Lhorlao Home Kitchen | Restaurants in Thonglor, Bangkok

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“There are actually loads of Sichuan eateries in the city, but none of them do what we do,” Suppasin “Win” Jongjeamdee and Paramee “Tuck” Thomchotpong, the two founders of the new delivery-based Sichuan restaurant Lhorlao Home Kitchen, affirm.

Win and Tuck were once exchange students in Sichuan, China where they discovered the province’s reputation for numbing hot cuisine. Having developed an intense gusto for Sichuan fare, they couldn’t help but flame this passion once they got back to Bangkok.

And so Lhorlao Home Kitchen was born. The name is a combination of “Thonglor”, where the kitchen is located, and “lao”, the Chinese word for restaurant. The Lhorlao crew and Chef Ratthawoot Hemathulin—a veteran chef who has years of experience in high-end hotels like Hilton, Avani, and Pullman—collaborate to come up with all menus that you can basically find in most Sichuan eateries, but here it’s done with much love and

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