Michelle Duggar “Body Safety” Rules Revealed: Lock That Bathroom Door!

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Ever since Josh Duggar was caught preying upon his sisters, Michelle and Jim Bob have doubled down on “body safety.”

Even in their own home, they had been vigilant about preventing their kids from having alone time with their peers.

From Duggar homeschooling to courtship rules, everything was designed to keep kids “safe” from perceived danger.

Or, well, normal teenage milestones.

As you can imagine, this rigorous system required some serious effort to enforce – even before Josh took it up 10 notches.

Below, Michelle talks about how she now walks her daughters through puberty and the “body safety” rules she enforces.

The Duggars have some unconventional views

The Duggars have some unconventional views

Michelle has spoken about her family’s fringe fundamentalist views about sexuality, gender, clothing, and more in the past. It is always an eye-opening read, to say the least.

This time, Jessa was the interviewer

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