Yes! You too can have an abundant fall garden. We’ll walk you through it

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Illustration for story about Fall gardening
Illustration for story about Fall gardening

It’s the perfect season to revamp a garden. (Heather Landis / For The Times)

Fall is the golden time for growing crops throughout Southern California — the weather is milder, the insects fewer and the watering less, if needed at all. Elsewhere in the country, people are hanging up their garden tools. But here? We’re just getting started on Round 2. This fall gardening guide will show you just how easy it can be to plant some cool-season edibles such as greens, peas, cauliflower, beets and potatoes. Yes, potatoes! We’re highlighting everything you need, including the 12 easiest things to plant right now, where to buy your fall seedlings, and expert advice on where to go around town for the best amendments and soil boosters. (It’s a great way to forget about things like pandemics and politics for just awhile.) Yvonne Savio, creator of

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