Courtyard House Bangalore: Karnataka Home

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Bangalore Courtyard House, Karnataka Home, New Indian Residence, Building, Architecture

Contemporary Indian Residential Building in Karnataka – design by The Purple Ink Studio Architects

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Bangalore Courtyard House

Design: The Purple Ink Studio, Architects

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Courtyard house Bangalore, Karnataka

Design Brief:

The client’s brief saw a strong interest in a “Courtyard House”. Taking the courtyard as a focal point, the entire architecture and the landscape conceptualization revolved around using the feature as a climate responsive design advantage.

Courtyard House Bangalore

The house is conceptualized as a performative architecture and landscape design with a carefully interwoven built-form that strongly responds to the site context.

Courtyard House Bangalore

Design description:

The design process was initiated by understanding the climatology of the surroundings.
The site is east facing and has a vast public green space on the North side. The landscape scheme is conceptualized

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