Garden of Forking Paths Achievement in Darksiders Genesis

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This walkthrough comes straight from steam wich can be found here.
Credits to Omega Ridley

Collect every Boatman Coin in the Boatman’s Labyrinth.

Notes: This is a bit trickier than it sounds. The Boatman’s Labyrinth is technically accessible from the moment you finish the first Chapter, Dethroned, and access the Void. Simply head towards Dis’ shop and go through the large door at the back. You’ll get to collect the first coin immediately, but every other one will require you to complete a side quest during a main Chapter of the story, ranging from the destruction of the two ballistae in the first Chapter, to the collection of gold ingots in the third Chapter, Inferno Vault.

Let’s start with a map of the place:

External image

You’ll notice there are twelve Coins in the maze in total, despite there being eleven Chapters with optional objectives. That’s because the first coin in

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The Garden Achievement in Untitled Goose Game

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In case you also hate video walkthroughs:

* Get into the garden
* Get the groundskeeper wet

These two can be done together. To get into the garden you need the groundskeeper to come outside (and open the gate); you do this by turning on the sprinkler, by using the faucet by the fence at the end of the hose. If you wait until the groundskeeper is near the empty garden bed with the sprinkler in it he will get caught in the water.

* Steal the groundskeeper’s keys

At any point when the groundskeeper is bent over, you can sneak up (crouch) on his side and steal his keys. This is probably easiest done by taking something and dropping it for him to pick up.

* Make the groundskeeper wear his sunhat.

It is possible to sneak up on the groundskeeper while he’s working in the garden beds and

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