‘Separate the 1 percent…from the 99 percent that represents hardworking, everyday Americans’

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Zachery Bryan, who played Brad Taylor on the beloved sitcom “Home Improvement” as a child, just re-emerged to write an op-ed for Fox News in which he discussed the working class families of Hollywood and how coronavirus has impacted them.

In his op-ed called “Zachery Bryan: Coronavirus has hit Hollywood’s working class families, too — and they’re worried,” Bryan wrote that he understands why so many Americans believe that Hollywood has lost touch with reality.

“Like me, you probably saw the video compilation of celebrities singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ in response to the global pandemic,” he wrote. “Of course, in very quick fashion the video was parodied as people reacted against another example of an out-of-touch Hollywood.”

Bryan, 38, went on to say that Americans are understandably turned off by the “shallow gestures” celebrities have been making while working class folks are struggling just to survive. The actor then recounted

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