SNL At Home Recap, Season 45 Episode 17: April 25, 2020

The first Saturday Night Live at Home — which aired a couple of weeks ago, or maybe a few years ago, or possibly yesterday — illustrated the good and bad of shows created in quarantine. The Zoom sketches made clear the limitations of the app, and pre-recorded video couldn’t replicate the energy of a live show. That said, as the coronavirus hasn’t been providing a lot of laughs, that first At Home SNL was a stripped-down, heartfelt gesture of solidarity on the part of the producers, writers, and cast. This week, however, the crew had a better sense of the tools at their disposal and got creative. Broadcast TV isn’t like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok — which are tailor-made for fits of low-fi, creative energy — and this week, SNL did its best to ramp up production and polish things.

As was the case with the first at-home edition, there are a lot of shorter pieces, and many of those are essentially one-person character monologues from the cast. We’re still ranking the sketches from best to worst, but for the sake of tightening things up just a bit, we’ve bundled (and ranked) these monologues together.

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