Sioux Falls greenhouses prep for spring plant sales for home, garden

Florals for spring?

Not as groundbreaking as one might think. In a few days or weeks, most local green thumbs will finally be able to say that “spring has sprung.”

Most of Sioux Falls’ locally-owned greenhouses expect they’ll get their more spring-y plants ready by the end of April, or the beginning of May, depending on the weather.

Here’s where you can find some pops of color for your yard, front steps, home garden and even your sunniest windows this upcoming season.

Martha Quam, a Cliff Avenue Greenhouse employee, works on planting tomatoes on Thursday, April 9, 2015, at the Cliff Avenue Greenhouse location on East 26th Street in Sioux Falls. Jenilee Wiebesiek, a grower at Cliff Avenue Greenhouse, said there are a few things you can do now like potatoes and onions, but it's still too early for some things. "Even though we've had the nicer days, it's still too early," Wiebesiek said adding that we live in South Dakota and can get snow in May.

Cliff Avenue Greenhouse

At Cliff Avenue Greenhouse, nursery manager Jamie Ogle said the garden center should start getting tree shrubs and perennials by then depending on the weather.

Last year, Ogle said the greenhouse saw some shortages on things they’d ordered, but it didn’t affect them too much. She can’t say what the availability looks like this year.

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Trends this year are to shop for house plants, pops of color in annuals, geraniums, petunias, calatheas and other bright, colorful plants, Ogle said. Some people are also collecting variegated or rare plants, she said, and philodendrons, monstera and swiss cheese plants are also “hot” now.

Gizmo checks out a plant in the greenhouse at Cliff Avenue Greenhouse.

Cliff Avenue Greenhouse also plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary this spring, with an extravaganza starting on April 28th and more events for the next four days, Ogle said. They’ll have discounts on purchases, different vendors and food trucks, DIY seminars, giveaways, raffles and more.

“We look forward to getting set up for spring,” Ogle said. “It’s our busiest time.”

Landscape Garden Center

Cacti for sale line a table on Friday, April 1, 2022, at the opening of Landscape Garden Centers' new location south of Sioux Falls.

At Landscape Garden Center, which opened its new location to the public last week, greenhouse manager Laura Kalfs said she’s got a good selection of house plants and tropical plants out already right now.

Kalfs said the greenhouse also grows its own hanging baskets, and about a third of its annuals. The rest of the annuals will start to arrive the week of Easter and will trickle in until then. The bulk of shipments come in the last week of April and the first couple weeks of May, Kalfs said.