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Arizona House of Representatives – Wikipedia

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Lower house of U.S. state legislature

Coordinates: 33°26′53″N 112°5′45″W / 33.44806°N 112.09583°W / 33.44806; -112.09583

Arizona House of Representatives

54th Arizona Legislature
Coat of arms or logo

Term limits

4 terms (8 years)

New session started

January 14, 2019

Speaker pro Tempore

Majority Leader

Majority Whip

Minority Leader

Seats 60 Representatives
Arizona House of Representatives (31 Republicans, 29 Democrats).svg

Political groups

Majority Party

Minority Party

Length of term

2 years
Authority Article 4, Arizona Constitution
Salary $24,000/year + per diem

Last election

November 6, 2018
(60 seats)

Next election

November 3, 2020
(60 seats)
Redistricting Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission
Meeting place
Arizona House of Representatives by Gage Skidmore.jpg
House of Representatives Chamber
Arizona State Capitol
1700 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona • 85007
Arizona House of Representatives

The Arizona House of Representatives is the lower house of the Arizona Legislature, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Arizona. The upper house is the Senate. Its members are elected to

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Fall Garden Cleanup in St. Johns, Arizona

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 Chilies NOT going to ripen before frost

Chilies NOT going to ripen before frost.

I recently ran across a Facebook post that suggested people should leave leaves on the lawn all winter to increase fertility and reduce fall clean-up work.  I wasn’t surprised when multiple gardeners from all over the world jumped right in and said all the things I was thinking: Mow them first or they will created dead patches on the lawn, pick them up and compost them before adding them so bad critters don’t overwinter in them, they will rot and make a stinky mess…

…and then I remembered that we don’t have big deciduous leaves where I am. Nor do we get enough moisture in the winter to either rot or compost leaves, chopped or not. I don’t have much of a lawn, because it is too expensive and environmentally irresponsible to grow big swaths of grass in such an arid climate, using

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Arizona Homes For Sale | Search Homes.com

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Growing a Vegetable Garden in Arizona

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If you are searching for “Growing a Vegetable Garden in Arizona” you’ve probably just bought your first home in the state and want to kick off your gardening right. A&P Nursery is Phoenix’ East Valley Nursery and gardening headquarters for the right tools, right plants, and the knowledge to do it right. This article is designed to help you understand the basics of gardening in the state.

Questions answered in this post:

What it takes to grow a vegetable garden in AZWhat does it take to vegetable garden in Arizona? – Gardening in Arizona can present unique challenges whether you are growing a garden for aesthetic purposes or one that produces vegetables and fruits. The intense desert climate in Arizona only lends itself to certain plant species that can flourish in the unique and dry climate. This article is going to focus on vegetable bearing gardens and how to maximize their potential if you happen to live

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