Restroom vs Washroom – Difference and Comparison

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In official complexes or buildings, one often finds a washroom and a restroom. While a washroom is used for personal hygiene, the restroom is usually frequented by people who are tired and want to rest for some time. Some countries even have mandatory laws emphasizing the need for a restroom especially for the women folk these are the ladies’ room. The difference in the use of the two terms – washroom and restroom gains significance with the country it is used in.

Comparison chart

Restroom versus Washroom comparison chart
Restroom Washroom
Original meaning A restroom is a place used to literally take a break, although it also has public convenience facility. A washroom is a place where people can wash as well as relieve themselves. Essentially what we call a bathroom today.
Facilities Restrooms have hand basins and urinals. Bathing and changing facilities are normally not included here. Washrooms
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