“Expect continued improvements” in Colorado

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Fifty years after America’s first Earth Day spurred cleanups that led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado residents face less toxic muck, and pollution will decrease more in the future, federal enforcers say — rejecting claims that President Donald Trump has hobbled a once-robust agency.

People in Colorado and surrounding states who are bothered by the degradation of air, land and water should “expect continued improvements,” EPA regional administrator Greg Sopkin told The Denver Post.

But EPA regulatory rollbacks this week reached the point that Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser launched a legal battle to restore wetland and waterway protections. And state leaders accused the EPA of leaving states on their own to deal with unprecedented climate and health threats.

Colorado’s public health department, for example, is struggling to carry out state lawmakers’ order to cut heat-trapping greenhouse gas pollution from about 125 million tons a year

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