Christina Anstead Nixes a Bathroom Feature Many Parents Might Miss

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Last season, “Christina on the Coast” star Christina Anstead helped her friend Cassie bring her outdated home into the 21st century. But apparently there was more work to do, since we find Anstead back in Cassie’s house for this Season 2 finale, too!

In the “Out With an Original Bathroom” episode, Anstead is helping Cassie fix up her master bedroom and bathroom so that they will match the style of the updated downstairs. Yet since Anstead is also well into her third trimester of pregnancy, the clock is ticking before she’s out of commission.

Can Anstead finish this renovation before her newest family member arrives? Read on to find out how she pulls off this rush remodeling job—and what we can all learn about renovating under a tight deadline or otherwise.

A shower-tub combo, though convenient, feels dated

That shower curtain had to go.
That shower curtain had to go.


The biggest problem with Cassie’s

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