Andrew Gatt’s insanely simple hack for preventing kitchen spills goes viral

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Cooking up a great hack! Man’s VERY simple hack for avoiding liquid drips in the kitchen goes viral

  • TikTok user Andrew Gatt shared the trick on the video-sharing app last week 
  • After pouring the eggs into the pan, he demonstrates how to put the bowl back on the counter without any of the leftover egg dripping down the sides 
  • Instead of simply righting it, he turns it all the way upside down and rights it on the opposite side, so the egg drips back into the bowl
  • The video has been viewed 1.7 million times so far 

Amateur home cooks who are tired of kitchen messes may be relieved to learn a seriously simple kitchen hack that keeps leftover liquid from spilling onto the counter.

TikTok user Andrew Gatt shared the trick

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