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Style of architecture

Assam-type architecture is a style developed in the state of Assam in India during the late modern period. It is found in Assam and Sylhet region. The houses constructed using this style are generally termed as Assam-type houses, consisting usually one or more storeys.[1] The houses are built to be earthquake proof,[2] and are made from materials ranging from wood and bamboo to steel and concrete.[3][4]


Before the arrival of the British in India, affluent families in Assam lived in expensive, elaborately constructed houses, while the others survived in huts made from mud-plastered bamboo walls and thatched roofs. With the knowledge of and access to modern science, British engineers assessed the natural environment and designed and constructed buildings that are now known as Assam-type buildings.

Present day[edit]

The present-day Assam-type buildings are a result of architectural

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