How to Clear Slow Draining Kitchen Sink not Clogged

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The slow draining sink is a very common household problem, but you can fix it quite easily. A sink that drains too slowly is usually caused by the accumulation of trash and bunch of junk in the pipes. Do you ever face a situation with slow draining kitchen sink not clogged? The sooner you notice that the drain is “Acting funny” or no longer drain rapidly you should take action to clean a drain before it becomes a serious problem.


How to unclog your kitchen sink without calling a Plumber

By following one of the methods below, there would be no need to call a plumber. Now you can unclog your kitchen sink on your own in less than an hour by using inexpensive tools such as Plunger and Snake Auger. You also need to keep several other items handy such as a bucket or a plastic bin that fits

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