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                                                I hope you had a lovely Easter.

                                                We enjoyed ours even though it
                                                was quiet with just the two of us.

                                                 Since Easter we have put in lots
                                                of hours in the garden……raking
                                                pruning etc. It does feel so good
                                                to be out there. There are lots of
                                                birds singing in the garden and
                                                they are busy building their nests.

                                                    Today, was a cooler day so I
                                                 decided it was time for a little
                                                 change in the house after I did
                                                 some cleaning.


                                                    So, the chaise came back down to
                                                    the bay window where you can enjoy
                                                    relaxing with a cup of tea while
                                                    enjoying the view of the garden as
                                                    it brings forth  it’s beauty.

                                                         I covered the chaise with a little
                                                         toile quilt that my daughter gave me
                                                         and a pretty quilted sham that goes
                                                         well with it. It is easy to change it
                                                         up whenever I like

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