Lowcountry garden experts offer advice on combatting pervasive Virginia buttonweed | Features

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The luscious lawns fronting Lowcountry homes aren’t immune to the warm-weather weeds that can leave lasting effects. 

Doveweed, nutsedge and chamberbitter are a few troublesome herbs that garden caretakers regularly encounter during spring and summer months when they fight to maintain healthy green spaces. 

Gardening: Diagnosing a plant pest problem takes some legwork

But Lowcountry residents have increasingly encountered what some agree to be the monster of all weeds, one that returns and keeps attacking no matter how many times it’s sprayed with herbicides during the summer, or dug out of the ground.

The Virginia buttonweed is deeply rooted and thrives in overly moist lawns. The pervasive, dark-green turfgrass weed that produces tiny white flowers above ground can be seen in yards across the Charleston region. It sprawls across yards with no mercy, often leaving behind brown patches.

It isn’t only impacting South Carolina residents. 

Virginia buttonweed

Carol Turnwald Feldhaus works to get rid of the Virginia buttonweed in

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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk offers home decor advice to Animal Crossing players

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Queer Eye’s resident home decor expert Bobby Berk has been helping Animal Crossing players with their interior design.

The Fab Five member invited users to send pictures of their homes from Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch before offering constructive criticism on how they could improve their rooms.

The interior designer critiqued and offered home decor advice to the players, sending positive comments such as “You’re on the right track” and “Colour scheme is great! Keep up the good work.”

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Sharing the full story, not just the headlines

For fans asking for more specific advice, Berk did what he does best on Queer Eye and offered advice on where to place items to make their rooms feel more homely or spacious.

Animal Crossing has become a video game sensation during the coronavirus pandemic, although it has come under criticism

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Kitchen Recessed Lighting – Layout and Planning – Ideas & Advice

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Lighting is a critical element to the comfort and function level of any kitchen. A good kitchen lighting plan should include the placement of a variety of lighting sources and types.

For example, you need lighting to accomplish specific tasks, such as food preparation and cooking. You’ll also want ambient lighting that will help illuminate the entire space and make it an appealing and inviting place to work and socialize in. And you’ll want mood lighting that helps highlight kitchen cabinets, special collections, counter spaces and architectural details.

With its sleek, minimalist appearance, recessed lighting can help you accomplish all these tasks and more.

Where to Use

Kitchen recessed lighting offers a clean look and can be used throughout the room space.

• It’s ideal for counter tops and island bars.

• Use it for general lighting in open floor plan areas.

• Highlight counter areas, stove tops and other

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Garden Room Ideas | Design Ideas and Expert Advice

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One of the best contemporary additions to a garden today is to use a garden room. This is a neat and enjoyable solution which many people are turning towards these days, and it is easy to see why you might want to do so. After all, a garden room can be a great alternative to an extension, and it can serve you many functions indeed. Many people like to use their garden room as an office for their home business or freelance work, while others merely use it as a kind of alternative living room. Whatever you are planning to use yours for, you can be sure that you are going to want to make it look the best you can.

That means focusing on a range of different ideas and seeing which seems to be the most attractive for you, and which is likely to work well in the

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Home improvement Advice

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Water is a marvelous blessing no doubt. But it turns into the nastiest issue when accumulates at unwanted places. It can not only destroy your precious assets but also stimulates mold growth and cause the growth of a lot more pathogens that can cause certain life-threatening diseases.  

In alarming situations for instance flood; it becomes difficult to hire professional Water Damage Restoration Services in Sunrise FL on time. Because all of the companies and contractors used to be busy in handling the situation and may not reach your place rapidly.  

Therefore, it’s better to have appropriate knowledge about precautionary measures and hacks that you can use to get rid of nasty water to avoid further damage. 

Here are some tips you can use in water damage emergencies. 

Cut The Electric Supply 

Water is a strong conductor. It can turn your place into a naked electric wire immediately coming in contact

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Gardening + Backyard Gardening + Garden Tips & Advice

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Your comprehensive garden guide

Welcome to the Essential Garden Guide

The Essential Garden Guide was created to help you unlock the secrets of a great backyard garden. This information, originally created for professional and educational purposes, is the result of over 15 years of contributions from renowned agricultural institutions and extensions. There’s a wealth of knowledge here, and it’s only a few clicks away. And is now available for the iphone, ipod and ipad!

Start by learning about the basics! Find out what every gardener should know about soil preparation, watering, and garden care.

Explore a wide variety of garden fruits and vegetables. From Asparagus to Watermelons, you’ll find essential information for planting, plant spacing, care, and pest and disease identification and control.

Find new and exciting information by keeping up on all the latest gardening tips and tricks from the Essential Garden Guide blog or simply let your voice

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