On-the-move actress finds value in minimal decor

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Two years in her East Hollywood apartment marks a milestone of stability for Mexican actress Cristina Rodlo, who had been relocating since she was 18 among Mexico, Los Angeles, Vancouver and New York, where her acting training began.

Life on the move left its mark on the 29-year-old, who enjoys clean, “simple and white,” minimally decorated spaces — her sunny living room, for example.

“I learned that the only way to be able to move and survive was to own as little as possible and not get attached to anything either. If I buy something it’s because I really like it and needed to have it,” said Rodlo, whose recent shows include Amazon’s “Too Old to Die Young,” AMC’s “The Terror: Infamy” and Paramount Network’s Kafkaesque dramedy “68 Whiskey.”

A circular, gold-rimmed mirror, various shots taken by photographer friends and a large, framed “2016 Guide to Manhattan” street map (also

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