The Yuri Garden Anthology Event

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  1. An RPG-style Princess x female Hero (No men can appear in this story at all) [Reserved by Vhail (SH) until 5th of May]
  2. Rivals from different companies in a love-hate relationship (This story must contain romantic fluff) [Reserved by compass96 until 4th of May]
  3. Women who flirt openly and without constraint throughout the story [Reserved by Titan0fPower until 3rd of May]
  4. An airheaded MC and a yandere heroine [Reserved by HamsterOverlord-sama until 3rd of May]
  5. Male to Female gender bend through reincarnation into a fantasy world [Reserved by Moonpearl until 4th of May]
  6. A physically strong and beautiful seme (top) sweeps an uke (bottom) off her feet [Reserved by AsianessPride until 3rd of May]
  7. An all-women polyamorous harem that’s filled with love and lust [Reserved by Bokuboy (SH) until 5th of May]
  8. Two adolescent girls questioning their sexuality end up falling in love together [Reserved by GDLiZy until
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