test-kitchen/kitchen-ec2: A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2

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A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2.

This driver uses the aws sdk gem to provision and destroy EC2
instances. Use Amazon’s cloud for your infrastructure testing!

Quick Start

  1. Install ChefDK. If testing things other
    than Chef cookbooks, please consult your driver’s documentation for information
    on what to install.

  2. Install the AWS command line tools.

  3. Run aws configure. This will set up your AWS credentials for both the AWS
    CLI tools and kitchen-ec2.

  4. Add or exit the driver section of your .kitchen.yml:

  5. Run kitchen test.


There are no external system requirements for this driver. However you
will need access to an AWS account. IAM users should have, at a minimum, permission to manage the lifecycle of an EC2 instance along with modifying components specified in kitchen driver configs. Consider using a permissive managed IAM policy like arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AmazonEC2FullAccess or tailor one specific to your security requirements.


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