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Viceroy Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

Question Mark Butterfly

Atala Butterfly

Pink Edged Sulpher Butterfly

Butterflies don’t need anything fancy or expensive. Just a large, open, sun-filled area, some nectar flowers for adult Butterflies, some food sources for caterpillars, shelter from extreme weather, a shallow butterfly ‘pool’, and a few good sunning rocks.

Butterfly Gardens

One note for dedicated gardeners who may be appalled at the idea of actually inviting caterpillars in for lunch… Very few butterfly species ever cause harm to your garden plants!
If they do become a nuisance, if for instance Cabbage Whites are decimating your Nasturtiums – picking the larvae off by hand is a simple task… done.
If you already have a growing herb garden, you are well on the way to having a full fledged Butterfly friendly garden already! Most Butterflies love the flowers of herbs. If you have the beginnings of a Butterfly garden, you might want to consider adding an herb section to your plans. Reserving a

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Gardening and Growing with The Garden Helper

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Winter Gardening

This time of year finds most people scurrying about with a long list of ‘gotta-dos’.
Probably the last thing on anyone’s mind is working in their gardens.
Fortunately, the list of winter gardening ‘to-dos’ is more like a list of ‘don’t-dos’

There are a few things to keep an eye on, and a few optional things you can do in the garden like
transplanting trees and shrubs and taking some hardwood cuttings.
Your biggest concern will probably be tending to your house plants.

Please don’t forget about taking care of your feathered friends!
Keep your bird feeders cleaned and filled, especially when there is snow on the ground!

Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Four Generations of Living Christmas Trees

In 1851, the first Christmas tree stand was set up on a street corner in New York city. Today there are over 32 million Christmas trees sold each year in this country. There are over

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