FuelCell Energy Earnings Mixed But CEO Upbeat On Biden White House

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Wells Fargo: These 2 Stocks Could Climb at Least 30%

After January’s sell-off, February’s first week of trading saw the stock market firmly back in bull mode. All 3 major indexes closed off the week at or at touching distance from all-time highs, as the market reacted favorably to the latest job data and the Democrats’ decision to move forward with a $1.9 trillion stimulus package. So, where is the market heading next? Investment firm Wells Fargo sees long-term appreciation ahead for the stock markets. Attempting to peer into the future, Wells Fargo’s senior global equity strategist Scott Wren says, “Playing into our expectation for a meaningful bounce back from the pandemic-induced contraction of last year are factors we have discussed in the past and we believe will continue to be the drivers this year. Positive vaccine news, easy money policies being pursued by the Federal Reserve, and additional

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Affordable Portable Alternative Housing & Energy Systems Hawaii

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Whole-House Systems Approach | Department of Energy

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The whole-house systems approach used to design this ultra-efficient home at Lone Star Ranch in Frisco, Texas, resulted in a home that consumes no more energy that its renewable energy systems produce. Photo from Building Science Corporation.

Designing and building a new house or renovating an existing house to be highly energy-efficient requires careful planning and attention to detail. A whole-house systems approach helps homeowners, architects, and builders develop successful strategies for optimizing home energy efficiency.

This approach considers the house as an energy system with interdependent parts, each of which affects the performance of the entire system. It also takes the occupants, site, and local climate into consideration.

To ensure that your new or renovated home takes full advantage of a whole-house systems approach, hire an experienced design and building team and insist that they use a whole-building systems approach from the beginning of the design

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Green House Home Improvements, Los Angeles Remodeling, Los Angeles Licensed Handyman, Energy Efficient Retrofit, Home Maintenance – Green House Home Improvements

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Why Green Remodeling?

Cost Saving-Energy efficient and water saving designs and products reduce monthly utility bills. The most efficient new 

appliances typically use 50% less energy than the most wasteful models. Choosing a high-efficiency washing machine can save up to $90 on energy bills and 6,000 gallons of water, every year.

Health -Health-focused designs maximize fresh air and natural light, while reducing the risk of injury and asthma. Using green and low-toxic materials and good ventilation techniques can help to prevent problems like molds, allergens and poor air quality that causes many health problems.

Beauty & Comfort -Natural materials, high quality lighting, and good design details make for pleasing spaces.

Added Value- Universal designed homes that welcome various ages and abilities are marketable to a larger population. Green elements also represent value: 96% home buyer said they are willing to pay more

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Tesla Begins Taking Orders For Its Solar Energy Roof Tile Systems : The Two-Way : NPR

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Tesla’s new glass-covered solar roof tiles are designed to look like a traditional roof, doing away with the need for separate solar panels.


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Tesla’s new glass-covered solar roof tiles are designed to look like a traditional roof, doing away with the need for separate solar panels.


Tesla is now accepting deposits for its new solar roof system, offering an “infinity” warranty for tiles that integrate solar power into roof coverings. Installations will begin in June, the company says.

Resembling normal roofing shingles, the solar tiles will be offered in a variety of styles, from slate and terra cotta to smooth or textured dark gray. On its website, Tesla is taking $1,000 deposits toward work that includes removing a house’s existing roof, installing the solar tiles and equipping the home with a battery to store power.

Potential customers can use the company’s online tool

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Home Improvements Guide | Energy Saving Trust

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Many householders leave their heating on constantly at a low temperature believing this is the best way to keep their home warm. This results in wasting heat and money when you’re out, and not being warm enough when you’re home. Heating controls enable you to control your heating so that you are warm and cosy exactly when you want to be. Connecting new heating controls to your system allow you to more effectively control how and when different areas of your home are heated. Such devices could provide big savings on your energy bills, particularly when you’re increasing the size of your home. Thermostatic valves on radiators are essential, giving you manual control over how much heat each room requires and minimising waste.

Whereas traditional heating controls bring flexibility, allowing programmable running time to fit your lifestyle, the latest generation of ‘smart’ thermostats offer even more flexibility. In addition to

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Center for Energy and Environment

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The following home improvement loan programs are statewide and established to encourage and support the preservation of existing housing. The guidelines below are subject to change at any time without notice. Loan funds are subject to availability. Please call us for complete details.

Thanks to local partnerships, we also offer special programs and incentives for several Minnesota cities and neighborhoods. Call 612-335-5884 to make sure you get the best deal for your area.

+MHFA Fix Up 

+CEE Home Improvement

+MHFA Home Improvement Unsecured


MHFA Fix Up Fund Terms

  • Maximum income of $149,500

  • Loan amounts from $2,000 – $50,000

  • Click for current interest rates

  • Terms up to 20 years

  • This loan is secured by a mortgage on your property (an unsecured option may be available)

  • Closing costs apply

CEE  Home

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Whole-House Ventilation | Department of Energy

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Energy-efficient homes — both new and existing — require mechanical ventilation to maintain indoor air quality. There are four basic mechanical whole-house ventilation systems — exhaust, supply, balanced, and energy recovery.

Comparison of Whole-House Ventilation Systems

Ventilation System




  • Relatively inexpensive and simple to install
  • Work well in cold climates.
  • Can draw pollutants into living space
  • Not appropriate for hot humid climates
  • Rely in part on random air leakage
  • Can increase heating and cooling costs
  • May require mixing of outdoor and indoor air to avoid drafts in cold weather
  • Can cause backdrafting in combustion appliances.


  • Relatively inexpensive and simple to install
  • Allow better control than exhaust systems
  • Minimize pollutants from outside living space
  • Prevent backdrafting of combustion gases from fireplaces and appliances
  • Allow filtering of pollen and dust in outdoor air
  • Allow dehumidification of outdoor air
  • Work well in hot or mixed climates.
  • Can cause moisture problems
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Energy Tax Credit: Which Home Improvements Qualify?

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Updated for Tax Year 2019


Taxpayers who upgrade their homes to make use of renewable energy may be eligible for a tax credit to offset some of the costs. Through the 2019 tax year, the federal government offers the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit. The renewable energy tax credits are good through 2019 and then are reduced each year through the end of 2021. Claim the credits by filing Form 5695 with your tax return.

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Equipment that qualifies for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit includes solar, wind, geothermal and fuel-cell technology:

  • Solar panels, or photovoltaics, for generating electricity.  The electricity must be used in the home.
  • Solar-powered water heaters.  The water heated by the system must be used inside the home, and at least half of the home’s water-heating capacity must be solar. (Solar heaters for swimming pools and hot tubs do not qualify.)
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