2LG Studio founders create garden pavilion with a “touch of Beetlejuice” for their own home

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Interior designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, founders of 2LG Studio, have built a white-stained timber pavilion with a circular cutout window in their back garden.

Garden pavilion by 2LG Studio

© Provided by Dezeen
Garden pavilion by 2LG Studio

Designed during the coronavirus lockdown, the pavilion was the final element of Cluroe and Whitehead’s five-year renovation of their own home in Forest Hill, southeast London.

a bench in front of a tree: 2LG Studio has built a pavilion in the founders' back garden

© Provided by Dezeen
2LG Studio has built a pavilion in the founders’ back garden

“It was time the garden had our attention and we wanted to create something that could be a focal point, but also unite the inside of our home with the outside,” explained Whitehead from 2LG Studio.

“Our home has been our passion project over the past few years – it’s been the catalyst for so many of our product design collaborations over the

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