5 Best Interior Paint Options, According to DIYers

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Whether you plan on painting walls, furnishings, cabinets, or trim, you’ll need a quality interior paint to achieve good-looking, long-lasting results. But the sheer variety of interior paints on offer at home centers and hardware stores can be confusing. Purchasing the wrong one could negatively impact the ease, speed, and durability of your project and even impair indoor air quality. Use these shopping tips and recommendations—based on satisfied consumers’ reviews—to find the best interior paint for the job.

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Important Qualities in Interior Paints

Weigh these factors in any paint product to avoid common pitfalls:

Best Interior Paint Options According to Happy DIYers

Photo: istockphoto.com

  • Suitability for the surface: Interior paints come in a few varieties: acrylic or latex (water-based), alkyd (oil-based), and newer water-based alkyd varieties that perform like oil paints but emit less harmful fumes. Choose the variety that holds up best on the surface you plan
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