Blue Ridge Kitchen combines fine dining with comfort

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As the server poured silky gazpacho over a chunk of lobster in the bowl before me, I suddenly realized how much I’ve been missing fine dining. After so many months of take-out meals or eating on casual patios, it was so nice to enjoy the upscale service offered at the new Blue Ridge Kitchen at the Barlow in Sebastopol.

After my first spoonful of the refreshing soup, I knew chef Matt D’Ambrosi is putting a lot of thought into his Cal-Creole-Cajun recipes. The chilled gazpacho is marvelous on its own, in a sweet-tart, peach-colored puree of melon and tomato dotted with radish, a round of chopped avocado and shiny drops of basil oil ($9). With the generous chunk of seafood (add $7) and the elegant tableside presentation, it’s luxurious.

All the details line up so well at this classy spot, which took over the former Zazu Farm + Restaurant space

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Cafe slapped with a whopping fine after inspection found the kitchen was dirty and gross

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Swanky cafe is slapped with a whopping fine after routine inspection found the kitchen looked like THIS

  • An inspector was completing an audit of a cafe and bakery in Brisbane
  • The cafe’s director and part-owner failed to carry out pest control in July 2018
  • Inspectors found unidentifiable matter in a drain, on bread pans and on the floor 

A trendy cafe has been slapped with a hefty fine after a routine inspection found the kitchen in a shocking state. 

The eatery in Brisbane’s north-east was hit with a $13,000 fine for failing to comply with the Food Act following a routine audit in July 2018. 

Brisbane City Council barrister Greg McGuire told the Magistrates Court cockroaches was found throughout the premises, the Courier Mail reported.

It was rife with cockroaches

A fancy cafe and bakery

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Outdoor Garden Decor | Vergil’s Fine Home and Garden Decor

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Fountains are beautiful to the eye and soothing to the ear.  Make a statement to the neighborhood.


Patio Furniture

A great selection of patio furniture to fit any style decor in outdoor weather or in an enclosed porch.



Beautiful mailboxes accents a home’s front yard and makes a statement to the neighborhood.


Decorative Street Signs

These street add a sense of elegance to a business, sub division, or city. 



Outdoor garden décor is a wonderful way to personalize your outdoor space.  Our outdoor furniture collections are designed to accommodate each individual’s personal style.  We have an extensive collection and offer the best patio furniture on the net. 

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Flower Garden Fine Motor Play Dough

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How can a play dough recipe turn into a spring fine motor activity? Easy! All you have to do is add in a few creative extras and your child can start building her eye-hand coordination, dexterity and hand/finger muscle control skills.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Play dough makes the perfect base for fine motor play! Not only can your child roll, pound, pinch, tear and mold it giving her hands a total workout, but she can also use it in plenty of other imaginative ways.

For this activity, we’re going to make a batch of spring green play dough and turn it into a grassy surface. After you cook up the play dough, your child can ‘grow’ her very own garden. Obviously, she’s not going to use real seeds or grow real flowers. For this spring fine motor activity, she’ll get the chance to use a few different methods

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