Video of dog using the bathroom impresses netizens. Watch – it s viral

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Remember the dog who won the Internet after a video showed him playing hide and seek with a little kid. Well, another video of that dog has caught the attention of people on Reddit. The video shows the dog using the bathroom like a pro. People on Reddit are completely impressed with this well-mannered dog and chances are you will be too.

“Manners are not that hard,” says the caption shared with the video. The video was originally posted earlier this year in May but has managed to impress people all over again. It was posted by animal trainer Omar von Muller and features his dog named Monkey.

In the video the dog can be seen using the toilet perfectly which includes lifting the lid and flushing it. Watch the video below:

Shared 14 hours ago, the video has collected over 25,000 upvotes and several comments on Reddit. From praising

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