Kitchen antiques, culinary objects, historic kitchen equipment

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Historic kitchen equipment, culinary objects

>>Resources divided into:

>>Museum collections of culinary objects    
>>Fireplace cooking, cast iron    
>>18th and/or 19th century kitchen items    
>>Early 20th and/or 19th century     >>Earlier and miscellaneous

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Old or historic kitchen utensils go by various different
names from “culinary antiques” to “vintage kitchenalia”. Whether they’re ancient
or mid-20th century “retro”, almost all old food preparation, serving, and storage
items appeal to some collector somewhere.

Many objects are easy to identify,
but not all. It’s not always clear if a simple box or pot or implement had a particular
name or a particular use. A collection of jars (earthenware, stoneware, glass in
the 20th century) and boxes (wooden, tin) was needed when food was stored at home
and groceries were

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