Filmmaker makes documentary short comprised of Cameos

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Illustration for article titled See what iHome Improvement/is Richard Karn thinks about coronavirus in this new short film

Screenshot: The Follow Up (Vimeo)

Ben Berman, director of The Amazing Jonathan Documentary and several episodes of your favorite comedy series, is looking for some advice. He’s feeling washed up, he doesn’t have any ideas, and, like many of us, he’s growing increasingly worried about the current pandemic. Naturally (or not), his first instinct when looking for some guidance is to reach out to celebrities on the Cameo platform, like Home Improvement’s Richard Karn, Jon Lovitz, Mark McGrath, and Lindsay Lohan. The results are on display in his latest short, The Follow-Up, which premiered this week on Vimeo.

For those unfamiliar, Cameo is a service where users can pay artists, social media stars, and random weirdos of varying levels of fame to record personalized video messages for them. These messages can either be pre-written or totally off the cuff. They can also, in

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