Apparent garden hose in North Carolina yard was a large black snake

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April 20 (UPI) — A North Carolina man who nearly picked up what he thought was a black garden hose outside his home said he abandoned his plan when he realized it was a 6-foot snake.

Brian Walsh said he was at his Huntersville home when he spotted what he thought was a length of black garden hose in the yard.

Walsh said he was only a foot away from the object when he realized it was actually a large black snake — and it was alive.

“The sheer size of it! At first, it completely caught me off guard and not going to lie — terrified,” Walsh told the Charlotte Observer.

Walsh’s wife, Tiffany, posted a photo of the serpent on a Snake Identification Facebook group and members said the 6-foot animal was an eastern rat snake, a non-venomous species.

“We’ve come across black rat snakes before, never this

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