How To Clean Car Interior Detailing

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Interior work gets expensive in a hurry. Restoring all that upholstery, carpet, and trim can rival the cost of an engine rebuild—or a trip to St. Barts—by the time you’re done. Which is why auto parts stores are filled with products promising to bring new-car look (and smell) back to your cruddy cabin on the cheap. And so, with a modest budget, I decided to see how far back I could turn back the clock on my 1993 Bronco’s shabby interior.

Step 1: Cover the Seats


Jeremy Lange

ProElite 500 Series Seat Covers

The Bronco’s seats look like they tried to break up a fight between two rabid wolverines, too far gone for any leather spray to save. Time for seat covers. Options included Hawaiian motifs, wetsuit neoprene, or that old northeastern Saab tenure-track English-professor standby, sheepskin. Cabbies: You’re on to something with those acupressure

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