How To Hang Plates on the Wall (The Best Hangers & More!)

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Want to know the best way to hang plates on the wall? I’m sharing my tips & tricks and the hangers that I used to get the job done right!

For months I kept my beautiful new plates sitting in a cabinet where they weren’t used or seen. And the big bare wall in my dining room? It stayed bare. Because honestly the whole idea of designing and hanging a decorative plate wall intimidated me. But last month I finally did it  – I hauled my plates out of the cabinet and hung them up on our dining room wall:

Plates hung on the dining room wall instead of traditional art!

The trickiest part was figuring out the how-tos of hanging the plates so I thought I’d share what worked best for me, what’s worked for others, and why you may want to choose one method of hanging plates over the other (post includes affiliate links – see my full disclosure

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