Square-Foot Gardens, Raised Beds, and More


Journal your garden’s progress with notes and photos, and setup reminders for essential tasks

Planning Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation Warnings

The Garden Planner warns you where to avoid placing vegetables and herbs based on your previous years’ plans

Vegetable garden planting calendar

Planting Reminders by Email

Twice a month the Garden Planner sends email reminders of what needs planting from your garden plans

Layout your garden plan with structures

Garden Objects

Almost 200 objects to add to your plan, from raised beds, fencing, paths and drip irrigation to growing season extenders such as greenhouses, row covers, tunnels and cold frames (PC/Mac Planner only)

Plan which vegetable varieties to grow

Varieties from Popular Seed Suppliers

Choose from thousands of varieties from many of the most popular seed suppliers around the world or add your own

Which plants to grow where in your garden

Avoid Wasted Space

Easily see how many crops can fit into an area without overcrowding, plus view which plants can be sown each month so when one crop is harvested, you’re ready to fill the space with another

Ask questions to our community of gardeners

Gardening Community

Over 500,000 active members across the most popular social media channels. Browse plans from gardeners in your area and exchange advice

Customer support with technical and gardening expertise

High Quality Customer Support

We focus on providing the level of customer support which we would like to receive. Got a question about our services? Get in touch with real gardeners here

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