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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “JUST  PLANT IT, NY!” campaign is making free and available to the public resources from the CCE Master Gardener Volunteer program and Cornell Garden-Based Learning program for new vegetable gardeners, with time and access to seeds, soil and a few low-budget tools!

Do you have a college student home from school that needs something to do, or a school aged child going stir crazy?  Put their energy and yours into starting a garden for physical, mental and environmental health with the following resources, and know we are growing through this together!

Beginning Vegetable Gardening Resources [3 pgs]

FAQs Vegetable Gardening [3 pgs]

Factsheet Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting [2 pgs]

Blog Posts – Beginning Vegetable Gardening with Steve Reiners


About Cornell Garden-Based Learning

Our mission is to provide educators with inspiring, research-based gardening resources and professional development to support engaging, empowering, and relevant learning

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