Aromatic Flowers and Plants in Garden

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Aromatic Flowers and Plants in Garden

Aromatic Flowers and Plants in Garden

When I first decided to grow an aromatherapy garden, I thought a few plants in pots would do it. However, once I started growing aromatic Flowers and plants this year, both the garden and my future plans took on a life of their own! Here’s a quick review of how the first year of creating my own aromatic garden turned out.

Aromatic Pots: Mint, Thyme, Oregano, and Basil

If you only have a small space in which to grow plants, or you simply want to add a bit of fragrance to your patio, planters, and flower pots are the way to go. It’s relatively easy to pick up a few aromatic herbs from your local garden center and plant them either alone, or in groupings, in a patio pot or two.

I tried the following herbs in pots

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