, may be far away from where you currently live, it could be too big or small for your family, or property taxes could be out of your budget. Whatever the case may be, selling a home that you’ve inherited is normal and can be done quite easily. Below we’ve listed a few reasons why you may want to sell your inherited home to Sell My House 7.

We Buy Inherited Houses For Cash

First and foremost, we will buy inherited home for cash. Selling your home to us for cash comes with many benefits. For starters, you won’t have to worry about spending extra money on fees, commissions, and other real estate related things. We will give your house a proper assessment to see what it’s worth. Then, we will offer you a fair price that will benefit you and us. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Speed of sale: We’ll buy your house fast!

The second reason you may want to consider selling your home to Sell My House 7 is for the speed factor. Putting your house on the market is not only a lot of work, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. Many people don’t have the time to sit around and wait for a house to sell, even if it’s inherited.

Since you on the home, you will likely be the one to deal with the realtors, showings, finalizing meetings, and all other tasks that will take up your time. With Sell My House 7 we have an average time of just 48 hours to evaluate your home. We do the work for you and we do it quickly.

Sell Your Inherited House As-Is

Another great thing about working with us is that you can sell the inherited home as-is. If you’ve become the owner of a home that needs a lot of repairs or requires some remodeling, don’t worry about it. We don’t just buy homes that are in great condition. We pay cash for homes that have experienced fire damage, code violations, and more.

Because the condition of the house plays a roll in how much money you’ll get for the house, some people find it worth their time to throw on a fresh coat of paint indoors and plant a few flowers in the front yard. These repairs can be done quickly and you’ll make what you spent on paint and plants back during the sale.

Lastly, it’s incredibly convenient. That’s one reason we started this company. Sell My House 7 is there for you. We want to help make whatever situation you’re in better. We also understand that sometimes when people inherit a home, it often comes with a loss of some sort.

To make the process as easy as possible, we cut out the middle man, work directly with the homeowner, and pay entirely in cash. Sell My House 7 would be honored to hear from you today. Please reach out and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to working with you.

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