Amalgamated makes sugar from Idaho farmers at Nampa plant

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Amalgamated Sugar Co.’s Nampa plant takes sugar beets from Idaho farmers and converts it to packaged sugar for food businesses and consumers, and to other sugar-related products, including molasses.

Idaho Statesman

This story was first published Oct. 25, 2014, under the headline, “Sugar beets to sugar bag: Everything you never knew about what goes on inside Nampa’s Amalgamated plant, including why it smells.”

Paul Rasgorshek walked over rows of sugar beets, their stalks and thick leaves already lopped and picked up by machinery, leaving white nubs shining like white dollar coins as the beets awaited harvesting.

It was Oct. 16, a few days into the beet harvest at Rasgorshek Farms about 10 miles southwest of Nampa. Rasgorshek, like the rest of the beet farmers in the Treasure Valley, was working against the calendar to get his beets out of the ground and delivered by Thanksgiving.

The day before,

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