White House advises public to avoid groups of more than 10, asks people to stay away from bars and restaurants

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Trump himself appeared more downbeat about the short-term prospects for combating the virus, predicting the outbreak wouldn’t be contained until at least the summer and suggesting a recession was possible.

The recommendations he offered were the most substantive to date on how he would advise Americans carry out their lives as the virus spreads. Gone were predictions that it would soon fade or that it was under control, replaced instead by a much longer-term outlook that he acknowledged was still uncertain.

“We’ll see what happens, but they think August, could be July, could be longer than that,” Trump said of the time when life might return to normal in the United States, where some cities have ordered residents to remain at home and localized lockdowns are beginning to take effect.

“I’ve asked that question many, many times,” Trump said, signaling his own desire to see the crisis end.

Still, he

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